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Megrez Mass 3

Nyota found herself reluctant to disturb the garden’s other occupants when she arrived. Even though they were on the bottom of the seafloor, the air was sweet, like a spring breeze. She could hear a strange tune playing faintly over the sound of trickling streams. One of the Hylotl nodded politely to her, then went back to trimming the flowers. Nyota could feel all the stress of the past few weeks just melting away as she listened to the song and the water.

After a few minutes of just enjoying the peaceful garden, the Apex got up to search for the source of the song. She spotted it quickly: an old handmade music box, clearly well-loved and cared for. As the song began again, Nyota turned on her microphone recorder.

Esther spoke up as the song ended. “That’s an interesting find you have there,” she remarked. “This music box plays an ancient tune… It’s a commemorative object. I will research what its origins are. That might give us a nudge in the right direction.”

“From a music box? Strange clues from strange places,” Nyota said, heading back down the ladder. The guard from the island had mentioned an undersea ruin, but she had no desire to spend much more time underwater. Being in the garden had made her miss the sun and wind on her fur. I ought to see how Lumin’s doing.

It was just shy of midmorning when Nyota teleported back to the surface outside the old stone house. She could hear someone humming inside. “Hello, Lumin!” she called.

“Hey there, is that a Nyota I hear?” There was a crackling sound, Novakid laughter. “Come on in and chat a spell. How’ve ya been?”

“A bit deeper and wetter than usual,” Nyota told him, ducking through the doorway. Lumin had converted the old wooden door to a swinging one, like the sort Nyota had seen once in an old human Western movie. He also had a few flasks and bottles, no two alike, set up on the table. Nyota was surprised to see what looked like a rudimentary chemistry set next to them.

“Sounds like an adventure,” the Novakid remarked. His plasma flickered warmly, the equivalent of a friendly grin if Nyota remembered his kind’s “expressions” right. “Go on, tell me about it.”

“There’s not much to tell this time,” Nyota said, claiming a vacant seat. “I found a Hylotl above the waves and a city below them, but I’ve only got a bit of gossip and a music box as clues for my search. How about you, though? Life been treating you well here?”

Lumin laughed again. “Ya got a mighty strange idea of things if ya think a city under the sea is ‘not much to tell,’ Nyota.  Though I guess it seems like nothin’ to ya adventurin’ sorts. Me, I’ve been tidyin’ up a bit here and there. Found a nice ol’ measurin’ kit in a crate upstairs. Made ya somethin’, too. Here.” He passed her a small vial. A faintly cream-colored liquid sloshed gently inside of it.

“Thanks… but what is it?” Nyota asked, taking the vial warily and watching its contents swirl around.

The Novakid hummed and rubbed the back of his head, a couple of sparks flickering in his cytoplasm. “Ah, well… It’s a mighty fine place you’ve helped me secure. I gotta thank you for it. So I, um, heard Apex are fond of bananas… It ain’t the real deal, but this juice should taste like ‘em?”

Nyota was by no means an expert in all Novakid expressions, but she could have sworn Lumin was embarrassed.

“The banana thing is a bit of a stereotype, courtesy of the Miniknog,” she told him with a small laugh, “but they are delicious… Thank you very much, Lumin.” She uncorked the vial and took a sip. Her eyes widened.

Lumin leaned forward, fizzing anxiously. “What? How is it?”

It tasted just like bananas. Even the smell and texture were right, the wonderful creaminess of a banana smoothie. “It’s perfect,” Nyota sighed. To her shock, she felt tears pricking at the corner of her eyes. The last time she’d tasted this was back on Earth, the morning before graduation. It had been her birthday. Apex didn’t really celebrate birthdays, but somehow Isobu had found hers out.

Embarrassed, Nyota ducked her head and flicked the nostalgic tears away, hiding the motion by recorking the vial and stashing it in her vest pocket. “I think I’ll save the rest for later,” she said, absurdly grateful that her voice didn’t betray her. “Stay safe, Lumin. I’ve got to go get some sleep before I head out wandering again, but I’ll visit again as soon as I’m able.”

“You too, Nyota,” the Novakid replied, watching her go. “Come back whenever you like. My door is always open for a friend.”

Friend? A small smile tugged at her lips. It felt good to hear that again.

STAN: Hey, Craig. Are you leaving?
CRAIG: Yeah. Mom texted me.
STAN: Oh, okay.
STAN: Thanks for the birthday present, by the way!
CRAIG: Sure.

STAN: Oh, and I found your hat.

STAN: …Craig?

STAN: Craig?
CRAIG: What.
STAN: I found your hat.
CRAIG: Right.
CRAIG: I have to leave.
STAN: Oh, okay.
STAN: See you around, dude!
CRAIG: Yeah.

CRAIG: [deep sigh]
CRAIG: (motherfucker.)

TA: so where are we goiing agaiin?

TA: what wa2 2o iimportant that you had two drag me away from candy cru2h?

TA: iis iit the laundry room?

TC: NaW wE’rE gOnNa Go sEe BrIgHt EyEs, ReMeMbEr?

TC: LaUnDrY rOoM cOmEs AfTeR. ;o)

TA: 2iince when do you lii2ten two iindiie 2ob rock, aren’t you iinto weiird clown rap?

TC:  HaHaHAHaHaHa BrOtHeR wHaT aRe YoU eVeN sMoKiN’? hElL yEs I dIg On ThAt KiNdA bItChTiTs TuNeAgE, bUt HoW’s ThAt BeInG tO dO wItH bRiGhT EyEs FoR?

TA: iit’2 a band.

TC: NaH, mAn, NeVeR eVeN hEaRd ThAt NaMe. I oNlY eVeR uP aNd WiTnEsSeD tHe BeSt WiCkEd LiTtLe PaInTsLiNgEr I eVeR dId SeE.

TC: ThEeEeErE sHe Is.

TC: SoLbRo, MeEt My GiRl BrIgHt EyEs. :o)

TA: oh, uh, hello liittle giirl who ii2 not conor ober2t.

UU: ^u^

TC: ThIs Is My BrO, SoLlUx. He’S tHaT cOmPuTeR wIzaRd I wAs AlL tO bE teLliNg YoU aBoUt.

TA: … computer wiizard, what.

UU: …

TC: OnLy ThE TrUtH. ;o) WhAtChA aLl WoRkIn’ On ToDaY? Is It CaTuRdAy?


TA: huh, that’2 cute.

TC: AwW hEcK yEaH, tHaT’s OnLy BeInG tHe PrEtTiEsT KiTtEn WhAt EvEr GoT dRaWeD. wHaT’s He GoT tHeRe, SoMe CaTnIp? 

TA: “heck yeah”?

TC: HaHaHaHa Oh NoOoOo

TA: what a douche, miice barely have, liike, any money.

TC: (SoLlUx CaPtOr.)

TA: (what!)

TC: (YoU mOtHeRlOvIn’ ZiP iT.)

TA: oh my g

TA: go2h.

TA: who'2 the 2word guy?

TA: aw, look at hii2 liittle fruiity cape.

TC: ThAt’S a RiGhTeOuS cApE iS wHaT tHaT iS.

TC: aNd WhAt’S hE aLl Up AnD gOnNa Do To ThAt MoNdAyFrIdAy FeLiNe FeLoN?

TC: HaHaHa hE’s AlL lIkE pChOoOoO!

TA: 2weet ju2tiice, lol. 222222uck iit!

TA: nnmph!

TC: My GoOd BrO gOt HiMsElF A bAd CaSe Of FrOgMoUtH, hE’s To Be cAtChIn’ FlIeS LeAvInG iT aLl wIdE oPeN lIkE tHaT. 

TA: mngh!

TA: ffhhffhfffh ffh ffh hh fhh hf!

TC: YeEeEaH, tHaT’lL lEaRn'Im.

TC: YeAh, I dIg. StIlL, ThAt’S a WiCkEd CoMiC yOu GoT. mAyBe yOu CoUld Be dRaWiN’ mY bRo TaVrOs OnE sOmEtImE.

TC: hE’s AlL aLlErGiC aNd sTuFf, SnEeZeS hIm Up A sToRm EvErY tImE hE aLl TrIeS tO uP aNd PeT oNe. :o(


TC: Ow BrO yOu WaTcH tHaT bUzZsAw GrIlL!

TA: pfah. bluh. fiine.

TA: yeah, that ii2 a kiick-a2tronaut 2tory riight there. thank2 for showiing iit two u2, kiid.

UU: …

TC: HeY, mE aNd SolBrO aLl GoTtA gEt SoMe LaUnDrY dId, BuT I’lL sEe YoU lAtEr OkAy?

UU: ^u^

Adventures in Millet

We have a really lovely bird-only pet shop here in the Sacramento area, and they carry the plumpest, freshest millet to purchase loose or by the boxful.  This stuff is locally grown (Woodland, CA) and like crack to my tiels.  I have never actually opened the box and let them see exactly how much millet has been hiding underneath TielTown all this time.  Today I decided to change that!

True to form, Smalls, being the most curious of the flock, investigates.

….Unfortunately, while he the most curious, he’s also the biggest coward of the lot at times (how that works I have no idea.)  He stalls out, cowed by the great unknown of the cardboard expanse between him and millet-land.

Pickles, however, is also interested, and examines the box too.

… which for some reason gets Jax and Louie interested as well.

Jax: “It’s MILLET!”

Louie goes for the gold: “BANZAI!!!”

Pickles joins in the fun…

Smalls, however, simply looks on wistfully, as if bitter that he was not the one to dive headfirst into the sea of deliciousness.

… so BirdMom Had to drop him in, and soon he forgot his cares in the feeding frenzy.

Cockatiel heaven can only last so long (and no one wants a bunch of half-eaten, pooped on millet and overstuffed birds), and so order was restored in TielTown with the sober distribution of only three sprays of millet for their enjoyment. 

Today will go down in TielTown history as the Day of Millet, where our brave (and not-so-brave) denizens swam through so much millet like Scrooge McDuck in his money-bin.  

Not So Cupid Me

Cartman: Can you believe it, Cupid Me? Kahl actually agreed to go on a date with me. Weird, right? I mean…seriously.

Cupid Me: I thought you didn’t like boys, Eric. Remember that one date-…

Cartman: YES. I REMEMBER THANK YOU. And i don’t like boys.

Cupid Me: But you have a date with one.

Cartman: Whatever. I’m not into you Cupid Me, get the hell over it you little bitch.

Cupid Me: We’ll see who’s a little bitch….Tee-hee.~~~~

Cartman: Goddamit.

TWEEK: Shit, dude. I-I gotta get to work.
CRAIG: Okay.
TWEEK: Should I come back tomorrow, for this? Or?
TWEEK: Is this like, it?
CRAIG: I’m on this blog until February.
CRAIG: Any time between now and then. I don’t care.
TWEEK: Okay!
TWEEK: …Craig?
CRAIG: Yeah.
TWEEK: You, um.
TWEEK: Y-you know I’m not still mad, right?
TWEEK: About freshman year? All of that?
CRAIG: I figured.
TWEEK: And, I’m sorry I punched you.
TWEEK: I’m really sorry. You pissed me off, sure, b-but you didn’t deserve that!
CRAIG: It’s fine.

TWEEK: I know you hate hugs. But.
TWEEK: You ran out of the shop last time, I missed my shot!
CRAIG: Uh huh.
TWEEK: And, uh.
TWEEK: Like. Y'know.
CRAIG: What.
TWEEK: You can, like. Talk to me? About stuff?
TWEEK: If you’re comfortable, j-just. Whenever.
TWEEK: You’ve got my number, you know where to find me. Just in case!
CRAIG: Yeah.
CRAIG: Thanks.

TWEEK: I gotta run, dude! I’ll see you around?
CRAIG: Yeah.
CRAIG: See you.

It’s been only a few hours since her last injection, but the effects of her detox were beginning to show.  Her skin’s tone was ashen, she had stopped sweating completely and was attempting to get some kind of liquid in her body.  C awoke the next morning, looking around and saw Peter, in a chair, with a book in his lap and a pot of coffee at his side.  Not knowing if he was awake or not, the Becile decided to keep her mouth shut and sip down half of the bottle.

Her body was exhausted.  All she wanted to do was sleep and let her body sweat out the toxins.  If she had her way, she would have made something that extracted all the matter in her body and burned it all to ash.

C curled back up against the bed, a pillow under her arm and the comforter over her body.

Delilah twirled in her red velvet dress, a sprig of holly in her hair that had been done up in curls.  Her shoes were shined black, her face had a little makeup on it (Elsie had come back and helped her.)

“Ya look so p-pretty ‘Lilah!”  Rabbit was sitting on the landing where she was prancing around in her party dress.  He had found a wreath while Delilah was getting dressed, and pulled it off the door to hang it around his neck.

It was dark in the hall they were in, the maids having not yet come around to light the lamps.  There was light filtering up from the ground floor, which was already a bustling buzzing mass of people.  It was a party!  The Walters were having a Christmas party, and people from all walks of life had been invited.  From low-class people that were from Delilah’ school, to high members of the Cavalcadium.

Everyone was dressed nicely, or in some sort of Christmas costume.  Tonight, there was no separation of classes.  All were here to have fun.

Delilah plopped down next to Rabbit, the two of them looking through the banister at the mass of people.

“Ya think Pappy’s got mippletoes down there?”  Delilah giggled at how he asked about mistletoe.

“Dunno.  Maybe he’s under it with Miss Elsie.”  That got Rabbit’s attention.

“You, don’ mind?”

“No.  Not no more.  She’s nice, and she makes you and Daddy happy.  I just don’t wanna call her mom.”

“I don’t fink she’d ma-make ya iffn ya be nice an’ tell 'er.”

“I will.  And I’ll be nice, I promise.”

“Delilah!  You ready?”  Peter appeared at the top of the landing, dressed in a nice suit with a garland around his neck.  Delilah scrambled to her feet and ran over, hugging him around the waist.  Rabbit also got to his feet, excited.  Peter noticed, and felt his heart break.

“Rabbit.  Darling, my little love.  I’m sorry.”


“You can’t go down there.  I’m sorry, I know you’re all excited for the party but.  Those people.  I don’t know how they’ll react.  Some will leave, angry.  Some will be afraid.  Some.  Some will try to hurt you.  I’m sorry.  I don’t think you should come down.”

“But!  But, but I can be human!”

“No!  No, Rabbit, not for this.  You only have one more chance.  Save that.  Save that for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  These people aren’t worth the magic.  Please, trust me.”


“I know.”  He let go of Delilah, and touched his son’s copper faceless face before hugging him tightly.

“I’m sorry.  This was planed before we knew about your magic.  You’ll want to save that for real Christmas though.  Trust me.  These people aren’t worth losing your chance at a real Christmas.”

Rabbit hung his head, but nodded.  He’d do as he was told.  Pappy looked sad as he kissed his forehead.

“You can watch.  Have a party up here.  I’ll come check on you all the time, Delilah and Thadeus and Elsie too.”

“Okay Pappy.  Have fun.”

Instead of watching the party, he went back to the room he shared with Delilah, and lay on the bed.  They were supposed to be able to stay up late tonight, be with the grown ups and part of the party.  That’s when he heard it.  Outside his room, the sound of a portal opening.  He sat up, thinking.

Well, fine then.  If he couldn’t be part of the party, he’d have his own.  Up on his feet, he left the room, and found the new portal that he heard open up.  Wonder where this went?  He stepped through, curious. 

One Chance, One Date, One Walk

Cartman: So that’s how it really is.

Kyle: That so?

Cartman: Seriouslah. That’s how it is, Kyle. It’s up to you if you wanna believe me or not, but now you know the full story and shit.

Kyle: Just kinda weird, I mean you’ve always been faggy as fuck but I mean…

Cartman: Yeah, yeah, shut up Kyle.

Cartman: Sooooo….

Kyle: No.

Cartman: What? Why not?!

Kyle: Cuz it’s fuckin’ weird, dude.

Cartman: You don’t know that. What about this, you give me ONE DATE and after that if it’s weird you cut out. And I’ll leave you alone.

Kyle: No you won’t.

Cartman: You know what I mean.

Kyle: …fine. You know what, fine. ONE date. I still think you’re up to something, and that this is some kind of elaborate set-up made to screw me over but what-the-fuck ever. One date.

Cartman: That’s all I ask, Kyle. That’s all I ask.


KYLE: You. I.
KYLE: Oh my God.
STAN: Yeah.
KYLE: Stan.
KYLE: Dude, this is beautiful.
STAN: Happy Birthday, dude.

KYLE: What even. I mean.
KYLE: Why?
STAN: Let me explain.
STAN: There’s so much I’ve wanted to say, for so long.
STAN: I never really found the right time.
STAN: I figured this was the best I could do.
KYLE: Jesus.

KYLE: Wait.
KYLE: What… What have you wanted to say?
KYLE: You know you can tell me anything.
STAN: Well.
STAN: It’s sort of complicated.
STAN: So I’ve got something to help.
KYLE: Huh?
STAN: Remember how I’ve been learning guitar?
KYLE: …Yeah?

STAN: Surprise.
KYLE: Oh my God.
STAN: Yeah.
KYLE: Dude. I can’t even.
KYLE: Oh my God.
STAN: Just wait.
STAN: Here we go.


Eridan: Panic

cA: no i said too much im gonna delete that

cA: howw the fuck do you delete an email

cA: sol help me wwith somethin real quick

tA: what, me?

cA: no the other eyesore wwho shavved exactly half his fuckin face and quit

tA: got bored wiith iit, fuck you

tA: what do you want, ii haven’t even had my coffee yet.

cA: howw do you delete an email after you sent it

tA: ha2 iit been over ten 2econd2 2iince you 2ent iit

cA: yeah

tA: ii hope iit wa2n’t naked piicture2 then becau2e that 2hiip ha2 2aiiled, lol.

cA: oh god oh god

tA: what wa2 iit, you’re kiilliing me here.

cA: i sort a got upset and ranted about some really personal things to someone i barely fuckin knoww 

cA: like resentments and anger and wwhatnot

cA: wwhat wwas i thinkin

tA: ii am 2o not caffeiinated enough two deal wiith thii2 riight now.

cA: theyre gonna think im a wwhiny pussy

tA: well, iif ii may poiint out–

cA: goddamn it sol wwould it kill you to not make flippant fuckin remarks at my expense wwhen im clearly in pain

tA: ehehe, no, probably not.

tA: ii wiill take thii2 bullet for you, but only once.

tA: becau2e ii under2tand what iit ii2 two be 2pattered iin the foul 2pray of one'2 own uncontrollable emotiional diiarrhea.

tA: wa2 iit really that bad?

cA: i dont evven knoww i just felt so shitty for sayin it as soon as i hit the button

tA: can ii offer you 2ome word2 of wii2dom that help me exactly half the tiime?

cA: sure

tA: fuck iit. that ii2 all. just, fuck iit.

cA: wwoww sol thats profound you should wwrite self help books

tA: hey iif we’re doiing iin2ult2 after all ii can ab2olutely go back two that, but ii of all people know poiintle22 2elf-loathiing wank when ii 2ee iit.

tA: and ii say agaiin: FUCK IIT.

tA: 2o you’re the weiirdo who 2end2 awkward emaiil2, on top of everythiing el2e that make2 you weiird?

tA: fiine, then. that'2 you, and you’ll liive. fuck iit.

cA: fuck it huh

cA: easy for you to say

tA: ye2, 2o ea2y.

tA: from the liip2 of one who ha2 been naked iin traffiic on two dii2tiinct occa2iion2 to your 2hell-liike ear

tA: 2o come2 my completely unearned pronouncement of ultiimate embarra22ment 2urviival.

cA: wwhat 

cA: twwice?

tA: and who al2o once deciided he wa2 iin harry potter, except for real, and told everybody about iit.

cA: oh my god

tA: above the age of twelve, ii miight add.

cA: okay maybe you knoww wwhere im coming fr–

tA: and hacked a government web2iite lookiing for proof of contact wiith aliien2, you wouldn’t beliieve me iif ii told you whiich one but iit wa2 on the new2.

cA: did you find any

tA: no more than the u2ual.

tA: and ii have had 2ex wiith a lot of uh, not partiicularly advii2able partner2, let'2 ju2t leave iit at that.

cA: little hint maybe

tA: there wa2 a full-body snow leopard outfiit iinvolved ED plea2e don’t make me reliive iit.

cA: the fuck

tA: look my poiint ii2, you wiill liive, and after you don’t diie from the 2hame, you wiill have one le22 thiing to be afraiid of. 2o, fuck iit.

cA: huh

cA: fuck it

tA: ye2, gra22hopper.

cA: FUCK it

tA: good, now ju2t repeat iit every hour on the hour for the next 2eventy year2 or 2o and all wiill be well.

tA: can ii go iinhale my coffee now?

cA: yeah thats cool

cA: and then shavve the rest a your face its like moldy lookin and naff as fuck

tA: ok, mom.

cA: uh sol

tA: what.

cA: just

cA: snoww leopards


You’ll be in my heart

This is a Star vs the Forces of Evil fanfic. I’ve posted this in my fan fiction account already, but I felt like I should post it here too. No particular reason. 

Well, I hope you enjoy it – whoever is reading.


It wasn’t the first time he heard it, but it didn’t mean it made it any easier the second time around. He heard it from his mom, once or twice, and his grandma; neither of the two were a fond memory. 

– And this time wasn’t an exception. 

“Star…?” Marco knocked gingerly on her door. The princess had been reclusive this past week, and none of the Diaz’s knew why (or rather, they were in denial). 

“Star, can I come in?” he tried again.

There was a long pause before he decided to let himself in anyway. Star’s room had always been the liveliest compared to the rest of the house. Not only because the one living in there was incredibly bubbly and carefree, but also because there was a lot of magic happening almost all the time. So no… seeing the room dark and dreary, this made the boy worry. 

“Star what’s wrong?” he called out into the darkness, slowly walking towards the sound that he had heard countless of times. 

She was sobbing – very quietly – since she didn’t want to attract any more attention than she already had. 

The princess gave a long sniff before sucking in some air. “Go away, Marco.” The way she said his name almost felt like it physically hurt her. 

“No.” He replied steadfast. “Not until I know you’re alright.” 

Star sniffed again, still facing her back to him. She only moved when she felt something wrap around her waist. A gasp escaped her lips before she turned to the person who crawled into bed with her. 

“I said get out.” Her voice was raspy and dry. 

The boy did the opposite though and tightened his grip on her. 

She sighed, trying to pry herself off of him, which she failed miserably considering their strength difference.



“I swear, I’ll release an entire tsunami on you if you don’t.” she sounded threatening, but the boy held firm. 

“Marco Diaz I –” 

She never got to finish her sentence because the next thing she felt was a soft warm sensation pressed on her lips. It took her a fraction of a second to realize what was happening, and another fraction of a second to pull him deeper into what he initiated. 

They pulled back after a while, slightly out of breath. 

Marco stared into her blue eyes, now rimed with red from all her crying. It was duller than before. Much paler, and he hated that he couldn’t do anything sooner. 

Star in turn stared into his chocolate brown orbs that were also once so filled with life, but now only worry clouded them. She knew without a doubt his parents would also have the same expressions. How could she have done this to them? Her thoughts drifted back to why she was crying in the first place, and broke down all over again. 

The boy felt his heart break as he saw the tears staining her cheeks once again, and pulled her into a tight embrace. His red hoodie was definitely going to be drenched after all this was over, but at the moment, he didn’t care. He gently rubbed her back as she sobbed uncontrollably on him, whispering words of encouragement to her in hopes that she would feel better. In all honesty he was pretty close to breaking down as well, but he had to stay strong, for the both of them. 

“Im… l-lea-leaving.” She hiccupped between her words, sniffing all the while. 

He didn’t say anything. He knew. He knew from the start this would eventually happen. And he was pretty sure she knew too. It’s just that, now, it actually seems real. 

“I-I… l-love you.” 

Oh why did the world have to be so cruel?

“I love you too.” He replied, his own voice breaking a little. He buried his face into her hair. “God, I love you… so much.” 

Another wave of sobs erupted from his princess. He just kept holding on not knowing how else to comfort her. Until he remembered what his mom used to do back when he used to cry as a kid. The idea was simple, and probably is not the best, but it was worth a try. 

Come stop your crying, it will be alright…” he sang softly. “Just take my hand, hold it tight.” 

He laced his fingers with hers and admired how perfectly they fit into one another. 

I will protect you from all around you.” He wiped strays of tears from her face with his thumb. “I will be here, don’t you cry.” 

It was working, much to Marco’s delight. Star’s sobbing decreased to a minimum, and now they were just small hiccups. 

For one so small, you seem so strong. My arms will hold you, keep you safe an warm.” 

She buried her face deeper into his chest feeling the warmth of his body encase hers. 

This bond between us can’t be broken. I will be here don’t you cry…
’Cause you’ll be in my heart. Yes, you’ll be in my heart… From this day on, now and forever more

He made no objections. Instead he ran his fingers through her golden locks to further sooth the princess. 

You’ll be in my heart. No matter what they say…” Yes, it didn’t matter to him that she was a princess, and a princess of a different dimension. 

You’ll be in my heart…”

No matter how much people tell him his love for her is doomed to heartbreak, he didn’t care. 


The two didn’t feel time moving after that; they fell asleep in each others arms, and didn’t even wake up when the sun started peeking through the window, because both of them knew the moment they open their eyes, it would be the last time they would see each other. 

But everything had to come to an end. 

Star’s door was once again being knocked, this time with Marco’s parents at the other side. Their expressions were grim, but they tried to force a smile. 

Why can’t they understand, the way we feel?
They just don’t trust what they can’t explain
I know we’re different, but deep inside us,
We’re not that different at all 

Marco’s mom made the two teens a hearty breakfast. Anyone could tell it was made with every bit of love a mother could ever posses. They all tried to be happy. With fake smiles and forced laughter, they reminisced the past of when Star first visited Earth till her time now. Slowly they were growing tired of playing this façade, but it was Star’s last day after all.

And you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now, and forever more

There was a party after that, much later in the day of course, a farewell to Star Butterfly, which had the majority of people in tears. Former classmates came up to hug the princess and give her their last messages, a few even brought gifts. It touched Star deeply to see how much everyone cared. She was definitely going to miss this place. And that’s saying something, because she’s been all over the universe. 

Don’t listen to them
‘Cause what do they know?
We need each other, to have, to hold.
They’ll see in time, I know

Slowly by slowly the house emptied till only the Diaz family was left. Mrs. Diaz busied herself with cleaning, while Mr. Diaz rounded the laser dogs (not puppies anymore) for a bath since they were having too much fun with the icing on the cake. That left Marco with Star. 

“Help me pack?” she asked him, even though she didn’t want to.

He gave her the most genuine smile he could muster, even though it was forced. “Sure.” 

When destiny calls you, you must be strong
I may not be with you, but you’ve got to hold on

It was around midnight when a portal suddenly appeared in Star’s room. The King and Queen on Mewni stepped out of it, with servants following close behind to carry the princess’s luggage back to her home town.
Star and Marco looked at each other, not knowing exactly which expression to wear. 

They’ll see in time, I know
We’ll show them together

“Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Diaz.” Star’s mom greeted. 

Marco’s parents smiled politely at the queen. “Good evening your majesty.” They said, adding a little bow. 

The King and Queen turned to Marco and Star next, giving them an understanding glance. 

“We’ll be waiting. You have five minutes.” They told their daughter. 

The Diaz parents did the same and nodded to their son.

As soon as they left, Star threw herself at Marco. 

‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart

“I can’t even say ‘Keep in touch’ in this situation.” Star said in irony. 

Marco chuckled, still hugging her. 

Believe me, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on, now and forever more

“That’s the fate of two star-crossed lovers I guess.” He said bitterly.

Star took a deep shaky breath to control the emotions rampaging within her.

Oh, you’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be in my heart…

“It sucks.” She commented. 

“Tell me about it…” He loosened his grip to face her. 

I’ll be with you
I’ll be there for you always
Always and always

He lifted her chin up with his hand and leaned to down to feel her lips… one last time. His hands drifted down to her waist, as her hands clasped themselves around his neck.

Just look over your shoulder

The kiss was passionate, and they made sure it was embedded into their hearts. 

“Your Majesty,” a servant cleared his throat from behind the teens. “The King and Queen are waiting.”

Just look over your shoulder

The princess turned to her best friend and lover. He was smiling, but it looked like it hurt. She bit her lip to keep herself from crying. 

“Go.” he told her.

And she did. 

Just look over your shoulder

But not without turning back one last time. 

Marco still kept the smile on his face. Encouraging her to keep moving forward.
She smiled back at him, a thousand kilowatt smile that could light up his day any day, except that day. That day it killed him, it killed him to know this would be the last time he would see it. 

I’ll be there always…

And when the portal closed, two half souls on either side fell onto their knees and broke down into a million pieces. 

Hopefully someday… their paths will cross again.


Be Eridan.

You don’t want to be Eridan. Eridan does not want to be Eridan.

…You screw up the last six pages of your fifth attempt at Nano. It’s, what. The twenty-first. You still have time. You still have time, you always work best under a fucking deadline, it’s a sign of true genius as everybody knows. If only you weren’t in this fascist snake pit you could be doing this on your god damn macbook instead of in one of those dumbass marble-covered notebooks you used to have to use in the sixth grade, they won’t even give you a spiral-bound cause ooh, you might get it into your fucked-up little head to do yourself a mischief with the fucking wire and their shitty-ass computer lab is full of PEOPLE and you can’t concentrate there but nobody told you that writing fifty fucking thousand words by hand fucking hurts. Maybe you have carpal tunnel. You probably have carpal tunnel. Your life is pain.

You still have time. You can totally get your mystic prince out of the hole you’ve written him into.

You pick up your purple pencil again and scrawl ROCKS FALL EVVERYBODY DIES so hard the tip breaks, and then just drop your face into your hands and moan at the unfairness of the universe.


KENNY: Kyle.
KYLE: What- woah! Jesus.
KYLE: Kenny, how the hell did you get in here?
KENNY: I’m not Kenny. I’m Mysterion.
KYLE: Right.
KYLE: Seriously though, dude.
KYLE: It’s almost ten, and I’ve got two tests tomorrow.
KYLE: I really don’t have time to fight crime tonight.
KENNY: This isn’t about that.
KENNY: This is about Stan.
KYLE: What?

KYLE: What’s wrong?
KENNY: I’ve been on my weekly patrol since eight.
KENNY: I always stop at Stan’s house to make sure everything is okay.
KENNY: He’s been drinking again, Kyle.
KYLE: What??
KYLE: No, dude, he quit.
KYLE: His one year chip is in like, a week!
KENNY: I don’t think that slowed him down.

KENNY: He’s had two-fifths of whiskey, and is sitting at his desk crying about you.
KENNY: People have been telling him all night to call you.
KENNY: He’s afraid you won’t love him anymore if he does.
KYLE: Son of a bitch.
KYLE: I have to get over there and make sure he’s okay.
KYLE: Thanks for telling me, Ken- I mean. Mysterion.
KENNY: No thanks necessary.