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Anonymous said: Does Dean or Cas ever ask each other out on a date??

Dean did ask Cas to hang out, he insist that it isn’t a date though. By the afternoon shift everyone in the hospital knew about it because of Jimmy.

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firefighter!Dean and doc!Cas au


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oh my venus or she was pretty

ok so I was reading Victor Hugo’s wiki page and apparently in 1862 he was on vacation & wanted to know whether Les Mis was selling well so he literally sent a single ‘?’ to his publisher, to which his publisher replied ’!’ indicating that it was and?? if this doesn’t sum up victor hugo idk what does

Yulinkllen Prison AU

- Link is a prison guard, Kanda committed murder, and Allen went to prison for the murder

- The victim was Neah, who murdered Mana years ago and was stalking and threatening Allen

- Allen claimed responsibility for the murder because Kanda’s criminal history put him at risk for the death penalty

- Allen was sentenced to life in prison

- Link is, at first, extremely wary of Allen, being fully aware of his crimes, and is even more alarmed that Allen is so nice

- But then he starts to notice that things aren’t adding up

- Because Allen always says hello and speaks to every side of every argument and is the ultimate mediator, but he’s also the first to end each and every budding fight with as few people hurt as possible

- And he always looks so happy just when Link stops to talk, and he has many stories about his friends and none of them seem especially suspicious

- Kanda, meanwhile, is trying to scrape together enough proof that he did it and not Allen, wtf, Allen

- And he tends to snap and snipe at Link whenever he gets the chance, because he’s very suspicious of how Allen is being treated

- And he ferries messages from Lenalee and Lavi and Cross and visits more regularly than any of them

- While Allen is just ‘this is my life now’ and is actively trying to make friends with the guard who is reliably around his area, even if it’s not working very well

- Until Link overhears something that finally tips him off and he then confronts Kanda about it (because Allen will lie and lie and Link knows this)

- And Kanda threatens him angrily but also more or less tells the truth

- And explains exactly why he did it and Link finds himself hating Neah almost as much as Kanda does and is horrified at himself for it

- He is now as conflicted as he’s ever been and he does not appreciate it

- Because Allen Should Not be in prison but Kanda doesn’t deserve death for what he did

- But there’s not enough proof for any of this

- Why does Link believe them

Reblog if you still have faith in Ohtaka and believe in her ability to finish this story well.

I’m starting to think I’m the only one here admittedly.

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stories i wish you would write - sam has died and is in heaven, gabe isn't there because the dufus thinks sam would be with jess, cue someone (Cas?) finding gabe and telling him what's what, leading to gabe in sam's heaven. `where ever jess's heaven is i'm sure she's happy with the me i was then but i'm different now and i want you gabe`.

I somehow kept missing this in my inbox and I am so sorry but can I just say that WOOOOOW YOU ARE KILLING ME THIS IS EQUAL PARTS BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTWRENCHING DEAR GOD H E L P.

Can you imagine the sorrow that overwhelms Gabriel once Sam takes his final breath, watching helplessly as his soul lifts from his body and rises to Heaven, all while knowing he can do nothing but just let it happen? 

Gabriel’s Grace feels physically flayed and in shreds the moment he realizes that he can never be in Sam’s Heaven because Sam loved - loves - Jessica Moore, and Jesus of course Sam would want to be with her in his Heaven. What place did Gabriel have, what right did he possess, to intrude on Sam’s happiness? Even if it didn’t include him?

Gabriel slowly fades away, broken, eyes blood-shot and wet, before Sam could fully settle into his Heaven. He doesn’t want to watch that. Sam was in Heaven. Sam was home, and he was going to be with Jessica soon. He loves Sam, but he has no desire to see Sam love someone else.

Sam and Dean share a Heaven, but maintain their own slice within. Kind of like roommates sharing a humongous house. Dean’s Heaven had Castiel, the seraph refusing to leave Dean even in death. 

Sam is happy for them. He is. But even with this, laughing and conversing with Dean and Castiel over a beer, exchanging witty banter with Bobby as the older hunter taught him how to fix up his truck, his parents checking in every so often, throwing a tennis ball in the lake for Bones to chase… 

Something is missing. Someone is missing.

Gabriel is missing.

Sam tries not to let it bother him, because Gabriel had made it clear on Earth that returning to Heaven was something the archangel would not do. Sam tries not to hurt over the fact that not even he was enough reason for Gabriel to return, not even to pay Sam a visit. Sam tries not to think that maybe he wasn’t as important to Gabriel as Gabriel was to him, that Gabriel didn’t love him as much…

Hiding your feelings is harder to do in Heaven than it was on Earth; everyone could see your soul, see how it lit up with happiness, see how it darkened with sadness. Hiding your feelings from an angel was impossible. Castiel sees the dark thoughts roaming in Sam’s mind, sees how his Heaven was not complete.

He lets Dean know where he’s doing before he takes off in search of Gabriel. He knows better than to assume that Gabriel would be in Heaven, so he searches the Earth. It takes a surprisingly short time; Castiel finds Gabriel kneeling before Sam’s gravestone, his head bowed and his eyes closed.

It takes a while, but Castiel finally manages to get through to Gabriel. The archangel steels himself and finally, finally flies back into Heaven. He’s greeted with so many voices, so many angels rejoicing and shocked over his presence in Heaven, but the only one that matters is that choked, cracked voice of Sam’s that rushes out in a disbelieving breath before Sam crashed into him, his arms tight and warm around Gabriel. 

And all Gabriel can do is hug him back and try to talk through his tears, saying over and over again just how sorry he is, but he couldn’t bear seeing Sam in Heaven with Jessica and fuck he was so selfish and wants Sam all to himself, but Sam deserves to have his Heaven and if Gabriel isn’t a part of that then - 

This is when Sam cuts in with a mumbled ‘moron’ against Gabriel’s lips, and he smiles into the gentle kiss he’s giving Gabriel, mouthing the rest of the words that say that wherever Jessica is in Heaven, she is with the Sam from her memories. The Sam Winchester that Jessica remembers isn’t who he is now. 

Right now, Sam kisses Gabriel harder, murmuring how he wants and needs and loves Gabriel, and he knows now that he wants Gabriel for the eternity he spends in Heaven. 

Gabriel had long since disassociated the terms ‘Heaven’ and ‘home.’ But here, kissing Sam, he’s never felt them more connected.

What do you wish I would write?


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the-miss-spriter replied to your post: Any chance we could get a preview of blackice sexy…

So you don’t write ahead, but do you have an outline? Like, a doc that has the major(or known) plot points so you don’t forget them? Or do you just wing it and hope for the best? Also, I’m super super excited to read the next chapter, because Ive loved your work since From the darkness we rise. (And you might find it funny to know that my immediate reaction to finishing this chapter was to say, “you fucking TEASE, you can’t do that!!” Lol. Keep up the great work!)

No outline! :D

I am winging this fic. A lot of things have happened that I didn’t imagine happening, and a lot of things haven’t happened that I did so…

I don’t know why I love the fun of it so much? I mean something epic with a lot of worldbuilding and zero plotting - but I do find the creative challenge of that fun, even though it could backfire on me - and therefore all of us in a second. Writing myself out of accidental cul de sacs was something I loved doing in From the Darkness We Rise and Into Shadows We Fall, so I decided to do it again here. It’s why I have no idea how long the story will be etc. All I really know, sort of, is the ending, sort of, which I may be changing my mind on, sort of.

The documents I have aside from the chapters are:

- One document on appearances.
- One document on names (I did a bunch of research on Russian names particularly in the beginning, that comes in handy all the damn time).
- One document on the Tsar’s endgame and some of the things he’s done in the past.
- A document on military research and military terminology including structure and uniform and so on. 

And that’s it. Which is why there are worldbuilding and continuity mistakes that come up sometimes. That’s the price I pay - but I pay that even when I do plot things out, like with a lot of the Fae Tales stuff. :D

(So glad you’re enjoying the writing! *bounces*)

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I never got back up

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Has there ever been Orsi-human families or anything like that?

The heart wants what the heart wants anon. And there have been several humans and Orsi who’s love has crossed racial lines since the beginning of the empire. 

Unfortunately by law, Orsi and Humans are not allowed to get married or engage in intimacy. There is no official law directly addressing humans or Orsi dating, but since the end game to that is usually intimacy or marriage, it’s just as suppressed. On top of that it’s a cultural/social taboo, and many Orsi who are discovered doing it are ostracized or excommunicated from jobs or organizations. Most humans become the targets of vigilante Orsi mobs. 

A good deal of humans look at fellow ones who engage in this risky behavior as lacking good judgment at best, or laying with their oppressors at worse.

Because of this many Human/Orsi couples exist in secret and are most commonly found within rebel organizations and similar groups that naturally resist the racial laws of the empire. Interbreeding possibilities do exist (but the conception rate is extremely low). Any further info on Human/Orsi offspring will be revealed when I do the actual story. World-building aside, there are certain plot elements I still wanna keep in the dark.

One thing I’d change in regards to Garnet is establish that she unfuses from time to time in order to give Ruby and Sapphire some time to do stuff together. “We’re goin’ for a walk.” or something along those lines.

That way it’s not as jarring when they keep unfusing later and we can have a filler that’s Ruby and Sapphire go on a date or go explore somewhere or take down a Gem Monster.


klarolineauweek | day six: Mythical Creatures ♣ Satyr and Nymph

may i feel said he
(i’ll squeal said she
just once said he)
it’s fun said she

(may i touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let’s go said he
not too far said she
what’s too far said he
where you are said she)  ~
E. E. Cummings

The first time he sees her, she’s laughing and dancing with her sisters near a river, surrounded by flowers, tiny rivulets of water dripping from her hair down between her pale breasts. Her Lady’s deer are nearby, quietly grazing on a patch of soft grass, heedless of the humorous noises.

Her companions are quite beautiful, but the satyr doesn’t pay them mind and his eyes don’t leave her for more than a second – his hooves scrape the ground, his ears strained to hear the smallest tinge of her laughter. He wishes to grab her, held her, run his hands through her golden tresses and shedding the flowers wreathed in them. He can almost feel under his palms the softness of her fair skin kissed by the sun; can even smell her perfume.

But watching from afar is not enough – why simply admire her when he can have her?

He follows her for a long time before acting on his desires. The hunt is exciting, but he finds himself hungry for more – he dreams of losing himself in her embrace, letting her cradle his head on her lap while he plays his flute, kissing the laugh from her mouth and breathing the summer in her hair and licking the sweat of fierce embraces from her plump flesh.

He patiently waits for her to be alone: her companions are somewhere else, hunting with their Lady, and she wishes for rest – she lies undisturbed and unaware over an alcove of fragrant flowers, the candid fairness of her skin like a clove of moon over the darkest glade. His hooves are silent while he approaches – his breath barely a whisper in the breeze. His eyes hungrily run through the expanse of her body, his arousal thick in the air, the anticipation leaving his mouth watering.

The excitement of being so close to his prey makes him careless – and his hooves crunch a branch.

That’s all it takes to break the spell – she starts awake and her crystalline eyes shoot open, falling on him. She doesn’t even have the time to scream – he’s on her before she realizes it, a calloused hand over her mouth, his large body covering hers, her breasts finally pressed against his chest.

But he doesn’t touch her more than that. He hears the frantic rhythm of her heart inside the little cage of her chest and tastes her fear, and he finds he doesn’t like it. So he affectionately nuzzles her temples and whispers reassurances, promises, pledges of love. He murmurs how beautiful she is - he admits her light has drawn him in, he swears he means no harm - if she only would give him a chance? 

Hearing his softly muttered words makes her heart surprisingly slow down and her dread recedes - and her legs opens slowly but instinctively to make more room for him.

He watches with awe her lips curling in a soft smile - a smile which is only for him - and he finds he likes it very much.