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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 2]

Summary: [part 2] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggests an alliance by marriage.

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Family - Alfie Solomons

Request: Alfie Solomons imagine about possessive Alfie and a Shelby sister? - @classicrockgirl3843

Family  i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii - Alfie Solomons

When you were old enough to move away you did. Birmingham was suffocating. Everywhere you went people were aware that you were a Shelby. The only girl of the lot of boys. People walked on eggshells around you, afraid to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and meet the wrath of your brothers. So when you turned 19 you packed your bags and moved to London.  

Tommy wouldn’t have sister of his living on the streets and he was quick to negotiate a deal with you. Find a place in London and he would buy it. You knew the catch was that whenever he had business in London he would be by but you were being stubborn so you accepted the offer. You moved to Camden Town, far away from Small Heath.  

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Just You Wait - Alfie Solomons One Shot O/C (requested

“Only me, I have a request for a one shot… you probs know what involving haha.  If poss I don’t want no full sex in it, just lots of his hands and beard over her (o/c) body n her touching his hands I know it’s very specific haha thank you.”

Just You Wait (part 1 of 3)

 The daily rush was finally slowing to a more manageable pace, as Y/N leaned against the counter and blew a pale wayward strand of hair from where it clung to her damp face.   Blazes it was hot in the bakery today.  The ovens working overtime to keep up with the demand.   Eyes the colour of a summer sky scanned the store and quickly counted the number of customers in the queue.  Less than five -  that wouldn’t take long.   Now as long as another rush didn’t sweep through the doors, she might just have time. Plucking her blouse from the sweat that had gathered between her ample breasts, her pert nose wrinkled in distaste. Perhaps she was not in any condition to pay a visit after all.   What she needed was a mirror, a brush and just the right shade of gloss to pull herself together.   With a quick glance towards the front of the store, noting that the line had dwindled to only two customers, she yelled to the bakery Manager, Ms. Shannon that she was finally taking her break.

After five minutes to pull herself together, she was walking down the passageway that connected the store bakery with the real heart of the business of one Alfie Solomons.    Her heart began thumping madly within her chest as a vision of the man swam before her eyes.   She could conjure every detail in vivid fantasy; but her mind was always prone to linger on his strong, hands and that glorious beard liberally laced in ginger tones.   Her stomach flipped just imaging both of them all over her body.   Thus far, despite some not so subtle hinting, she had not felt the pleasure.  Yet.   Sure, he was technically her boss, but God – the man was just too much man too resist.   Also, she had no shame.   More to the point, she suspected Alfie was the kind of man who didn’t care about boss/employee protocol, and would likely be pleased even further by her wanton desire.   

Y/N had heard enough talk of the man to know restraint was not his strong suit, and thus she figured it was just a matter of time before she knew the feel of those long, lean fingers all over her naked skin.   Once she had trailed a painted nail along the veins that stood out on his forearms and nearly climaxed from that experience alone.   Pausing outside his door, she could see the man at his desk, booted feet resting causally on the surface while he pondered the papers he held.   Hell, how the man was somehow sexier in those half-moon glasses, she would never know.   Taking a deep breath, she paused momentarily to silently watch him… and collect her wits.   One never wanted to approach Alfie Solomons with anything less than a fully functioning state of mind.   Which was a serious challenge when one tended to hold images of riding that beard while trying to converse.   Today she planned on testing the limits of his restraint.   Only a taste though.  

Always leave them wanting more was her motto.

Alfie’s jaw had begun to ache due to the amount of beard scratching he had already accomplished, and it was barely noon.  If it was not a dozen things going wrong today, it was probably twice that amount.  Fucking hell days like this were beginning to take a toll on him.   He’d even lost the will to yell at Ollie anymore.   The words of whatever document he was trying to read were blurring before his tired eyes.   Flinging the document back upon the desk, he lowered the glasses once more and leaned back in his chair, palms swiping over his aching eyes.   He rested his head against the back of the chair for a few minutes, weighing the merits of a good, but brief nap.  His hands folded across his chest, but fingers twisted and clenched continuously as a restlessness coursed through his body despite the fatigue. His eyes opened and wandered to the ceiling.  Then rolled over his cluttered desk, and finally towards Ollie busy in his own office. The lad was muttering and Alfie shook his head, eyes rolling… and then they landed on her.

Even through the distorted plane of glass in the door, Alfie was forced to admit it was one of the most stunning faces he had ever beheld.   The golden hair that framed it draped down and curling at the ends.   He knew it had to be worn up while working in the bakery, which meant she had styled before coming to his office.   He smirked slightly.  Their gazes held across the room, while she waited for his summons to enter.   Her sultry, sweet smile not fading while he made her wait, but acting like a siren call that caused a tightening in his gut.   She looked like summer and cool evenings spent by a fire.   The caramel streaks infused among the subtle waves giving the paleness of her skin a warmth, instead of being washed out.  She was uncommonly beautiful – and knew it.    And therein lay the cause of his hesitation.   That spelled possible trouble if she thought it would grant her power over him.    Thought she could catch him.  Alfie enjoyed what a woman might offer – but Alfie Solomons didn’t get “caught.”   Once again his fingers grazed through the ginger streaked hair along his jaw.   Through the glass her lips parted.  

Why she was at his office was another matter; but he could guess it was not likely official Solomon Bakery Business.   She had been flirting outrageously with him for weeks now.   Certainly he was not opposed to Y/N’s attentions; indeed she had been the starring role in many of his fantasies of late.   He imagined the soft, silky feel of that wheat and honey hair draped all around them as he took possession of her lithe, young body.    What he doesn’t like is the coquettish games.  How she’d smile and touch him lightly and then move away.  Darting her tongue out to lick her lips, and then a look of almost disdain would cross her pretty features.  Like he, a Jewish Crime Boss of humble origins was beneath her; a Golden Goddess.   No, he didn’t need that bullshit in his life.   What he needed was a good fuck to release the anxiety of the day.   If she was game for that – he didn’t give a fuck what this uppity princess thought of him.   Leaning forward he crooked his finger in a forward motion.  

Y/N swung through his office door, eyes set on his own, breasts thrust forward and hips swinging.   Her mouth spread in a wide smile and he cannot deny that it spreads a warm, happy glow straight to his loins.   His legs swung down to the floor while he patted the edge of his desk.   A moment’s hesitation before she crosses to only lean against the edge; one leg casually brushing against his own.  

“Lovely to see you Y/N as always.  How are things in the bakery today?”

“Just fine they are Mr. Solomons.  We’ve had a real good day.”   Her eyes dropped demurely to the floor briefly.  “Why I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath at all.”   Then raised to meet his own, a subtle woeful shine that was designed to draw forth his softer nature.  “It’s lucky that I’ve had a few spare moments to come see ya.  Ya know, show my appreciation for hiring me that is.”    One hand had reached out to lightly graze the bare skin of his forearm.   Igniting a spark of lust within him to have those perfectly manicured hands on other places.  

“How has your day been Sir?   Is there anything ya need for me to do?”   A delicate brow raised, the hidden meaning not so well hidden at all.

Alfie studied her, a look of mild amusement only registering on his face.   He slid his chair upon the floor closing the gap between them, holding her gaze with his own penetrating stare.  She sighed, heaving her bosom high and ran a finger along the outside curve of her hips, before shifting as though she was about to make her leave.

“Well, I’d best be getting back. I just wanted to see you…”

A hard glint entered his gaze and she stopped mid-sentence; eyes wide and wondering.   It was at this moment Alfie decided he had tolerated enough of these games and it was time to take her in hand.  Literally.

She made to move away again, but a strong hand reached out and locked about her slender wrist.  

“Well love, I won’t lie to you, it’s been a hell of a day.  And come to think of it, there is something ya can do for me.”  His gaze didn’t leave her own as he yelled across the office space.   “Ollie, take a fuckin break.”

The lad darted from the office without a backwards glance.    She shifted nervously wondering if she had bitten off more than she could chew with this man feared by so many.   Even though the way he commanded so easily was making her nether regions quiver.   She drew a shaky breath, but was determined to not falter.   Trying to regain the upper hand, she leaned forward, fingers light upon his chest while she removed the glasses from around his neck.   Nails briefly grazing through the longer length of his hair above his shirt collar.  The smile she cast hinting at untold promises.   Promises to be bestowed at her fickle will.  He smiled back, the stillness of his body suggesting he was powerless to her magnetic pull.   His one hand reached for her own smaller ones, a gentle squeeze and she felt sparks burst within her entire body.  She began tracing that vein again…

Suddenly he exploded in raw power and sexual energy pulsed through the air, as he gripped her firmly about the neck and bent her back over the desk.  He paused briefly to give her a chance to voice protest — her eyes were wide and her chest heaved, but she said nothing.    Those lean fingers made short work of her blouse buttons, eyes never leaving her own.  His rough hands a light graze across the exposed flesh at first.   Her skin shivered in the coolness of the office though being overcome by the power he exudes over her has sent a hot flush coursing through her veins.    Then it’s all business of his mouth, beard and hands everywhere.   He never kisses her – just glides his warm mouth over her skin, the soft whiskers following.   Granting her a taste of what might be and she bites her tongue to keep from begging him to go further.   The contrast of his warm flesh and the cool imprint of his various rings almost sending her over the edge. 

Pushing her further back, his hands reached beneath her skirt and slowly slid up her legs; gently spreading them apart.   Her breath hitches when his head dives between them, while the light touch of a finger traces the outline of her panties.   He goes no further, but drags his beard scratching along her inner thighs before moving to cover her mound through the thin cotton material with his warm mouth.   She’s writhing, no longer able to keep from begging for more and pushing her pelvis into his face as his mouth moves over the soft cotton covering.    The strong grip of those hands squeezing her thighs and her mind is tumbling, wondering what his tongue might feel like.   Abandoning all pretense, she boldly reached down and tried to move her panties aside.   Alfie doesn’t stop, but gripped her hands and held them tightly pinned to her sides.   A growled grunt vibrates against her centre and a moan escapes against her will as she almost comes right there.   The wetness seeped through and he pressed his tongue briefly against her bud.   Moving up, he rubbed his beard against the soft roundness of her stomach and his large hands grazed over the sensitive skin covering her ribs to grab a handful of breast.   His eyes watching her closely; head tipped back, jaw slack and panting with need.   Her own eyes squeezed shut so she missed his slow smile of satisfaction.  

As suddenly as he started, he pulled away; leaving her limp and wanting him more than ever.   Her eyes liquid pools of unquenched desire, while he seems barely affected.   Save for the satisfied smirk and hard gleam in that stare he fixed upon her.   Waiting.  Watching her reaction.   Testing her further, his hands slowly slide up her body and once more he bent his mouth to skim along skin already showing the red rashes of his attention.  Lightly he skimmed along the delicate fair surface, his hot breath and the tickle of his beard spiraling her arousal further.   Y/N reached shaky hands to hold him closer, but he doesn’t allow her touch and pins them above her head.    Bending his face so close she thinks finally she will know the feel of those full lips upon her own.  She smiles softly back and they hold the moment.   Alfie merely brushed the corner of her lips with his own, whispering against their fullness; his voice deep and low.   But she can detect it’s also thick with need.  

“I say when, where and how it fuckin happens sweetie.  Now get back to work.”

Just like that he released her and strode away in that swagger that makes a woman want to abandon pride and chase after him.   He doesn’t even look back as he exits his own office.   Confused and mildly affronted, she fastened her blouse and returned to the bakery on wobbly legs.   Visibly shaken as she resumed her duties.    Ms. Shannon takes one look at her dazed stare and raised red rashes upon her throat and upper chest, and shakes her head knowingly.   As the hours slip by, her excitement dwindles into a sweeping embarrassment that infuses her cheeks with a heated blush.   Did she entirely misjudge the man?   Or worse, her own powers of seduction?   Suddenly she’s not so confident regarding their next encounter.    Her nerves a tangled mess as the hours pass slowly by.   Just before closing, Ollie strides purposefully into the kitchen office where she sits at her desk gathering her personal affects.   Not meeting her gaze, he simply hands her a note,

“From Mr. Solomons, Miss Y/N.”

She accepted the note, trying to search his face for some sign of the contents, but faithful, stoic Ollie reveals nothing of his employer’s intent.   Nodding his head, he took his leave.   Y/N opened the note to discover an address and a time scrawled in his neat handwriting.   A PS “wear that polka dotted dress, and don’t be late.”    A slow smile of satisfaction spread across her face as a warm glow pulsed through her entire body.   He’s played his hand, and now the play is hers.  Will she take a risk and up the ante?

We’ll see who says when and where Mr. Solomons.

She’d wear the polka dotted dress as per his request.   It wasn’t like she had not seen his glances rake over her curvy form whenever she wore it.

But she wasn’t above making any man – even Alfie Solomons - wait a little.   Her smile and confidence were back in place as she closed the door on her office and left the bakery with her head held high. 



All Business (Just you Wait, Part Two)

Well Played -   (Just You Wait, Part Three/Conclusion)

This was an anon request so I’ll just tag my Hardy clan - sorry if I miss anyone.

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Dear Mousa,

We are thrilled to inform you that your piece, “On a Friday” has been accepted for publication in this year’s issue of Calliope. I am also excited to let you know that it won second prize in the fiction category.  

We would like to invite you to the 2017 Calliope awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 25 from noon until 2 PM in the Ernst Cultural Center (CE) Forum. You will be able to pick up a copy of Calliope and celebrate with friends, family, and college faculty.

Please let me know if you able to attend this year’s awards ceremony.

Congratulations once again.

Adam Chiles


Oh, here’s the story in question



Biscuit | Alfie Solomons

This was just going to be a snippet but i love dogs so much it turned into a full blown essay. Also, I feel like this is the same girl from ‘The Messenger Boy’ imagine.

“Alf… you’ve got a dog.”

“I do love, yeah.” Alfie half mumbled in return with a toothbrush lodged in his mouth. You could smell the peppermint from where you leant in the doorframe. He was half dressed and there was a dog sat to his side turning its head with every movement Alfie made.

“Since when.”

“Oh, ages.”

“Ages? Was he here when I stayed over last?”

“Yeah, love, he was, yeah.”

“Why didn’t I see him?”

“Oh, he comes and goes as he pleases, don’t he.”

“… so he ain’t your dog?”

“No, he is, right. He just lets ‘imself in an’ out.”

You looked at Alfie a little baffled as he leant down to spit out toothpaste and rinse the sink.

“What’s his name then?”


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Little Things - Alfie Solomons

hello!! I love your writing!! do you think you could do one where Alfie and the reader/an oc are just sorta chilling at home like they’re taking warm baths together or the reader is teaching him how to knit…. like cute domestic things basically. thank you!! 

Little Things - Alfie Solomons

Alfie was not a man of routine. Except every night after he finished dressing for bed he laid down with his head in your lap as you sat against the headboard, reading in the dim candlelight. Sometimes you read to him and you always brushed through his hair while you read. He would lay like that, eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of your fingers combing through his hair and he listened to you recite poetry until he felt himself begin to fade.

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I’m in a villain mood! So here’s the classic “hand over good guys pose” with some of my bad guys! The bald pal with the gem on his forehead, y'know, the one front and centre, that’s “Rojo, the jewel”, then the bearded gentleman next to him is “The barbarian Scholar, Kayne”, then the four eyed fellow with the good set of teeth is the ever loyal dire spirit, “Escra”, and behind these three are some more mysterious figures! “The undertaker, the Leisurely, the lady of blades, the Wyvern rider and one of the sons of the old father. All of these crooks want the heads of Rythan and Solomon!

Not Easily Dismissed: An Alfie Solomons One Shot (requested)

heyyyyyy i’m backkk 😏😉 hope you had a great birthday :))) and ‘birthday wish’ damn darling that was truly amazinggggg i love it️but yes i’m back with another request this one is called 'make up sex’ maybe where they have fight but make up afterrrr 😉😉if ya catch my drift love ya lots 😘😘 –k

Warnings:  yeah Alfie swears and gets some sex, what else is new? 

Not Easily Dismissed

 Alyona shrugged her shoulders and laughed at the oddity of the remark.

“Why would I not be here Ms. Shannon?   I work here don’t I?”

Ms. Shannon’s eyes widened and she cast a quick glance at Gil, who immediately dropped his own gaze to the floor he was currently sweeping.   Her eyes returned to the young woman, who had already proceeded towards the kitchen and was reaching for her apron.   Confusion etched into the lines of her face when she saw a young girl already doing her assigned tasks.    Ms. Shannon waited nervously in the doorway.  He said it was all taken care of?   Once more she watched as Alyona began checking the daily orders.    Yeah, then why is she here?   She shrugged her shoulders and decided it was not her place to interfere.  

Alyona glanced over at the Bakery Manager she had grown to admire and love.   Ms. Shannon was a force to be reckoned with – the only one allowed to get the last word on Alfie Solomons.   Even he wasn’t quite sure how she managed the feat.    She felt the weight of her curious gaze and paused in her labours.

“Is everything all right Ms. Shannon?”

The woman shifted her stance, “Well I don’t rightly know dear.  He said ya’d be fine with the arrangement… but yet, ‘ere ya are.   Showing up and all.”

Her head tilted to the side, brow furrowed, “Why wouldn’t I show up… who said I’d be fine…. what arrangement?”   Her knuckles kneaded alongside her temples, the first tinge of pain taking root.  

“Why the boss did of course.”


Ms. Shannon nodded. “Course, who else make the rules ‘round here.”  

She stood a little straighter, eyes narrowed and hands resting on her hips.   “I see… and what rule did Alfie Solomons make concerning me?”

Ms. Shannon noted the change of tone in her voice.  How the words were carefully measured.    Dammit, leave it to that daft man to mess such a delicate thing all to shite.  

She took a deep breath and the young woman by the shoulders gently.  “Now remember Alyona, don’t go shooting the messenger, right?”


Alfie and Ollie were at his desk, heads bent studying a recent contract that was causing them no shortage of trouble.   Alfie had already lost his temper several times over the matter and had a good mind to go straight over to the client and solve this matter with his fists.   He was caught mid-sentence by the sudden swinging of his door wide open.   Alyona stood in the middle and he could see her eyes blazing from clear across the room.

“Get the fuck out Ollie.”

Ollie took two steps away from the desk before he remembered she wasn’t his boss.   Alfie stood up and pulled him back.

“Hey fuck now, ya can’t just come in ‘ere love and talk to Ollie like that.”

“Now Ollie.”

Alyona fixed Ollie with a pointed glare and her toe began a steady tap on the floor.    The young man weighed the odds against his current situation as to which one of the two was more likely to explode – at him.   Never mind at each other.  Something in the girls demeanor settled a deeper fear and he moved forward once again.

Alfie’s hand grabbed him about the elbow.

“He don’t work for ya missy.”

Alyona took three strides into the room, her fists clenched at her sides as her anger unleashed.  

“Well it seems I don’t fuckin work ‘ere anymore either, right Mr. Solomons?!”

Alfie’s eyes widened and his jaw went slack as it suddenly struck him that she was not supposed to be here in the first place.   He released Ollie’s arm.

“Get the fuck out Ollie.”

True to form, the lad made a hasty retreat – but beyond the office door, he turned and headed straight for the bakery.  Surely Ms. Shannon would know what this was all about.   The sounds of raised voices followed him down the passageway as he walked, shoulders hunched about his ears to block the volatile exchange.

Her face was flushed and her eyes had swirled into a fury of colours like the sea during a storm.   Normally he would be mesmerized, but instinct told him this was one time he did not want to get pulled into those depths.  Her foot still tapped the floor; a nail pounding into his skull.   Hands settled on her hips and he can see the whiteness of the fists clenched at her sides.  What the hell was she doing here anyway?  And fuck how was she so beautiful when she was angry at him?  

Her breath hitched in.

“Did you actually fire me?”

Oh shit.

Eyes widened and brows raised, “Did ya not get my note?”

Her head tilted and he was pretty sure an actual dagger flew out of her eye.   “Did ya fire me … with a note?”

Oh fuck.

He came around the front of the desk, using what always worked for him in any negotiation:  his size and volume.

“Now listen sweetie, it ain’t that big a….”

Her hand raised to shake a fist under his nose, “Don’t ya dare fuckin sweetie me right now Alfred Solomons.”

Fuck. Full name.  Not good.  Bad. Very bad.

“Alyona,” he reached out a hand to grab her own, but she pulled it away.  “Fire is a very harsh word here.  That’s not what I was intending at all.  I just assumed…”

Her hand flew up, “Oh ya assumed did ya?   And what did ya assume exactly Alfie?”

“Well fuck love, I’m trying to tell ya ain’t I, right?”

She spread her arms wide, lifted a brow, lips compressed tightly.

“I thought that with all that’s happened ‘round ‘ere of late, ya know – ya getting shot and all, and of course…” he gestured towards her midsection, “what with the possible changes that might be coming… that is, ya might want to take a wee break, is all.”

“And ya decided this all on yer very own.  Without talking to me first?”

“Well, it ain’t written in stone love, no need to get so worked o’er it.  Fuckin work then.”  

She took a step towards him, chin raised defiantly right beneath his own, “Not written in stone then eh? That why Gil’s sister is already working in the kitchen?” 

His face began to molt crimson.  Veins in his thick neck bulging.   As he spat out the next words, his eyes fair popped out of his head, his own rage at being questioned thus over-riding his good sense.

“Well if ya remember, as I’ve told ya before, I am the FUCKIN BOSS of this enterprise.  YOU work for ME.”  He turned his back and walked back around his desk, before adding more calmly, “At least.. ya DID work for me.”

Her arms folded across her chest.  Head bobbed up and down.  “Did? So that’s that then?”

“Fuck yeah, that’s done, yeah.”

Her eyes glinted hard as stone back at him, but he could see the wetness brimming behind the anger.   Unfolding her arms she gave him one last withering look before turning on her heel.

“Ya got a lot of nerve Mr. Solomons.”

Alfie exploded from behind his desk once more, fist crashing down before the volley of words was unleashed with the speed of machine gun fire.   Words like respect and trust and doing as yer damn told  fell on her ears, yet she stood small and quiet, her back still turned to him; the words not even registering – though they struck deep into her heart.   Alfie paused in mid tirade, half willing her to face him.   He needed to see her eyes… but the wall of her back only incited another unrestrained fury.   He didn’t like to be questioned in such a manner!   And then she began to walk away.  

Fuck.  Fuck. She was walking away.  

No one fucking walked away from him – especially not in the middle of one of his infamous tirades.   He kept telling himself that even as he slowly sank to his chair, eyes locked on the door she’d quietly closed.

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Custody of Brianna Ellen Randall

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Summoned

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I did not have time to do research on how divorce proceedings in Scotland in 1958/1959 would have unfolded so this is almost certainly in no way historically accurate. I also don’t care that it’s not.

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Sherbet | Alfie Solomons

This is a follow on from ‘Biscuit | Alfie Solomons’






“What about ‘im, pet?”

“Look at him.”

“I am, yeah.”

“No, you’ve got your eyes closed. Look at him, Alf.”

You’d been sat up in bed for a good thirty minutes whilst Alfie snored beside you. His arm flopped over your lap and Biscuit lay across both of your legs. His head rested between them as he looked up to you. He was sad and every time he sighed you swore to God he broke your heart.


He eventually started to move with a grumble as he turned to sit up beside you. His hand wiped at his face trying to brush away sleep before he folded his arms across his chest.

“Right, I’m looking at ‘im, yeah?”

When Alfie spoke Biscuit turned his head ever so slightly, the folds of skin around his eyes lifted and creased at his forehead.

“Something’s the matter, Alf.”

You turned to look up to Alfie and even he looked a little concerned as you both sat in silence for a long moment.

“I know what it is, pet. Obvious, ain’t it?”

“Is it?”

“Yeah, it is, right. Lovesick, ain’t he?”

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Family VIII - Alfie Solomons

Family i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii - Alfie Solomons

Alfie was sitting at the kitchen table as if he was conducting some sort of business meeting when you finally got home from the doctor’s office. His son had volunteered to drive you, partially because it was a tedious walk and partially because of what happened to you last time you walked alone at night. You accepted because he had a car and you were still healing. But when you walked in the door you wished that he had done a couple laps around the block.  

“Oh, look who’s home.” Alfie commented. He was sitting with his elbows on the table.  

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The Girl With No Name - Alfie Solomons Imagine (requested)

as you wish @readsalot73 

Chapter One - The Girl With No Name

Alfie Solomons keen gaze flicked from the muzzle of the gun pointed directly at his face and followed along the sights to the narrowed eyes at the other end of the weapon.   A rich, warm chocolate tone that he imagined might be welcoming in a less dangerous, confrontational situation.   His brows furrowed as he noted the dark cinnamon ring within their depths.   The crinkled corners that gave them a hard edge.   He saw the intelligence within the depths and knew he would not likely talk his way out of this one.  More disturbing was the steady hand that held the gun.   Another glance upward, avoiding those eyes and the mouth that held no smile.

Despite the tension, he couldn’t resist this thorough scan. Tight, ebony curls sat upon a head held high, and by the firm, set jaw, it was clear no quarter would be given.   His eyes traced the tensed lines and his brow furrowed deeper.   If only it didn’t lead to a full mouth that had the nerve to include a perfect cupid’s bow at the top.   The eyes adorned in thick, black lashes topped by delicate arches, one of which currently appeared to be raised in a mocking challenge.   His eyes continued to rake over the flawless black skin that glowed; traveling from the smooth forehead, along the slim nose, the slender lines of a graceful neck, and finally settling on the buxom curves peeking out …

The clearing of a throat pulled his gaze upward once more. This time a smirk settled upon the red stained mouth.   He couldn’t halt his body’s lustful knee jerk reaction to that mischievous grin, but it was her thick honey coated voice that he felt in his knees.  

“You have something of mine.”

Instinct told him this wasn’t the first time she’d captured a man in her sights in such a manner.   She should be quaking in fear.   Heart stopped at the very notion of being held at gun point by the one and only Alfie Solomons.   But he knew it beat like a drum inside her.   A constant thud that echoed in time with his own.   It was almost a torture standing there gazing upon her, but not touching.   The moon shining down on them, catching each dark curl and making it glow.   It’s beams slanting across the high cheekbones he knew would be soft to his touch.   A face of such delicate beauty, his breath caught, and he might think she must be a gentle soul, if not for the determination in her gaze.   Or the way her hand confidently outstretched for the satchel of stolen jewels in his other hand.  As though his surrender was inevitable.   A fallen angel.   He mouth twitched a smirk in return.  

Certainly there was a mystery about her.  How she came to be here on the same night he had so meticulously planned his own heist.  The perfect timing of it all.

“Yeah, well finders keepers sweetie, right?”

The cocking of her weapon split the silence of the evening.    Alfie let the moment stretch out – testing her resolve.   Their gazes locked in a dangerous stand off that flirted around the edges of latent desire.  Then with a deep sigh, he lowered his own gun.   He could have just shot her, but my god what a fucking waste of beauty and courage that would be.   The audacity of her nerve alone held him intrigued; even if her strong, sensual beauty did not.  He passed the satchel between them, his strong, lean fingers grasping her own over the handle.

“This ain’t over love.  It’s very far from fuckin’ over.”

Her head tilted to the side and cast a coy smile his way; but the gun hand never wavered or lowered, as she took the jewels and slowly backed away.  The click of her heels on the pavement a lonely staccato in the darkened alley.   Alfie watched, hands scratching his beard lightly, until her curves blended with the shadows.   He did not follow.  


He would by lying if he said he didn’t look forward to what would follow.   His stolen jewels a slightly less disappointment than the fact he didn’t even know her name.

A beautiful and dangerous mystery: his favourite combination.

Not sure I can leave this at a one shot.    Rather curious as to what their next meeting might look like!

Do we follow Alfie?

Number 5 | Alfie Solomons

Request: @tomhiddleeston I was wondering if you could do a sort of continuation of the Pregnancy oneshot where Reader and Alfie’s child is taking their first step or something at the bakery? Or Alfie takes their child to the bakery for the first time and Reader gets mad haha

“We need to give her a name… it’s been a few days, Alf”



“Git for short.”

“We’re not calling our daughter bloody Blume-Gitte.”

“Love, it’s Jewish. You can’t—“

“I can and I bloody well will. No.”

“All right then, ‘ow bout Betty?”

“She’s not a middle-aged washer woman either.”

“Now that’s just rude, that is, pet.”

“Well, I’d like it if you took this seriously. Not something off the top of your head, like the dogs. Biscuit, Sherbet… Tommy.”

“Oi, right, listen. They weren’t off the top of me ‘ead, was they? They were very well thought out.”


“You tryin’ to tell me that those names don’t suit.”

You thought about it for a minute and you couldn’t think of a smart response. He was right.

“Thought so.”

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Jitters - Alfie Solomons

Request: I love your work!! Can I request a wedding day oneshot with Alfie Solomons please? Maybe the reader is feeling nervous so Alfie goes and finds her, calms her down and all that good stuff (trying to not to look at you because it’s bad luck too haha) Thank you 

Jitters - Alfie Solomons

There was a knock on the door followed by a rather quiet voice, “Alfie.”  

Alfie had always told himself that marriage was not for him. He enjoyed the company of women to a certain point but passed that he had no interest in them. He would never be the type of person to court a woman, dote on her hand and foot, then marry her properly in a synagogue. Other men sure, but not Alfie. Except he was standing in the back room of a small synagogue getting dressed for a wedding. For his wedding.  

“Alf.” The voice came again, and another tap on the door.

“Oi, I’m trying to get dressed here love.” Alfie called.  

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Type-Moon 4gamer Interview 2017 Notes

- Lots of talk about Beasts, probably playable Beast type-servants at some point. No indication if he means new Beasts or if playable versions of Tiamat and Goetia. Personally, I[The translator] could see Tiamat but not Goetia.

- He really, really wants to do a Tsukihime event, or at the very least wants to put Arcueid in the game.

- Nasu’s favorites are Jaguarman, Ishtar, Kiyohime, and Tamamo.

- “We appreciate the foreign playerbase.” no mention of localizations but he’s at least aware of it.

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Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic:  Chapter 14

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WARNINGS:   mentions of violence, mature, sexual content, NSFW

so ya wanted a right proper desk banging eh? @banes-tshirt

Chapter 14 - Understanding Often Comes Too Late  

 Aylona awoke to a room bright with light causing her to squint red, swollen eyes tightly closed.  The previous night scenes playing back in her mind as she watched the dappled sunlight spread it’s warm glow about the room.  She felt no such warmth inside, but instead a hard knot in her stomach and with a groan rolled over in the bed.  And came face to face with a sprig of daisies upon the pillow; the sweet scent filling her senses.  Her heart squeezed and an image of Alfie standing over her while she slept swam before newly tearful eyes.   No note accompanied the gift this time, and it pained her to think she had rendered such a man as he mute. 

She tried to summon a flash of anger to protect her from the pain, but it was regret that stuck like a ruthless residue.   A stain on her character in how she had come to him in the night, and then cruelly pushed him away; and worst of all that he had seen through her.  Full knowing it was a punishment, he had welcomed her into his arms, willing to take whatever she offered.   Alyona held the daisies beneath her nose, willing their scent to be a soothing balm upon her troubled mind.  But remorse now pierced her heart like a dagger and the room had lost its sunny disposition; as though the anguish of her mind had hung the world in odorless, shrouds of gray.  She lingered within the downy comforters until the heartache had wrung her dry and there were no more tears to shed.   With their last conversation still an echo in her ears, the knot inside drawing tighter, she made her way to the bakery;  fearful and nervous regarding what the day might bring.  

After suffering through several hours at the bakery, the anticipation of their meeting a punishing thing in her mind, with some dismay faced the truth:  Alife had not come into work that day.  


The building Alfie exited was in a very, very secret location and it had taken him the better part of the day to travel to this meeting.  Had night not been falling, the three large men that accompanied him were of sufficient size to block out the light of the day.  This was not a task for the as yet untried Ollie, evidenced by the blood he now wiped from his brow and mouth.  Given the amount of time that had passed, Alfie new he’d have to prove the worth of his crowns before these men.   With no small amount of satisfaction at the outcome of more than a few polishing the floor with their prone forms still fresh in his mind, a slight smile also split his face.  More importantly he had learned what he needed, though it gave him no similar satisfaction.   The Russian gangs had not participated in any robbery of the Eden Club, and more worrisome – it had been quite some time since any new crowns had been earned.  The legend of Alfie Solomons was a tough one to best.   It also meant that someone was playing a very dangerous game with very dangerous men.   And Alyona was caught right in the middle.

“When you find these men, you know what must be done, ya?”

Alfie nodded his understanding.  The stakes now considerably raised, dread crept down his spine settling into an already pained hip, and his limp while walking towards the vehicle was more pronounced.  An itching had begun at the back of his neck and a deep sigh escaped him as he realized he could not halt that pain, any more than the approaching train that was coming.  The darkness engulfed the men as they drove away and once again it was with stony silence that Alfie watched the landscape blur past.   It was better to not think of such things as happiness, or the bliss of warm, soft skin when one must concentrate on the necessary violence about to erupt.   Those who had the misfortune to deal with Alfie Solomons soon learned the hard way it was not an excellent poker face he presented… he quite literally knew no fear.

At least not concerning the matters of violence and death.

Love and loss?  Now those were completely different matters.

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Regarding @because-i-can-and-i-want‘s timeline theory, I would like to add my two cents. It’s true that the main DM through Zexal timeline could be true (especially with Zexal taking place in an alternate future in which Zone won), I realized Vrains could actually be the true sequel to DSoD. So where does Arc-V go? It’s simple.

Arc-V takes place in an alternate timeline in which Yugi never solved the Millennium Puzzle.

Confused? Let me explain.

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