story of rebellion

how often do you think poe asked for stories about cassian andor growing up? the older he got the less people there were who knew the stories firsthand, but he still asked. cassian was up there with shara bey and leia organa. 

poe “as long as there’s light, we’ve got a chance” dameron definitely hero worshipped cassian “rebellions are built on hope” andor

Rogue One Thoughts

I saw Rogue One for a second time tonight with my family this time. I was so overwhelmed the first time that I couldn’t write anything on tumblr. This is what I thought the second time:

-Holy shit, Cassian is bae. He’s my Star Wars boyfriend. I share him with Jyn. I don’t make the rules. 

-Omg Bodhi is a precious cinnamon roll and I’m completely devoted to him. 

-Saw is the worst, and not just because he’s hurting Bodhi. He’s boring, dramatic, and takes himself way too seriously. And yes, I watched the Clone Wars. I don’t even remember him. Must not have had that much of an impact. 

-I understood the plot a lot better this time. The beginning during your first viewing is choppy and doesn’t make sense. 

-Cassian in the rain is my aesthetic.

-Cassian saying “Light it up,” in a deep voice makes me feel things that I’m not comfortable feeling anywhere except the privacy of my bedroom. 

-The Rebellion joining the fight in the sky is such an awesome moment! 

-After Baze died while staring at Chirrut’s lifeless body, I looked at my brother and he was looking at me like “What the fuck? I didn’t sign up for this shit!”

-My mom (not a Star Wars fan) was completely blown away by the appearance of Leia. Her mouth was still gaping half a minute later. 

-This movie is so much more meaningful with Trump having won the election. It shows how important it is to rebel. To fight and keep fighting, even if you have to give your life. 

-As well as being a commentary on war, Rogue One was also a commentary on how technology will continue to let us down…always. We’re not connected to their communications, the plug isn’t long enough, the door won’t open all the way, the antennae is not aligned, etc.