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my mom asked me to help with the christmas decorating, so i decided to put some pictures on the mantle to tie it all together. looks nice, right? look closer

i printed out pictures of jeffrey dean morgan and put them in frames

my mom is going to hate me

now. there are 3 things- no.. no there-there’s more than 3 things! that we love most about Canada. one: poutine! two: poutine!!!! three: -what? three! Poutine was one and two, this is number 3. number 3! Is! POUTINE!!!! number four: p- *laughs* POUTINE number fiiive: syrup. NUMBER 6 SYRUP ON POUTINE! number 7, and the one we love most of all- is every single one of you. shh. number 8 YOU ON SYRUP ON POUTINE THATS WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT. I REALLY WANNA MIC DRop but I wont cause they’re expensive. [are you gonna run for president-] NOT a chance cause I don’t know what I’m talking about! [i still think you should I- I’m convince that–] NIIINE! … THIS FLAG, ON YOU ON SYRUP ON POUTINE!!!! MAKE SOME NOISE FOR CANADA!! [youve got to 9 you gotta have a 10!] TEN!! [10!] ten is this moose on this flag on you on syrup on POUTINE MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE MOOSE!!!!! which one do you want this moose or the- or the flag or the syrup or poutine? you can have the moose on the flag. ohhh I’m hyped …… oh I’m hyped! da na dananana da na na- ROCKY! ON THE MOOSE- RIDING ON THE MOOSE, INTO THIS PLACE, ON THE MOOSE, HERE COMES ROCKY HES ON THE MOOSE, HES ON A FLAG WRAPPED IN THE FLAG COVERED IN POUTINE ON SYRUP- THERES SYRUP EVERYWHERE THERES SYRUP,, EVERYWHERE. ROCKY WINKS THE MOOSE IS GONE [michael bublé!] [i don’t- I dunno what’s going on] MICHAEL BUBLE !!!!! MICHAEL BUBLE ON THE SHOULDERS OF ROCKY, WRAPPED IN A FLAG ON A MOOSE, RIDING IN HERE, COVERED IN SYRUP ON POUTINE n YOURE ALL EVERYWHERE WATCHING THE WHOLE THING GO DOWn. it’s gone too far I’ve confused myself this is story of my life please sing along

He does better this week.

No Aurore to be seen, thankfully, for one thing.

For another it’s Branches he’s entering this time, so no risk of an impulsive Metronome-based disaster.

It could be that he’s in a different mindset this week. It could be because his toughest opponent in months isn’t here. It could simply even be that he’s been grouped with three people who aren’t that great. But Kai is the winner this week.

Naturally, he first tells himself. He deserves this, he says in his head. Winning is to be expected when you’ve dedicated years of your life to something like this, isn’t it?

Actually, no. It’s not. Kai’s relieved to have won this time.

i tried to make some icons and finish an edit i had planned for the whole week, but i just fell asleep on the keyboard and now my face hurts and i guess i should go to bed for today :’) 

the-winged-wolf-bran-stark  asked:

Ugh, book discussions on westeros going "HODOR MEANS HOLD THE DOOR, GOD! ALSO BRAN MADE AERYS MAD AND PROBABLY POISONED THE MIND OF ALL THE TARGARYENS SO HE'S THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY BAD EVENT EVER!" I'm sorry, but if you look at my icon you can tell who my fave is, so this is making me very upset.

I think that’s the worst part of “hold the door.” Like, can this show please stop poisoning the dialogue about an actually worthwhile story?

Bran is not my icon (Carol for life!) but I’m pretty upset too. They’ve really dunked him his character. 

Oh hey, friendly reminder:

Hodor did not know much, but no one could doubt that he knew his name. Old Nan had cackled like a hen when Bran told her that, and confessed that Hodor’s real name was Walder. No one knew where “Hodor” had come from, she said, but when he started saying it, they started calling him by it. It was the only word he had.

I’m quite certain context is gonna matter.

Remember like 12 hours ago when we were just waiting for Zayn to come back for the South Africa shows like he promised?

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