story of my life bts

Me: I’m not falling for this new kpop group. I just heard this song and want to see the music video… I will not obsess over them…. I will not….

Me 5 hours later: *knows the names, birthdays, heights, and ideal types of each and every member*

Also me, in obvious denial: *gif* I’M STILL NOT OBSESSED THO, THIS IS TOTALLY FINE

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Chapter 1, pt. 1 : In Which Jimin Falls in Love Twice and Gets Arrested

Well, Jimin thinks between heavy breathes. Shit.

Out of breath, Jimin is bent in half, hidden in a crook in one of the corridors, panting heavily and cursing and blessing the world at the same time. Sure, he was a wanted man as far as he was concerned, but he has the keys to the blimp, and that’s all that matters in this moment.

The footsteps have stopped, and Jimin decides to check to see if the coast is clear, glancing down both ends of the hallway and deeming it safe enough to move.

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