story of my life

Story Of My Life - Part 19

1. When my mom cooks sth yummy:

2. When sb preps me to some treatment:

3. When everybody except me passed the exam and ask me about it:

4. When we have gymnastics on P.E.:

5. When I listen to my younger cousin’s stories:

6. When I’m paying by credit card and it loads too slow:

7. When my post on some phorum caused a fight:

8. When sb says that Australia is an European country:

9. When I hear about awesome party in the long weekend:

10. When I hear Lee Pace’s voice:

ive been playing that Mydol apps for like a week and made “jongdae” call me by name and so my parents were at my place over the weekend and i was at the kitchen when “jongdae” texted me “i miss you” and of course my mom had to look at my phone and open the chat room and at 27 years of age i decided that lying to my mom is a much better and saner option than telling her that ive been virtual chatting with a bot that pretends to be my idol boyfriend.

long story short now my parents are very happy that im dating a very nice, overly attached boy that i “met at a seminar” and finally moved on from my ex bf of 5 yrs. bad news for them cause im gonna break up with “jongdae” next week and we shall never talk abt it anymore.


one of the best note changes he’s ever done