story of eevee

Alright so I never got around to telling this story. I was working on this picture for a contest. I was going to finish it over the weekend (this was a few weeks ago) but I had forgotten to bring it home, and it had only been a little bit done compared to how it is now. As you can tell, the dots and lines take forever to draw nicely, so forgetting it on the weekend when the art contest was on Tuesday or Wednesday was a bad idea.

I spent hours upon hours drawing dots, dots, dots and more dots. It was the day before the art contest and I hadn’t finished. So, the stress gave me a panic attack and I nearly hurt myself over it. I eventually calmed down, and worked on it all day at school to make sure it got done, and I finished it during the beginning of the second-to-last class of the day, and then turned it in. 

I named the piece Panic Attack, an ironic title since its intent is to look calming, but that’s what I experienced during the making of the piece, so I gave it that name.

I won the Ink Drawing Category and got 98 out of 100 on the drawing.

That was perseverance. I did it.

I’m surprised I never shared the whole story or the picture yet, but I hope you like it a lot!! :D

Brand New Start

Bailey, a pillar jolteon, lay sleeping in the forest. Soon, she woke up.

Yawning, she started to realize that her mind wasn’t clear. She couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t remember anything except for her name and the fact that she was a pillar jolteon.

As Bailey began to look about her unfamiliar surroundings with panic, she heard voices and a scuffle of two pokemon nearby. 

Bailey walked a little closer and discovered a hybrid and a scrafty who appeared to be arguing over a map, debating on which way to go.

“You’re such a hardhead! This way is faster!” The scrafty yelled.

“This way has less brush to trudge through!” The eevee-vulpix hybrid argued.

“Excuse me…” Baily shyly interrupted.

“Hey let’s ask her!” The brown eevee-vulpix hybrid pokemon said, whipping around.

The scrafty fumed at the suggestion, but asked, “do you know this place very well?”

“N-no… I don’t remember a thing… who are you?”

The Scrafty raised an eyebrow saying, “I’m Ebony. The furball with me is named Dizzy.”

Dizzy paused for a moment. “Are you lost?”

“"I think so… Can you help me?” Bailey pleaded.

The Scrafty then answered, “Of course! We’re just a couple of adventurers who are open to any challenge!”

Okay I wanna talk about my comic for a sec cause I just started thumbnailing it after like, two months of writing the outline and I have no friends to talk about it with so like

Okay so the main character is called Sienna I have a drawing of her on here somewhere, she’s a lesbian, she has a pet dragon (Havana) (yes I know there’s a Cuban city with that name) and then she gets a girlfriend (Cidha) but first she meets the girlfriend and they spend weeks travelling and pinning before their first kiss and they’re totally a battle couple. She has this stone thingy that lets her do a lil bit of magic, like, it powers up her attacks mostly. She’s a ranger type of gal, she uses bow and arrow and also daggers.

So she’s travelling the land to find those other three stones like hers and destroy all of them. She’s been on this for 6 years and she met Havana at the beginning of her journey and Cidha after those 6 years and it’s only after she meets Cidha that she finds the first stone, so she kinda becomes her good luck charm.

And that’s kinda all I’m willing to share for now but hopefully I’ll start publishing it soon, I already even have a tumblr for it (stained-comic but it has a password on it cause it’s not ready yet)


Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Rei and Eevee 

Rei thought Eevee is beautiful and perfect pokemon. (not sure what’s his standard) Eevee also knew that he loves his ‘beauty’. However, when Rei started to swimming, both of them couldn’t swim at all. Eevee wanted to evolve to Vaporeon to help him with swimming and Rei appreciated of his kindness. In the end, Eevee evolved to Vaporeon and help him with swimming. 

Eevee/ Flareon aka The False Prophet

We had just one more free slot in our party and needed a pokemon that could learn surf. Some people wanted the less risky way with a Lapras, but some players got tempet by the false promises of Eevee. They thought they would be able to get a strong Vaporeon, but with Eevee in our party we couldn’t buy a water stone, just a fire stone. Without the money for a waterstone we decided to leave a pokemon at the daycare to gain a new slot for Lapras. But this way got denied by the eeviil prophet of the dome fossil. The only way left was depositing a pokemon at the pc, but this try lead us to the day known as the pc massacre. Our beloved Abby and Jay Leno got released and even our lord the helix fossil got deposited at the pc. Eevee made us choose the wrong path and eventually got strengthened by the use of the fire stone. With the rise of Flareon an era of chaos began – THE MAZE. Even getting into the rocket hideout seemed impossible, but the task that awaited us was not imaginable. But after we had nearly nothing to lose anymore we tried to use the pc again. We were able to seal Flareon there and could later release it.

lilaxthegreat  asked:

❄️ - Sanctuary

The planet the Eevee used to live on was nothing like it used to be. It was absolutely destroyed.

It used to be so colorful, so diverse, so friendly. What on Earth went wrong? 

It was a mix of bad things, actually. The flow of time was being messed up on this planet, and Primal Dialga wreaked havoc on the world after being driven mad by it. Alien visitors had been popping in and out, harvesting various things and ruining climates and ecosystems by doing so. The worst was a War that destroyed whatever hopes this planet had of getting back on it’s feet again. “The Last War” made many pokemon species go extinct or critically endangered. A deserter soldier decided to sneak off and ran for the mountains before the final- and most devastating battle- took place. Now she realized her place in the world, the final member of a dying species. Had she stayed behind to fight, she would have contributed to the extinction of the Eevees.

Now she hid herself away in a bitterly cold cave on the mountain. Water was abundant, just melt the never ending snow. Finding food was a different story. The Eevee often travelled an impressive distance away from her cave to feed on some tough little berry shrubs that miraculously bore fruit in the freezing temperatures. The lack of protein made the carnivorous Eevee weakened, if she kept this up she’d end up dead for sure. Pulling together her strength, She ventured out in search of anything to kill and eat, the tiniest shrew would do.

The drifting diamond-dust began to fall faster as the day dragged on, no shrew yet. The snow began to fall faster and faster, until a blizzard raged on, and the Eevee was caught right in the middle of it. She couldn’t see anything, she couldn’t feel anything as the cold made her numb. She accepted defeat and fell into the snow. This is the end of my species…

There was a noise that wasn’t the rushing wind for once. Someone’s warm presence was looming over her, though she couldn’t see them. Someone’s come to finish me off? That’s just fine. She was about to ask for the figure to show mercy to her dying self, but she said something else instead  in her weakened state of mind.

“Help… Me…”