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I remember when there were barely enough stories for one page under the “Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper” tag on AO3 and now there’s 50+ pages filled with amazing content written by some talented people! In short, I love how the Bughead fam has grown in just a few months and I just wanna say thanks to all the authors for all these fics ❤️

27 Dresses (Bughead Edition) Part 2

Thank you to all those who have been so supportive. I love this fandom.

Jughead flipped through Betty’s planner several times and came to the conclusion that not only was she a busy woman, but she had a story worth telling. Betty Cooper had been to 7 weddings that year! I mean who does that?Jughead had decided that he was going to pitch his idea to have a story about Betty and her love for weddings on the front page of the Commitments portion of the paper to his boss. He hoped that this story might help him move on to writing more serious stories about murders and solving mysteries. Maybe he could finally get himself out of his own personal taffeta hell. 

Meanwhile, Betty arrived to work the next day hoping she would find her planner. Kevin arrived to work with some evidence of what he worn to the wedding.He had a rather eventful night and wondered where Betty had snuck off to. 

“Betty Cooper, did you finally meet someone that could take your mind off of a certain red headed boss of ours?”, said Kevin.

“I don’t know what you are talking about”, said Betty.

“Oh come on, everyone except Archie knows that you are crazy about him”, proclaimed Kevin.

“IT’S TRUE!”, shouted Cheryl from her desk. 

Betty rolled her eyes as she made her way to her desk and was surprised not too long before she had to go home with flowers that had been delivered to her without a note. Betty had hoped that the flowers might be from Archie. She had served as his personal assistant for a while now. Archie was in charge of an outdoor sports magazine. Betty had originally wanted to write about other topics, but Archie managed to convince her to work for him. Kevin spent a lot of his time admiring the pictures of the men in the magazine, while Betty just admired Archie. The work day ended and Kevin and Betty parted ways because Betty had to go pick Veronica up from the airport. Betty would see him later for Josie’s engagement party later anyways. 

Veronica was staying with Betty for a few weeks while she was taking some time off from modeling. Veronica had just finished doing some work in Milan. As usual, she had packed a lot more of her stuff than most people, which Betty was left to stumble into her apartment with. Veronica walked around and started looking at Alice and Hal’s wedding photos. Betty loved everything about their wedding, from the dress to the location. Veronica was more interested in a glamorous wedding, while Betty had her heart on the same location and style as her parents. 

“Betty what is up with all of these newspapers clippings by Forsythe Pendleton Jones III on the counter?”, asked Veronica.

“I mean what kind of name is that?”

“Ronnie, you know I love weddings and that includes stories about them”, said Betty.

“Speaking of things involving weddings, I am going to my coworker’s engagement party if you want to go”, offered Betty.

“I might go meet some of my model friends, but I’ll try to make it over there”, replied Veronica.

Betty would soon realize that inviting Veronica might not have been the best idea…

Betty arrived at Josie’s engagement party and was talking to Kevin when Archie approached them. 

“Hey Betty, I was wondering if you were okay with what I left on your desk this morning because I haven’t done anything like that before”, said Archie.

“Of course Arch”,said Betty.

Archie excused himself and Kevin’s jaw dropped.

“Betty, those flowers had to be from him so you better strut over to him and finally tell him how you feel!”, exclaimed Kevin!

Betty decides that she is going to be confident and express her feelings, but something stops her. Archie’s eyes are focused on someone and it isn’t Betty. Veronica has just arrived and is walking towards them with the confidence that Betty has just lost. 

“Hi, I’m Veronica and you are?”

“Oh you are Betty’s sister!” 

“I am her boss, Archie Andrews”, he smiled. 

“Your sister is a lifesaver! She always helps me, heck she is even picking up my dry cleaning after I left the slip on her desk this morning”, said Archie.

Betty was hoping for flowers and ended up with dry cleaning.Of course the universe couldn’t be that kind. Archie offered to buy Ronnie a drink and the two of them walked away. Betty is at the point where she just wants to crawl under a rock, but the familiar voice of a brooding writer stops her.

“Did you like the flowers that I had delivered this morning?”, asked Jughead.