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Independent Animated Films From ~The Previous Year

Phantom Boy. This is the story of a New York boy who has an illness, but becomes a hero. The boy escapes his hospital-bound body to go check on his family, but soon he uses his ability to solve crimes. It’s another detective story by the makers of A Cat in Paris and it uses the same animation style.

The Boy and the Beast. This is the most recent movie made by the famous anime director who made Summer Wars, Wolf Children and The Girl Who Lept Through Time. This film is about a boy who ventures into the realm of monsters and grows up under the guidance of a beast. Later he reconnects with humanity.

Big Fish & Begonia. This movie was funded in part thanks to social media and became a surprise box-office sensation.

Long Way North. Before working on this film, the director worked on the animation of The Secret of Kells and The Painting. His style here consists of contourless shapes in gorgeous pastel colors. The story is about a teenage girl who goes to the Arctic to look for a lost boat in late 19th century Russia.

Miss Hokusai. This is an episodic anime film about a female artist in Edo Japan who has to deal with work, her eccentric father and a sick sister. It’s based on the life of the daughter of Hokusai, the artist who drew the famous big wave with mount Fuji in the background. The film showcases some of his artwork.

My Life as a Zucchini.  This is the Oscar-nominated stop-motion French film. It’s an adaptation of a semi-autobiographical novel about a boy who goes to live in an orphanage. It’s realistically somber, but it’s also full of charm and even hope. The children’s performances are phenomenal. The Blu-ray comes out in May.

The Red Turtle. This is the Oscar-nominated French film co-produced by Studio Ghibli. It’s a beautiful and quietly contemplative fable about the stages of life. I would say avoid the trailer if you haven’t seen it and intend to watch it because it’s a mini version of the whole film. The Blu-ray comes out in May.

Louise by the Shore. From the director of The Painting and it’s even more beautiful. It’s a deliberately slow and introspective story about an elderly woman who is left alone in a seaside town vacated during the winter.

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King’s Maker
→ You must remember. Do not ever covet the king’s possessions. Even if you see something, act like you do not. Even if you hear something, act like you do not. And even if you want something, act like you do not.

You know I’ve been taking some time

And I’ve been keeping to myself

I had my eyes up on the prize

Ain’t watching anybody else

But your love it hit me hard

Yeah, you’re bad for my health

I love the cards that I’ve been dealt

Do you feel the same as well?

You know, I used to be in 1D (now I’m out, free)

People want me for one thing (that’s not me)

I’m not changing the way, that I (used to be)

I just wanna have fun (and get rowdy)

Want coke and bacardi (sippin’ lightly)

When I walk inside the party (girls on me)

F1 type Ferrari (6 gear speed)

I love it when your body (grinds on me), baby  

You know I love it when the music’s start
But c'mon, strip that down for me, baby

There’s a lot of people in the crowd
But only you can dance with me

So put your hands on my body
And swing around for me, baby

You know I love it when the music start
But c'mon, strip that down for me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Oh, strip that down
Love when you hit the ground (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Oh, strip that down
Love when you hit the ground

You know, that since the day I met you

Yeah, you swept me off my feet

You know, that I don’t need no money

When your love is beside me

Yeah, you opened up my heart

And then you threw away the key

Now it’s just you and me

And you don’t care ‘bout where I’ve been


February’s Featured Game: Aria’s Story

GENRE: Horror, Puzzle, Exploration
WARNINGS:  Blood, minor jumpscares
SUMMARY: Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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AU where they all have a Youtube game channel

in a universe where Jack never went to Samwell…

Jack listens to podcasts during roadies, while running, at home to fill the silence, all the time. At some point he feels like he listened to every podcast and video  about history the Internet had to offer, when Youtube suggests a little gem:

Video Games Shit with Ransom and Holster

The name doesn’t interest him, until he sees that it was about the Hockey game where he supposedly starred. (Tater kept telling him to check it out, he never did.)

He watched it and was delighted to see it had some history of hockey, and even some history of hockey games. Jack, being 110%, listened to the entire series.

He learned they were part of a video community called The Haus, and that other vloggers produced content along the same lines. Soon enough, the voices of strangers filled his days, and they soothed him, even when they were yelling obscenities about blue shells. 

There was the group named The Frogs, where two of them played versus games and argued incessantly, while a third one acted as a referee with a sunny voice that failed to hide his biting remarks.

For Shits and Giggles was an interesting series that analysed representation in games with foul language that became almost pornographic when the games were actually good.

Lardo’s channel was one of Jack’s favourites. She talked in a low and steady voice, killing zombies without blinking. She had a four hour let’s play of a pong game where she ranted about art history, which Jack listened to when he was feeling anxious. She also made those short paint mixing videos without a sound, and Jack spent an entire night watching them all.

The last youtuber was something of a challenge for Jack. He looked and sounded nice enough, played the cutest games with the wittiest commentary, but his accent was so strong that Jack had trouble understanding most of it. Since Jack hated leaving things uncompleted, he made a point to listen to every video twice, or even three times, until he understood every word.

All that would have stopped there if it weren’t for a reporter-

‘So, Jack, anything you’ve been following, recently?’

‘I, huh, been listening to these videos? About games. The Haus. They’re pretty great.’

‘HA!’ yells Snowy from next to him. ‘You spent all last flight watching the same vid, over and over again- I bet they’re pretty great!’

At the reporter’s look, Jack felt flustered.

‘It’s the accent. Heu, Bitty’s, specifically. It’s hard for me to understand him, but I’m getting better.’

At this point, the interview shifts to hockey, and nothing else would have come of it,

if it wasn’t for Eric Bittle to die of mortification when his favourite hockey crush mentioned him by name because he watched his videos so many times because he couldn’t understand a word he said. 


IN PERSON INTERVIEWS: Let’s say you’re coming to CTN to show you storyborads or you got a physical interview at a studio!

PLAN. AHEAD. Everyone I know (myself included) prefers reviewing PHYSICAL PAPER PORTFOLIOS over digital! (note: this is for storyboard specificially. Obviously animation needs to go digital–good luck friendos) I volunteer at the CTN DreamWorks booth reviewing story portfolios and boy howdy, the digital portfolios had some problems. First off, you can’t rely on the con internet AT ALL to view a website.  Second, unless you lug a laptop around for the whole con, you’ll just be showing on a tablet or smartphone.  (worst impression last year goes to the person who showed their portfolio on a shattered iphone)

Originally posted by parkerpete

SO MUCH. CAN GO WRONG. SHOWING STUFF DIGITALLY!  Your site may crash. Your images could load slowly.  The reviewer hits one button wrong (very likely if it’s me) and you’re back to the home screen.  Batteries die. You get texts in the middle of the review.  The reviewer (hello, me again) can’t get back to a specific board they wanted to give feedback on

“But Megan!” You cry, “I did all this work setting up a great portfolio website! We live in a DIGITAL WORLD?! And now I can’t show it?”

Originally posted by xshady4life

Listen friendo, here’s what you do. Have your website on your business card FOR SURE.  And make sure to tell your reviewer that there’s more content (animatics etc) on your website if they are interested. BUT BRING A PAPER PORTFOLIOOOOO.

  Layout your boards in what are called CONTACT SHEETS. 3x4 boards, or 3x3, 4x4, but not more than that cuz it’s too small.

Go to your school’s copy room, or kinkos or office max.  Print those suckers out on 11x17 pages! Nice and big!  AND THEN BUY ONE OF THESE SUCKERS:

It’s like, 7 or 8 bucks!  You can fit all your pages in that!

A paper portfolio is always the most professional in-person solution.  It shows YOU PLANNED AHEAD.  Remember that cracked iphone person I mentioned earlier?  The fact they didn’t even borrow their friend’s phone just for our interview showed me they just decided last minute to get a DreamWorks review. Or maybe they didn’t and they dropped their phone in line.

Also back in my CTN atendee days before I got a job, I had someone point out pages in my portfolio that weren’t as strong as the others. Easy fix? I JUST PULLED THEM OUT before I showed them to the next person!


If you want to contact this person again, the email can go something like this,

Hello (name of reviewer!)

We met at (place) and you reviewed my portfolio!  Since then, I’ve reworked (this particular sequence) and took your advice on (this bit and this other story part).  Also, you suggested (this change here) but I thought it over and made (this other change instead). Let me know what you think!

Thanks again!

(your name)

See in that e-mail how that person made their own change?  Reviewers are not the end-all be all law makers of story, and you may get conflicting notes from different people.  But a suggested note means that board needs SOMETHING more, even if the review can’t put their finger on it.  When a problem is pointed out, FIX THAT PROBLEM, even if it’s not the exact patch your reviewer suggested.

Originally posted by doublevforvictory

Other bonus advice:

Always be working on something new.  Make a new short sequence every few months, and replace an older sequence on your website. Study the sort of shows you want to work on, and make those kind of boards!  

And don’t despair if you get studio rejections.  I had stacked up fifty four job rejections before I finally got my start at DreamWorks. Keep going!  I BELIEVE IN YOU!

You can ask me any more portfolio questions here.  I will tag such answers as thirdchildstory.


Lmao sorry for the spam but I’m gonna be unveiling a bunch of edits I never posted

Here is a very old edit of lil Sash

Me:….can I widdle one end of my quarterstaff?


Me: So it can be a really long stake!  

DM:…that’s not how this works


Art by @nikanono

I requested a commission of my DnD character from a “Curse of Strahd” campaign. 

She is a half-elf Monk named Estel with a Discipline in Way of the Four Elements Avatar and I love her. 

I leveled up and now I can Falcon Punch a vampire in the dick

i love this owl man and no one can change my mind


New preview of the game to compensate all the negativity! Aria exploring the library.

First of all, I’m really grateful for all the support and kind messages I received. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Despite what happened, I think this is a lovely community. I hope we can learn about this experience and other devs can avoid a similar situation.

I decided that the best thing I can do now is close anon questions until the release of the game. It makes me really sad but I think this is the only way to solve the problem. I’ll close them in three days, this friday.

Of course, we will inform you about the release when we have news about it. Until then, please support the translators! Without their help you wouldn’t be able to play in english, only in spanish. They have to translate every map and every event of the game, it’s a lot of work. The game has 151 maps and many dialogue, it’s not a small game.

I’m going to start answering all the messages today or tomorrow! Thank you for all the lovely messages, I even received beautiful fanart! I don’t have words, thank you ;;

Thank you for following the development of Aria’s Story!

Okay forget all this nickelodeon and disney channel. This is what my childhood was made of:

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the story makers??!??! american tv step up your game

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like i mean mona was my life

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External image

fucking cbeebies man

KickThePj, film maker and story teller extraordinaire’s channel turned 10 years old last month! I wanted to do something nice for the occasion so I’ve been working on this. Boy it was a lot of work but real worth it too add in all the little references from videos and colabs over the years. All him and his channel has accomplished in these 10 years is really amazing and i’m sure has inspired a ton of growing story tellers and creatives. Congratulations PJ Liguori and I hope any tiny planet explorer who sees this gets a good kick outta it. ^^


“As a child, I once made pretend French fries by cutting strips from the foam of my mother’s shoulder pads (it was the ’80s and there was an abundant supply).” — Huong Huynh of Etsy shop Milkfly 

Read more about how this Houston, Texas-based maker of freakishly realistic felt foods got her start (and where she finds her inspiration) in this maker story and studio tour on the Etsy Blog.