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Teen Wolf Stranger Things AU.

Stiles is walking home from Scott’s house when he feels the hairs on the back of his neck rise. The streetlights overhead begin to flicker before the bulbs go out, immersing the street in darkness. Stiles turns around but he was too late.

He feels his legs being wrenched from beneath him, a cry tearing at his throat as he falls to the ground. He claws at the earth, his fingers raking across concrete and dirt as the creature drags him into the forest. He thrashes about and kicks himself free of the beast’s hold. He scrambles to his feet, stumbling as he ran as fast as he could away from the creature.

He feels the creature’s claws tear through his bag, pulling it from his back and tossing it aside before chasing after Stiles.

Stiles trips and falls down an incline, hitting the ground with a painful thud. He finds himself immersed in a world of darkness and decay, but he didn’t have the chance to dwell on his thoughts; the creature is closing in. He scrambles to his feet and runs.

The next morning, Claudia wakes up to find her son missing; his bed not slept in, his school books still sitting on his desk and his lacrosse gear by the door. She begins to panic and runs to the Sheriff’s office to tell them that Stiles is missing, but no one believes her because of her dementia. Sheriff Stilinski tries to calm his wife down and takes her home, promising that he’ll look for Stiles and telling her that there’s probably nothing to worry about; Stiles might have just slept over at Scott’s for the night.

Sheriff Stilinski goes to the school to look for his son, but he’s not there. He pulls Scott aside and asks him if he’s seen Stiles but Scott says he hasn’t seen him since he left to go home last night. Sheriff Stilinski begins to worry. He calls out a search party and rumours quickly spread that Stiles ran away from home. That is, until the search party stumbles upon something in the woods: Stiles’ backpack, torn and discarded.

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Rohwer Relocation Center, McGehee, Arkansas. Miss Margaret Morrisy. Story hour in the first grade., 11/22/1942

Parker, Tom, Photographer.  Series: Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority, 1942 - 1945. Record Group 210: Records of the War Relocation Authority, 1941 - 1989

Professional photographers were commissioned by the War Relocation Authority to document the daily life and treatment of Japanese-Americans who were interned during World War II.  

Browse nearly 4,000 photos of Japanese American relocation and internment in the Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority in the @usnatarchives online catalog.

More Resources Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Japanese American Internment at the National Archives

sleepykalena  asked:

#3 for He's a Goalie, She's a Keeper, please! :D

3. Which part of [title] was hardest to write?

Not necessarily any part of it. The problem was different: When Runa had this idea, I was in the middle of preparing for perhaps the most important test I had to do in university. But it wouldn’t leave me alone so I sat down and wrote perhaps 6k on that evening.

That was early July. Now after I wrote the test, I had some free time, but I always kinda shied away from editing it, because I was so invested, I feared what I would change wouldn’t be good enough. Then I had another paper to write and it was only a few weeks back where I finally decided to tackle it. Thanks to Kat, a few more scenes were added, a bit was changed or expanded and we got the fic we have today.

TLDR: None of it and all of it. I’m so very invested in this one, it’s crazy.

Comic N-044 “Roswell’s that ends well”

It’s okay if you haven’t listened to the DnD podcast The Adventure Zone yet, but you’re doing yourself a disservice, if you don’t check out @nedhugar ‘s gorgeous Roswell design.

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the adventure zone: balance (the story of four idiots that played D&D so hard that they made themselves cry)

what made the witcher 3 great:

  • animations
  • story-telling
  • depth of characters including NPCs
  • lack of repetitive side quests
  • more of a main story than irrelevant side content 
  • genuinely difficult and morally grey decisions

what other developers actually include when they say they’re using TW3 as inspiration:

  • open world map
  • literally nothing else 

It’s rare that I get as invested into a piece of media as I did with The Adventure Zone, so I’d just like to thank the McElroys for adding something to my small list of things I can feel passionate about.

I’m very happy with how this series of drawings came out. I put a lot more thought and effort into this than I tend to with fan art. Check out my blog and my art tag for each of the individual pieces, or for a wonderful Upsy gif I made.

Until next time, just remember. You’re going to be amazing.

all right everybody, here's the plan: we stay home and panic
I spent ten minutes in his rooms. If you think I fucked him in that time you underrate me.
—  Damianos “I can go all night” of Akielos - Kings Rising by C. S. Pacat

Sunset from the top of Mt. Fuji