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1973 - High School Louis/Vampire Harry - 2000 year old vampire - past lives - Larry as great rulers - love over thousands of years - destiny - an evil twin in the mix - side Ziall

This isn’t your average vampire tale. Four part series.

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When you’ve been bit by the writing bug, but don’t have time to write

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The Feast of Saint Gabriel

Summary: The reader has spent a chunk of time preparing a surprise for Gabriel but his arrival surprises them and ruins the surprise.  However, Gabriel is able to use his powers to restore things to the original state the reader intended and the two share a few hours of stories and sweets.

Author: @revwinchester

Pairing: Gabriel x (gender neutral) Reader
Other Characters: Sam and Dean

Word Count: 2407

Warnings: a little bit of cursing, vaguely implied smut

A/N: This is one of my entries for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge.  This is for the dialogue prompt, “I can’t believe you thought I punched him. No, I slammed a shovel into his face. Big difference.”  I was already working on this piece when the prompts were announced and I tried to work it in here as seamlessly as possible.  In other news, today is actually the former date of the Feast of Saint Gabriel before he got smushed into sharing a day with Michael and Raphael during Vatican II.

The Feast of Saint Gabriel -

Your name: submit What is this?

You had spent the day baking and cooking, even enlisting and sometimes coercing your brothers into helping on and off throughout the day.  You wanted - no, you needed - everything to be perfect.

“Sam,” you called out as you carefully watched the candy thermometer that was monitoring the caramel you were making now.  When your brother was in the kitchen you continued, “can you pull the cupcakes out of the oven?  If I take my eyes off of this, even for a second, it might burn.”

Sam leaned down to take the tray of cupcakes out of the hot oven.  Don’t you think you’re going a little overboard, Y/N?” the younger of your brothers questioned as Dean joined you both in the kitchen trying to scavenge some of the sweets you had prepared.

“Maybe a little bit,” you admitted, looking around the kitchen at the cakes, candies, cookies, and even donuts you had already made.

“You bought a cotton candy machine,” Sam deadpanned.

“Okay, okay!  Maybe more than a little,” you acquiesced.  

“You know you could have just bought most of this stuff, Y/N,” Dean commented as he reached for a cookie.

You smacked his hand away and chided him before replying to Sam.  “I just want today to be special.  No one really celebrates the feasts of the angels anymore.  At least, not on their original dates when they all had separate days for themselves,” you explained.  “The Feast of Gabriel is practically his birthday!  Can you imagine not celebrating your birthday since Vatican II?”

“Yeah, I kind of can,” Dean spoke up.

“Put the candy down and get out of my kitchen, Dean,” you commanded your oldest brother.  If he wasn’t going to be helpful, he sure as hell wasn’t going to be allowed to get in your way.

“Y/N, you know that if it weren’t for your insistence, Dean and I probably wouldn’t celebrate our own birthdays, let alone anyone else’s,” Sam argued as you swiftly removed the pot of sugar and cream from the heat.  

“Well, it’s a good thing you’ve got me around, then, spoil sport,” you sassed as you poured the caramel into the pan you had prepared.  “I’m going to need one more thing from you and Dean,” you told Sam.  “Once I’m done here, I need you guys to pray to Gabriel and get him here.”

“You know he doesn’t answer our prayers, Y/N,” Sam countered, “only yours.  There’s no way he’ll come at our request.  Gabriel only listens to you.”

“But if I call, he’ll figure it out.  I’m so excited I’ll give away the surprise,” you told your brother, your voice practically whining.  “You guys are going to have to be creative but you need to do it.”

“Fine, we’ll try,” Sam hesitantly agreed, “but you know Dean’s not going to like it.”

“That’s why I made his favorite pie and hid it away from Gabe’s stuff,” you countered with a wink, “and I’ve got some carrot cake right along side of it for you.  I’ll need about an hour for these cupcakes to cool and to get them iced.  I’ll let you know when I need you to pray.”

Sam left the kitchen and while you waited for the cupcakes to cool enough to be iced, you began to set up the table with the sweets you had spent the day making.  You had found a table cloth and cloth napkins in one of the bunker’s closets and set about using everyday items, like a shoebox and a stack of books, to create levels on one of the library tables, covering each level with a napkin to make it look nice.

Once you were satisfied with the setup of the table, you began carrying out the various desserts and confections you had made.  You spread the platters of cake, cookies, and candies around the table, making sure to leave room for the cupcakes and caramels you still had to finish.  You returned to the kitchen and fired up the cotton candy machine.  Sam was right, the purchase had been extravagant but it was going to tie everything together.

While the machine warmed up, you cut the pan of caramels into squares, plated them, and brought the candies to their spot on the table.  Then you returned to the kitchen to make the candy floss.  You poured some of the pink sugar into the machine and began collecting the candy wisps that were created.  Once the pink sugar ran out, you brought the cotton candy into the library and spread it out directly on the table, surrounding and framing the rest of the sweet foods.

“One last thing,” you muttered to yourself.  You returned to the kitchen once more and iced the cupcakes.  As you finished, you called your brothers back into the room.  “Time to start praying, boys,” you told them.

“Why are we doing this?” Dean grumbled.  “When did we even start liking this guy?”

“Right around the time I started sleeping with him” you reminded your brother, much to his chagrin.

“Gah!  Stop it!” Dean shouted over your words.  “I don’t need any mental images.  Promise you won’t say another word and I’ll start praying.”

You balanced the tray of cupcakes on one hand and mimed zipping your lips shut and throwing away the key with the other before you led your brothers into the library.  You could tell that Sam had already started silently praying and you gave a pointed look to Dean who rolled his eyes and began, too.

Just as you were about to put the tray of cupcakes in it’s spot on the table, there was a loud cracking sound that caused you to jump and lose your grip.  The tray came crashing down onto the table, ruining not only the cupcakes but also a good portion of the other desserts.  As all this was happening, someone started speaking behind you.

“Where is Y/N?  What’s wrong?”  It was Gabriel and he was frantic.  You could tell just from the sound of his voice.  You whipped around to face your boyfriend at the same time that he turned toward where you were standing.  Gabriel pulled you into his arms and you felt a surge of grace run through your body before he released you and held you at arm’s length.

“Gabe, what are you doing?” You asked him as his hands swept across your skin and your eyes raked over your body in a decidedly not sexy way.  It was more like he was checking you over for an injury.  “Seriously, babe, what’s up?”

“You’re ok?” He asked, truly dumbfounded.  “You’re, you’re not hurt?”

You pulled your boyfriend into a tight hug, finally understanding his dramatic entrance.  “No, love, I’m fine.  Why would you…” you trailed off as you came to a probable scenario.  “What did my brothers say to get you here?”

“They said,” Gabriel began, pulling back from your embrace to more easily speak with you, “well, Sam prayed and just said you needed me.  Dean was a little more forceful but never really said… I just assumed that both of them praying about you meant that something bad had happened.”

“Oh, oh gosh, no,” you said, your voice apologetic.  “I have a surprise for you or, had a surprise I guess,” you indicated the table behind you.  “I didn’t want to give it away.  But then I dropped the cupcakes and ruined it all.”

Gabriel took in the sight before him, seeming to notice the table and the scent of baking in the air for the first time.  “What is all this?” he asked.  His eyes took in the table cloth, the crumbled cupcakes and broken cookies, the caramels now covered in buttercream, and the other assorted, mostly ruined desserts.

“It was supposed to be for you,” you explained.  “Today is the original date of the Feast of Saint Gabriel.  It’s your day.  So, I wanted to do something special for you.”  You paused for a moment, looking at the ruined table, “and then I got jumpy and messed it all up.”  Your eyes were cast towards the floor by the time you were done talking.  

Gabriel’s hand found your chin and tilted your head up so your eyes met his.  “This is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.”  His voice was sincere, the usual joking nature gone, even if it was just for a moment.  “You might say, it’s the sweetest thing…” And there was his signature snark back again.

“Maybe it was the sweetest thing…” you mumbled, stepping out of his grasp and turning to face the table.

Gabriel took the opportunity to wrap his arms around you from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder.  His arms briefly tightened around you as he gave you a little squeeze.  “You forget, love, archangel powers.”  Gabriel held a hand out in front of you and snapped his fingers.  The table was suddenly clean, each of the treats looking just as you had intended them to look and the dropped cupcakes were perfectly placed among the other sweets.

You turned in Gabriel’s arms and pressed a kiss to his lips.  “I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to use archangel powers quite like that,” you giggled before kissing him again.  

One of your brothers cleared his throat and you jerked back from the angel in surprise.  “You forgot we were here, didn’t you?” Sam snickered

“Um, maybe a little,” you confessed, blushing as you buried your face in Gabriel’s shoulder so your brothers couldn’t see the pink in your cheeks.  

“We’re going to go to the bar,” Sam told you in an attempt to comfort you, “we’ll be back…” but he didn’t have a chance to finish before Gabriel snapped again and he and Dean were gone.

“Gabe!” you exclaimed, “you can’t just send them away like that!  You know Dean’s going to do nothing but complain for a week once he gets back!”

“I just sent them to a bar a few states away.  Your brothers landed in the parking lot inside of Dean’s precious car.”  The sarcasm in Gabriel’s voice was nearly tangible.  “They’re smart enough to figure it out.”  He winked at you as he spoke and pulled away from your grasp to survey the sweets on the table.  Gabriel grabbed a cupcake and shoved the whole thing in his mouth at one time.  “Ohr ah leasht Sham ish…”

You had to laugh at how much Gabriel reminded you of your oldest brother sometimes.  You also picked up a cupcake and took a much more manageable bite, before taking a seat at the other table in the library.  Gabriel picked up some more sweets and sat beside you.  The two of you reminisced about your favorite tales of your time together and Gabriel shared with you more about his history and, every now and again, one of you would get up and bring back some more goodies to share.

“…and that was the first time the Norse tried to give me a virgin sacrifice.  It was awkward, to say the least.”  You both laughed at Gabriel’s story.  It had been a ridiculous moment in his history when he’d realized that human sacrifices were still a thing and that virgins tended to be favored by the people in these scenarios.  

“Oh, man, that reminds me of when Sam and Dean were ‘revirginized’ when we were dealing with Vestra.  I was so glad I had stayed behind with Jody for that bit - no chance of getting dragged off by some Roman goddess that way,” you recalled.  “Also, there’s no way I would have gotten out of one of those abstinence group meetings without snapping.  Everything Sam told me about them was infuriating.  Did you know the Bible doesn’t even forbid premarital sex?”

Gabriel looked at you with a cocked eyebrow.

“Of course you know that… look who I’m talking to…” You trailed off giggling, not really knowing what to say after that sugar induced moment.  Luckily, Gabriel came to your rescue.

“Isn’t that the time you ended up punching Dean and breaking his nose?” the archangel asked.

You thought back to that case before replying.  “No, I don’t think I’ve ever punched Dean, not in a serious way, anyway.  Oh… OH!”  You were practically shouting, having realized what Gabriel was talking about.  “What happened was that Sam, Jody, and I found the place where Vesta was keeping her sacrifices but she got the jump on Jody so Sam was handling that while I was digging up where we thought the entry to the underground cell was,” you explained.  “Dean had been working on the doorway from the inside, too, and, well… I can’t believe you thought I punched him.  No, I slammed a shovel into his face.  Big difference…” You were full out laughing by the time you finished the story and Gabriel was chuckling along with you.  “It was an accident, though.  I don’t think I could ever hurt one of my brothers like that on purpose,” you told Gabriel.

You spent another hour or so just talking and swapping memories.  Eventually, the sugar coma set in and you were nearly falling asleep on Gabriel’s shoulder in the library.  He was still going strong, ‘stupid archangel powers’ you thought. 

“Someone looks like they could use a nap,” Gabriel commented.  Instead of snapping his fingers like he usually would, Gabriel gathered you up in his arms and carried you through the bunker to your bedroom.  He placed you in your bed and climbed in with you despite the fact that he didn’t need to sleep.  You curled yourself around the archangel and he held you close, Gabriel’s scent filling your nose as you nuzzled your way into a comfortable spot on his shoulder.  “Sleep now, love, when you wake up I’ve got some ideas for how I’d like to eat some more of those treats you made me…”

You giggled at his words and the insinuation that was made clear as he wagged his eyebrows at you.  You snuggled into his side and fell asleep quickly.  He kissed your forehead and mumbled something that you just barely made out before you slipped into unconsciousness.  “Actually, I’ve got lots of ideas; it’s a good thing your brothers have a seven hour drive back here once they’re done at the bar.”

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Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.


Okay… Let’s calm down for a moment and analize what’s happened…

First of all, sorry about my English. It’s not my mother tongue, so please bear with my grammar for a while.

Second, this is a LONG meta post about storytelling and how it affects the last episode’s plot. If you’re not so much into this topic… well, skip to the last part, I guess xD


I knew we were getting something negative this episode. If they wanted the show to have a happy ending, of course something bad was bound to happen. So just let me analyze the whole series, taking what each episode means for Yuuri’s emotional growth and their purpose for the entire story. And, before that, I also want to note which episodes belong to which act:

-ACT 1: Episodes 1, 2, 3.

-ACT 2

    -first half: Episodes 4, 5, 6

    -second half: Episodes 7, 8, 9

-ACT 3: Episodes 10, 11, 12.

(Also, I don’t think the 12 episode format is random, it works because there are 3 episodes for each part… But that’s another story and shall be told another time).

ACT 1: THE THESIS. In which the Thesis is clearly “Yuuri doesn’t believe so much in himself, so he gets anxious everytime his future depends on his own skills”. It ends in episode 3 because he manages to defeat Yurio and keep Viktor by his side.


FIRST HALF: As opposed to the Thesis, the Antithesis this time revolves around Yuuri realizing he’s never fought alone and that people love him. By comming to terms with this, he’s improving quite a lot more than if he just kept “fighting alone”.

SECOND HALF: His Love takes a new form, greater and more beautiful than ever, and it takes him even further… or not? 

ACT 3: THE SYNTHESIS. After some “fiasco” at the end of the Antithesis, Yuuri has to figure out how to merge both worlds (I fight alone - I have people and Viktor by my side) so that he can reach his true Essence.

So, we see the story is (obviously) about Yuuri growing more confident in himself. I believe that other characters are mirroring this idea (I’m specially thinking about JJ, the most confident skater in the rink, and how being over-confident can prove you wrong). But Yuuri’s path isn’t precisely a cakewalk, and some crisis are bound to arise, if only to make him stronger.

Let’s analyze every episode and its mood (believe me, this gets somewhere):

EPISODE 1: The overall mood is a little bit depressing, but not too much, since it’s only the start. They introduce the characters and their motivations in life, specially Yuuri’s. The main character isn’t at a complete loss here, there’s some spark of hope (he still wants to skate and he’s trying to figure out what motivated him in the first place).

EPISODE 2: The mood is hopefull but a little bit tense. Yuuri’s giving all he’s got to be fit enough to train with Viktor, but Yurio appears and threatens this hope.

EPISODE 3: The mood is tense but at the end happy. Yuuri and Yurio are fighting for Viktor’s commitment, and Yuuri almost falls back to the state he was at in Episode 1 (thinking he can’t do it, feeling too much pressure and almost having a pannic attack), but this time Viktor is there to watch and support him. He’s not alone anymore, and thus he succeeds. (He’s past the Old World’s Threshold)

EPISODE 4: The mood is hopeful and cheerful, but a bit confused. After defeating Yurio and having all of Viktor’s attention, Yuuri finds himself a bit lost (he’s entered the New World and it’s still too different, so he doesn’t know how to face it). Viktor and Yuuri talk it through and Yuuri comes to terms with what was holding him back in the Thesis (the pressure of disappointing and facing it all alone). Viktor and his family are there now to support him.
-I also want to point out how emotionally intelligent Viktor is for giving Yuuri the Eros routine (AHEM IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE BANQUET AHEM) and Yurio the Agape routine. It’s what both of them needed. Yurio loves people, but not in an inconditional way, maybe because he was hurt before and doesn’t trust anyone anymore, but that won’t make him happy. Yuuri, on the other hand, is just too full of unconditional love for everyone else, always thinking first of ohters instead of himself, but that isn’t healthy. He has to be a little bit more selfish, demand a little bit more and believe he has what’s necessary to make himself worthy. Eros is what Yuuri needed in an emotional way. DESPERATELY. And Viktor saw right through him.

EPISODE 5: The mood is hopeful and a little bit tense. Yuuri is competing with this new found Love and proving he’s worth Viktor’s commitment. We can see for the first time Yuuri’s FS program, which shows the main theme for the whole story (Yuuri’s growth thanks to Love), because now he’s ready to face it and go after it.
-An interesting bit about this episode which foreshadows JJ’s fiasco in episode 11 is when Viktor scolds Yuuri for being too confident and self-centered as to not cheer Minami-kun up. Be more Eros, but don’t be too full of it. Bravo, Viktor. You’re doing something great here.

EPISODE 6: The mood is intense, but determined. Yuuri takes all he’s learned, finds determination in his greed for Viktor’s attention (Eros all around) and ends up first. THIS IS THE MIDPOINT OF THE STORY because it’s episode 6 of 12 duh he’s -apparently- on the opposite side of where he started (”I fight alone but can’t do what I want”). Still, he’s relying too much on other’s support (Viktor’s, mainly) and not so much in himself, so this apparently good feeling is deceiving. Blake Snyder, in his Save the Cat!, states that if the Midpoint is positive, something negative has to happen later (and vice versa), and it explains Episode 9.

EPISODE 7: The mood is quite tense, but at the end it’s greatly joyfull (AND BEAUTIFUL DEAR GOD). Yuuri’s reached what he was looking for, but what now?? For him, the pressure is greater than ever, because he’s reached success once AND because Viktor’s depends on him (that’s what happens when you rely too much on others, I guess). Viktor doesn’t know how to support him this time and they end up having The Fight (Yuuri, you poor thing, I feel you), but Yuuri figures out how to get over it. This makes Viktor prouder of him than ever, not only because Yuuri has stated his love for him but because he’s even stronger than everyone thought. It’s a glimpse of Yuuri’s True Essence. HE can support Viktor AND HIMSELF when the need arises, even if he’s at a loss. Thus The Kiss:

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it)

EPISODE 8: The mood is quite positive. Because of what’s happened in Episode 7, Yuuri is confident enough to perform greatly and be proud of his work (and relationship with Viktor). That’s what really made me think Episode 9 would be salty…

EPISODE 9: The mood is quite depressing.  He’s holding on Viktor for dear life, knowing that he can support him emotionally, but at the end he sees it doesn’t completely work. He’s relying too much on other people, so when Viktor isn’t there he gets afraid of losing him (”He’s going to return to Russia soon”) and the idea of being alone again scares him to the point of not being able to focus. He’s become too dependant for his own good, and even if it has given him strength in the past, it’s not the right choice anymore. He barely makes it into the Finals, so it counts as a crisis. This point of the story stands for what Blake Snyder calls “Whiff of Death”, or what the Tower Arcana means in the Fool’s Journey in Tarot. Before we get into Act 3, there must be something going wrong for the main character to realize they’re deviating from the path that leads to their True Essence. Yuuri decides to end, once and for all, his fear of being alone again and asks Viktor to be by his side until he retires (WELL DONE MY SON).

EPISODE 10 (AKA the most beautiful episode my eyes have ever seen): The mood is calm and hopeful af. But, I have to say, it’s not chronologically in order (that would be some flashbacks from Episode 11). It’s the calm before the storm (clearly), and gives us a hint of hope (their relationship is so stable they even get engaged). Yuuri is not afraid of losing Viktor anymore. Also, the ending tells us A LOT about Yuuri’s True Essence (confident yet kind, commited yet playful).

EPISODE 11: The mood is wrong tense and scaring. Like, the scariest episode of the whole series. Yuuri realizes he’s been only running away from the real problem: by relying too much on Viktor he will never be able to do things on his own. He’s not afraid of his decissions anymore (Viktor says so himself), he’s not afraid of being alone (he’s pretty much ENGAGED, ffs), so… what’s holding him back??? Viktor. As weird as it may sound, it’s true. Well, it’s not Viktor HIMSELF, but what Viktor represents to Yuuri: the Antithesis. The success of his performance relies too much on his relationship with Viktor (thus kissing the rings, and instead of following his fiancé’s advice (enjoying himself while skating) he takes the program as something to secure his relationship and vice versa. But that’s not what it should be about. His performance should be only for himself (Viktor’s words meant this, I think. He was trying to say “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t have to do it for me”, but Yuuri doesn’t get it right). —HENCE YUURI’S LAST WORDS AT THE END OF THE EPISODE— I believe he wasn’t talking about his romantic relationship with Viktor but his professional relationship. They should end this coach-trainee relationship, they don’t need it anymore. It may end up either both of them going solo again or starting a career in pair skating, but they’ll definitely be together. Personally, I think Viktor’s been thinking about pair skating for a while now. Why do I say this? Well… Reason number 1:

There’s something going on in that funny old head of his.He’s got something up his sleeve.

Reason number 2:

The last track of the entire series is Hanarezu ni soba ni ite (”Stay close to me”, AKA Viktor’s song) but in a duet form this time. I’m positive we’ll get some kind of pair skating, even if it’s in an intimate context.

Let’s sum it up a little here. The mood goes like this throughout the series:

EP 1:  a little bit depressing
EP 2:  hopefull but a little bit tense
EP 3:  tense but at the end happy
EP 4:  hopeful and cheerful, but a bit confused
EP 5:  hopeful and a little bit tense
EP 6:  intense, but determined.
EP 7:  tense, but at the end it’s greatly joyfull
EP 8:  quite positive
EP 9:  quite depressing
EP 10:  calm and hopeful af
EP 11:  tense and scaring
EP 12: I’m guessing later…

Do we see a pattern here? Yes, we do. The first two parts (Act 1 and first half of Act 2), are calmer and quieter, and have bits of both salt and sweet. When we get to the second half of Act 2, however, things get heated up, and both the good moments and the bad ones are far more intense. At the last part we’ve been given SOMETHING PRECIOUS OMG one of (if not) the most beautiful scenes in the entire series, along with the scariest moment. Things are exponentially more intense than at the beginning, as it should be if the authors are great storytellers (which they are, mind you). They have to play with the espectator’s emotions, guiding them through an emotional rollercoaster so that it MEANS something to them. If we knew Yuuri would get everything right, there would be no point in telling his story. But the GREAT point here is that we never know if he’s going to do ir right or not. That’s what makes us relate to him. That’s why we want him to actually succeed.

So, what I’m trying to say is, the authors are playing with us. They’re making us nervous and insecure about Yuuri’s future because it will mean A HELLA LOT MORE when he wins (or when he gets a happy ending, anyway). If they showed us in Episode 11 that Yuuri’s getting it all perfectly, we wouldn’t be this concerned about his happiness. They always show the opposite of the final status.

And JJ is a perfect example. I was discussing episode 8 with a friend and we were both like “Yeah, I kind of hate JJ” (I even called it when I said Viktor was repelled by the poor guy) when suddenly it struck me: the authors are making us HATE JJ because he’s the total opposite of Yuuri. Episode 10 clearly stated everyone hated him within the universe in the series. While the initial Yuuri wasn’t in a healthy mind state because he was too extremely selfless, the initial JJ was at the other extreme of the rope (too selfish and egocentric). The difference between them is that Yuuri knows better now and has been actively trying to change, while JJ has remained the same throughout the series. This is a way storytellers tell their audience “See that? It’s not good. You have to find balance in your life. If you don’t try, you’ll end up burning yourselves”.

I do believe we’ll get a happy ending. I’m POSITIVE. Not because I believe in Kubo-sensei (which I do) or something like that. It’s all about storytelling.

So let’s all calm down and remember how effin’ happy they where while dancing together at that banquet. That’s how it’s gonna end, babies.

(A sketchy fanart of that scene for some extra cheering up!)

She thinks about the things that have hurt her and then she thinks about beauty and how little of it she sees in even beautiful things. She wonders if people who’ve been hurt more see more beauty. She wonders how a few strung-together words can seem so meaningful when she doesn’t believe them at all.
—  Mary Miller, from “Instructions,” Always Happy Hour: Stories
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24 Hour Fatness

             Heading home for the holidays wasn’t something I was looking forward to initially. My family’s a drag, my old friends’ lives seem to revolve around the small town drama, and everyone there is just so… skinny. To be honest I’ve always preferred my men on the chunkier side, and by that I mean just about as big as I can get them. Nothing gets me going more than see a big fat gut hanging out of a snug shirt. And I knew my hometown just wouldn’t be able to give that to me.

At least that’s what I thought before I arrived.

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Sunrise over Reunion Island, clouds lapping against the mountain like waves