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It’s been a year since had been launched and I’ve seen some great stories over the months! Here are a couple of my favorites. 

  1. Don’t Blink: This story was one of the first stories posted and is by far the most popular. It’ll eat up your paranoia. 
  2. Don’t Say Its Name: This story really hits home for most people. It’s written beautifully. 
  3. Application Process: This story is creative and has a stunning twist at the end.
  4. My sister was murdered and she won’t shut up about it: You gotta love those creepy twin stories
  5. Picture This: Another story posted early on that was wildly popular
  6. As you wish: A play on the devil that you just have to read it
  7. All attention on me: This is another story that hits hard and I’m sure many of us can relate to
  8. Stop writing sixpenceee stories: If you love the concept of parallel universes then this story is the one for you
  9. The walls sweat: A horror story that’s strangely sweet at the end
  10. My dog loves pumpkins: This story wouldn’t be complete without a halloween classic and this one involves dogs!

These stories all come from YOU guys! So be sure to enter the upcoming bi-monthly contests! I read through the forum daily to choose stories to post on here!

“Every so often, you hear stories on the news about a toddler who somehow manages to start the family car and drive the vehicle across town, where the law finally apprehends him—and it’s almost always a him—before too much damage has taken place,” Barry Blitt, the artist behind this week’s cover, says. “As to why this would come to mind on the week of our new President’s Inauguration … I have no idea!” – The New Yorker