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the greatest and most ridiculous moment of my life thus far was when I was like eleven and I was at the Louvre museum in Paris, wearing this red dress and a black beret because I was a sweet summer child and also cute as hell, and I saw some DaVinci paintings and straight up almost cried over them, and then the museum was almost closing and I was running through the lobby to go to the giftshop and buy a Mona Lisa postcard for my bedroom wall, and as I was running a couple of teenage boys spotted my beret-wearing self and exclaimed “look at her! she’s wearing that hat! she’s French!” which was fantastic bc 1) we were in France surrounded by French people, but they spotted a very much American girl and decided that the hat meant I was French and they were SO THRILLED BY THIS and bc 2) movie directors can only dream of moments that pure and ridiculous and amazing

Return to the Halls of Fire: 2/2

[A story of Felo’thore returning to his fire dueling grounds- backdated a few weeks. @ocarina-of-what and @spiral-seeker @emberfallen & @cynfuldax @curiouslich @sparklepriest for Underbelly mage-duel stuff.] [PART 1 HERE]

The overseer in his ivory robes and pointed shoulders stepped out to the floor, droning the rules in a cryptic manner as the woman in the opposing golden mask stared at Felo'thore as a hungered predator would. “Lanternire and Felore. Unlimited spell. Masquerade. One apprentice, thirty seconds. Begin when the final torch lights.”

Unlimited spell meant a gray area of things that nearly all of these duels took advantage of, namely spell-steals and breaks for as much mana as the casters’ stamina held out for. Masquerade was simply the goal of the duel exists to ‘deface’ the opponent successfully by means of combat. It added insult to the loss of a match, for now the failure was pinned with a face and an identity. Because duels were often impassioned with crowd support, the rules of Apprentice were forged in such a way that a duelist was given half a minute of allied assistance within combat- usually to burst down their opponents by ganging up two on one at critical moments in the fight.

The torches around the square lit one by one, and as Felo'thore’s heart began to race with anticipation, he recited his plan to the paladin quietly in their mind link. “Come to my aid when I call for it. I need you at the right moment, Adrianal, if we are to succeed without either of us getting hurt.”

The masked paladin nodded, an assuring hum given in response.

As the final torch blossomed to life, the heat from Felo'thore’s core forked like lightning to his fingertips and the soles of his feet as a ribbon of his signature saffron flame circled around him on the floor, swelling like a loyal and ferocious creature.

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Which of the five JoJo parts do you think had the best climax?

Stardust Crusaders, by a mile. 

Your mileage may vary, but I went into Part 3 having already seen Dio’s Stand in action, thanks to clips of the OAV circulating on the internet circa 2007.  Of course, these clips only showed Dio winning, while the other characters were completely outclassed. 

And I got about a dozen episodes into Part 3 before I recognized that this was the same story.  The underlying tension of the entire arc was that they would have a hard enough time just getting to Dio, and they still had no idea what his Stand was or how they would defeat it.  But I knew, and I knew these guys were fighting their way across Asia to meet certain doom. 

Finally, Jotaro gets to find out what I’ve known all along, and his reaction is:

Really, this image sums up the entire arc.  The Stardust Crusaders knew all along that they were headed for a debacle.  Three of them had met Dio before and were justifiably afraid of him.  Joseph had heard about Dio from his grandmother, and had seen firsthand what vampires were capable of even without Stands.  And Jotaro was frightened of the destructive power of his own Stand when the story began.  But there was no turning back.  The only way out of this mess was to defeat Dio.  They might have lost in Egypt, but they certainly wouldn’t win in Japan.   They couldn’t beat the shit of him unless they got closer

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what are your other favorite nova scenes??

Human Torch #5

This one definitely my favorite. I love how it shows a progression – the initial effort it takes to absorb an inferno, giving way to a kind of tranquility. It’s set towards the end of a storyline that’s all about Johnny’s relationship with his powers, so it’s just a really nice scene.

Also it has a really good look at the limitations of what Johnny can do:

Fantastic Four #600

Whatever Happened to Johnny Storm picks up where Ben’s last glimpse of Johnny in #587 left off, facing off against an army. The whole thing is like, my favorite Johnny story of all time, but the Nova scene is great, especially for the split-second where Johnny actually thinks he’s won:

I love 1) the hopelessness of it all and 2) the fact that he immediately tries to go Nova again.

Bonus from the Ultimate Universe:

Ultimate Fallout #1

Johnny being a literal supernova of grief after Peter’s death.

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I hope after S1 the boring maple syrup blood feud is gone. Like its one of the most weakest plots ever, and Hal not letting go of the blood feud for his family, makes him look like a even bigger dick. I mean maple syrup is more important to him, than his own family?

Really??? I fucking LOVE the Maple Syrup Blood Feud! It is literally my second favorite story line after Bughead. And the whole idea is syrup was his legacy and he wanted all that $$$$. I strongly suspect, BTW, that the Coopers (or maybe a different family) will be in control of it soon, anyway…

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Everyone on here who is close to their crush (including you) is so cute. Like they have all these adorable moments with them (cuddling, snap chatting, movies, etc.) and reading the stories is my 2nd favorite thing of my day


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11 and 14 SWTOR asks

Aw thanks ^^

11. Which expansions did you like the most, and which ones did you dislike?

I really liked Kotfe…I liked the reunions,becoming the outlander and being chased by Arcann and leading this secret organization. :))

14. Favorite planet story arc?

ah..Dromund Kaas,really :D I liked joining the revanites and NOT turning them in,i always choose that option lol.

Batman Plus Arsenal (1997) #1

It is time. 

So this is actually one of my favorite Batman stories of all time. And it also just happens to be one of my favorite Roy Harper stories of all time. 

This is sincerely a great team up issue and INCREDIBLY underrated and is another one of those examples of how Devin Grayson’s early DC work really is above standard in many many ways. It makes me curious what the difference ultimately was between these issues and a lot of her later stuff. 

Regardless, this is a really fun story and if you can check it out yourself, I highly recommend it. The art by Rodolfo Damaggio is brilliant and the characters are actually really on key the whole time. It’s just a blast.

Get it. bc there’s an explosion on the cover.

Comic N-044 “Roswell’s that ends well”

It’s okay if you haven’t listened to the DnD podcast The Adventure Zone yet, but you’re doing yourself a disservice, if you don’t check out @nedhugar ‘s gorgeous Roswell design.

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«Io penso che l’amore sia un sacrificio sociale. E tu puoi dirmi che non è vero, ma questo è quello che ho visto. Mi guardo intorno ed è pieno di gente divorziata, di storie d’amore franate e io come faccio a stare con una persona e a credere che non finirò anch’io tra quelle macerie?»
«Io penso che un tuo bacio può valere le macerie in cui forse un giorno mi lascerai.»
—  Giulia Carcasi, Io sono di legno.

Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”

I thought you were a good person but you messed up and you used me and you still don’t remember when my birthday is and you never even knew my middle name. And you tricked me into thinking you wanted the same things as me and you acted like you cared about what I was doing on the weekends and how my sister’s classes were but I don’t think you really cared about anything at all. And there’s a lot I should have said to you but the only thing I want you to know now is that none of that was okay but I am.

do you ever think about how hoseok is one of the first couple of members to join bts?? and how he worked his butt off for years as an underground dancer?? and got called out repeatedly for not being good looking enough and still stayed positive and happy and the mood maker?? how he’s so talented at rapping and dancing and is the golden hyung??? and now is an integral part of such a massive band????