story book church

Andrea del Verrocchio (1435-1488)
“Christ and St. Thomas” (1467–1483)
Located at the Orsanmichele, Florence, Italy

The sculpture depicts the episode that gave rise to the term “Doubting Thomas.” During which Thomas the Apostle had doubted the resurrection of Jesus and had to feel the wounds that had been inflicted during his crucifixion for himself, in order to be convinced that it was really Jesus who had risen from the dead (John 20:24-29).

We need to remind ourselves that we are not a social club - we are the Church. Our community has to be more than just nice people behaving nicely together in nice coffee shops, discussing nice spiritual things. It’s been said that the unique thing about the Church is that it’s the only organization that exists primarily for the benefit of its NON-members.
—  Campfire Stories // Rend Collective
Goblin Headcanon 101

Recently, because of my obsession with Radio Shows, it hit me that Goblins are most likely a Radio culture. What I mean is that every culture has it’s way of sharing and spreading stories. Humans have books and church and probably some plays. Dwarves have bars and songs (you can’t convince me that dwarves don’t have a metric ton of ballads both bawdy and non) and the museum. Orcs, Tauren and Trolls are all probably very focused on a verbal tradition of story telling. I would bet good money Blood Elves have some of the best plays in Azeroth and some Operas too.

So, what do Goblins have?

Radio. The rich have souped up cars with multiple stations. There are presumably enough cars to have a gas station and they have the trikes which I imagine have their own radio too. Radios are pretty cheap technology by Azerothian standards with it being given out for various missions even among races that aren’t as technologically advanced or focused as Goblins. And goblins don’t have a strong enough middle class to support television being popular, and radio is small and portable.

Picture people in the slums crowding around the tent of the guy with the nicest radio with the best reception for the weekly Radio Story. Picture people shouting at the actions of characters while getting their hair cut at the barber as the voice actors play out the recent drama. PICTURE A GOBLIN VERSION OF THE OLD SUPERMAN RADIO DRAMA.

I am really invested in this headcanon and I have only had it for a day.