Have You Seen This Painting of A Hallway?

By reddit user wdalphin

I got this package in the mail from my dad: brown paper wrapping, large but flat, with the word “FRAGILE” written on it in black ink. When I unwrapped it, it was this big, acrylic painting, framed in some sort of bronze-gilded plaster.

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You see, there’s this guy. He is…out of this world. I’ve never met someone so handsome, so caring and so loving in my life. He is sweet to everyone around him and to me. He treats me like I am worth something…like I am meant to be here. He makes me feel more confident with his words and his actions. “You’re beautiful”, he says. He gives me the most welcoming and comforting hugs I could ever think of, but his kisses? Oh, they give me butterflies. I wake up every morning, wondering how I was lucky enough to meet such a perfect human being.
—  12:05 a.m.
But of all the things I have ever known
and all of the places that I have been shown,
there is nothing here like you, my love,
that makes it feel like home.
—  Beatrice Marie
You said I was your dream girl. I guess you finally woke up, huh?


Just like how you forgot your dreams, you forgot me. 

“I want you back.” he declared. “Please.”

“Why now?” She can see the hesitation in his eyes. Perhaps he expected her to just drop everything and run towards his open arms, no questions asked.

“I know now what life is without you and I don’t like it, ” he reasoned, “I want you back.”

“Just leave.”

“Please baby. Don’t you love me anymore?” He begged.

“I still do. But I know now how my life is without you. And as hard as it is, I’m better off without you.” And with that, she left and closed that chapter of her life, for good.

—  Rising from the ashes / d.a.p
I changed my name so you wouldn't be able to look me up.

When I was four my dad forgot me at the mall. He said it was because I was a wanderer, always leaving his side undetected, to look at something shiny. He wasn’t the observant type, though; my brother was always the one having to point out my dad had lost thirty pounds. Dad said they looked for me, but I still doubt it. He managed to drive home, make lunch, and have a nap before he realised there was only one kid to wake up.

I didn’t miss them at first. I followed a nice family around for a little bit - they bought me a hotdog. I sat beside a girl who gave me a pack of stickers. I was offered a cat from a strange older man, but I declined. I was taught to not take things from strangers, and that seemed like a good place to draw the line.

I started to think something was off when the crowds started to thin out, and I had lapped the mall twice. The sun didn’t seem to be hanging as high as the clouds anymore, and either the air conditioning had been turned up, or the temperature had dropped.

Dad said they went to security first. That security lectured him for being a bad parent. That a parent who loved their kids would have noticed a missing child before the five hour mark. Dad said he laughed in his face. I probably would have as well.

Dad found me on a bench outside, but I didn’t notice him at first. The sun was just beginning to kiss the tree tops. The sky was changing from the blue in my brothers eyes, to the oranges we had at home, and I wondered if anyone could have the sun change their eyes like that. Maybe that’s how people fall in love - in between the changing of day to night.

At least that’s how I fell in love with the sky.

February 8th, 2015

That’s the day you walked up and left, I could write a heartbreaking story with fancy words that can make people feel my pain when they read this, but I’m not, most people talk about heartbreaks as if it ruined them, and trust me, I’ve been ruined before you, the difference with you was that when you left, I could have stayed in bed for days crying, sleeping, screaming like last time, but instead I pulled myself together and tried to be everything you had always wanted me to be, in hopes that you would see my progress and maybe even come back, and you did, many times, I kept paying attention to the times you would come back but I wouldn’t pay attention to the times you had to leave me over and over again to come back. You always knew what to say and what gestures to do to make me stay and wait for you, I waited for a year, only to realize that you’re never coming back, not permanently anyways. I was so caught up on living my life the way you wanted and not the way I wanted. Everyone close to me talks about how they’re proud of who I am now and how I’m doing better than I did two years ago, but what they don’t know is that none of this progress was for me, it was all for you, and I lost myself along the way. Except, to you, I was still this girl who was struggling and was never good enough for you, and you always made that clear, you always made me feel like the bad guy and you did such a good fucking job at making me believe that when in reality, everything was your fault. Even though you left multiple times, you never really did fully let me go and that’s why I was so attached to your promises and lies. I really thought that when this day would come, I would still be so in love with you and I thought I would wait for you forever, but it’s time for me to let that go and let you go. Today, I can say I am no longer in love with you and I could say how I hate you and wish I never met you but I’m glad I met you, I’m glad I went through all of this the past year because you made me fall in love with life and how beautiful it really is, you made me realize that sometimes I don’t need someone to love me and all I really need is to love myself, so I’m thanking you for leaving me a year ago, I’m thanking you for making me realize that I don’t need to dwell on others for my happiness, but to dwell on myself for it. I just hope you’re ready to let me go too because I’m never looking back because I don’t love you anymore, and it is such a relief to be able to say those words out loud that I repeated it five times before screaming at the top of my lungs with tears of joy..

February 8th, 2016

The day where I can say I no longer love you

The Cold Scorpion boy and the kind Pisces girl

“Hey, you know she likes you, why do you have to be so cold to her?” Sagittarius asks as he eyes at Pisces as we walk through the school corridor.
“Why do I have to be kind to her just because she likes me?” I counter.
Sag stares at me puzzled and gives up telling, “Whatever man, but you’re not like yourself.”
“And what makes you think you know what I’m like?” I snicker.
“You know I hate this part of you.” He spits as he enters his class.
I know.
I enter my class as well and get myself seated on my seat.
First class is…
Our physics sir enters into the class.
Ah- my book.
“‘I’ll share!!” Pisces nearly yells next to my ear. I look at her vexed.
“Sorry” she whispers.
“I’m fi-” I begin but she’s already connected our tables.
“Do whatever.” I sigh.
In between the class, I notice her scribble something in the corner of her book. “Can we be friends?”
“Concentrate” I scribble back.
She pouts as she slips the pencil back into her pouch.
I know I’m being cold.
Once the class gets over, I swiftly pick up my bag and leave.
“At least tell thanks, you jerk!” I hear a rough voice from behind.
“Aries! Don’t say that!” Pisces whines back at her.
“I told you not to fall for assholes like him.”
If I were her I’d warn her too.
I feel the whole class’s eye on me.
“He’s not an asshole!” She screams.
I think this is the first time I’ve actually heard her say a curse word.
“And what makes you say that?” I ask with a smile as I turn back.
“My feelings!” She yells at me.
Feelings!? I stare at her with a dissorted expression.
“I just feel it!” Her voice lowers as she begins to cry.
I can feel the whole class glaring at me.
So wow, I’ve become the bad guy.
I ignore them and continue walking out of class.
“Wait!” I hear her voice.
I turn around to see Pisces running to me like she’s literally hunting me.
“I know you’re kind!”
“What you saw me help a cat?” I ask sarcastically.
“No, you helped me .”
She shoves onto my chest a middle school physics book.
“You gave this to me!! In eight grade!” She yells in between tears.
“You were such a good kid and I know you still are!”
My cheeks become red in embarrassment.
“Shu-shut up!”
Oh my God, so she knows of my dark history!?
“And your favorite ice cream is strawberry, you used to talk to me everyday about-” she begins as I shut her mouth with both my hands.
I’m not the same anymore.
“I just don’t want to taint you.” I whisper.
I don’t want you to become like me.
“I don’t want to be responsible if you turn dark.”
She tears my hands off her mouth and yells as she holds my collar, “Even I can be bad!”
She forces her lips upon mine as her hands pushes me against the locker.
She’s so small yet so-!!
My face becomes bright red.
“I didn’t mean bad in that way!” I scream at her as I pull her lips off me.
“Then I’ll just turn you good.” She tells as she smiles wiping her tears.
I stare back at her blankly.
How could she change me with just one sentence?
“You’re so unbelievably good that I don’t even doubt it.” I smile back at her.
Sagittarius and Aries walk in shaking their heads sideways.
“You two better apologise to us for all the trouble.”


Black Cat: Part 1}
 — Meow! —

Prostitution and thievery sure has It’s FLAWS , but nothing is flawless unless Its expensive. Quit It Felicia ; new town , new rules. As Midnight approaches I have the urge , the urge to take whats not mine. 
I thought the DRUGS wouldve helped me. Help stop the diamonds call But Ecstasy changes my luck for the worst. I’m still the most wanted woman. Plus the neon lights, the hallucinating beat the LATEX. The lustful trance! It only makes my nails want to scratch at It’s rightful post. 
Maybe Its the attention I need , a man to take home , a man for the NIGHT.


TWEEK: I’m happy for you.
CRAIG: Tweek…
TWEEK: And Craig?
CRAIG: Yeah?
TWEEK: You don’t hate me, do you? Because, ngh, I would totally understand if you did!
TWEEK: I promised you and I’m not 

TWEEK: Thank you.
TWEEK: I’d rather have you not wait for me and just ask someone else, b-but… I’m glad you don’t hate me.
CRAIG: Idiot. *smiles*