Never Again

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I was seventeen when she came. I’d been living with my abusive mother for seventeen long, painful years. It was around midnight, and my mother was already asleep, so when the three soft raps at the front door came it was me who answered. An odd looking little girl stood there, with cheeks pale and colorless, blonde hair in braided pigtails, pink dress torn a little at the hem, feet bare and turning slightly blue from the cold of winter, and black eyes. Fathomless, deep black eyes. I quickly let her in, thinking of how horridly underdressed she was. It wasn’t until later I’d wonder why she’d not been shivering, or even question as to why she was here in the first place. I got her into the living room, wrapping her little form in a thick afgan my grandmother knitted. She held it, though it didn’t seem to affect her, and I smiled.

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IN 1959 a geologist left this message in a bottle near a glacier in northern Canada asking anyone who found it to measure the distance between the bottle and the end of the glacier. In 1959 the glacier was only 4 feet from the location of the bottle. When this message was found the glacier had retreated and was now 33 feet from the bottle. Unfortunately, the geologist who left the message had passed away and never learned that the bottle was re-found.

Taylor and Calvin find it hard to spend together because of their busy schedules- especially when it comes to being intimate. As difficult as it is, Taylor finds it hard to control herself. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it was something that made her feel closer to him. One day, when the wait becomes too much, Taylor surprises Calvin when he gets home from his gig- wearing almost nothing. How will Calvin react to this and will he be able to give Taylor the intimacy she’s been craving for?

Word Count- 6256

Warning- Mature content!

How Deep Is Your Love- Tayvin One shot

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True love

Growing up, I always thought love was red roses, dates on Saturday nights, little black boxes that changed your life and always having the perfect thing to say. I used to think love was kissing in the pouring rain, deep moments and the PERFECT story. But now that Im older i realize, it’s not like that at all. Love for me is sending ugly snapchats (it’s 2015, get with it) and showing your partner off no matter how embarrassing they might be at that very moment. True love is singing (and tragically rapping) at the top of your lungs to your favorite songs despite the fact that you sound like tortured elephants. It’s saying all the wrong things at all the wrong moment and still loving each other no matter what. It’s sarcasm (at the worst timing) and being honest with each other, even when it hurts. It’s late night conversations, no matter how long of a day you’ve had because you know at that very moment the person you love needs you more than ever. It’s no makeup and bad hair, trying to study together but fail because you get distracted and end up watching YouTube videos. It’s tears, lots of it. Tears of laughter, joy, anger and pain. Nothing like you’ve ever read in a storybook when you were little. It’s never running out of things to talk about no matter how pointless or disturbing the conversation is. It’s being comfortable sitting in silence because at least they’re right there with you. It’s doing crazy things for each other and getting mad over stupid things. It’s knowing the little things about one another like how they scratch their nose with three fingers when they try to hide their smile. Its telling each other everything and loving them for their imperfections. It’s their smile that lights up your world, it’s true love. So maybe you can tell me I’m too young to know what love is or that I’m too young to know who I want to be with forever. But I’m not too young to know how I feel, and I’m telling you I’m in love with my best friend.


My beautiful big sister, and brand new brother in law on their wedding day. 7/19/2015

I’m posting this on Tumblr to remember this special event, and to share a little story. 
My sister met Kim on Halloween night in 2009. He was a Norwegian transfer student going to her University for only one semester. After spending that time together they realized that although thousands of miles separated them physically, that they were determined to not give up on what they had.
4 years of staying connected only by skype, letters, and seeing each other only a handful of times each year. 2013 came around and my annoyingly indecisive sister decided to move to Europe to be with him. I didn’t let it show, but I was devastated and scared. All my life she had literally been living no more than 20 minutes away from me. & Even though I’m her little sister, and growing up we were at each others necks, I am very overprotective of her. I didn’t want her to be somewhere that I couldn’t reach her even if I wanted to. I was afraid that she’d get her heart broken. Up to that point, I was never able to form a trusting bond with him because he did live so far away. So, when I felt like he was taking my sister away from me I basically gave him this look of “ I don’t care if you’re 6′6 and built like a NFL player, hurt her and I will mow your ass down, sucker”. But to my surprise; he is a gentle, nerdy, docile giant. One who I have grown to care for just as much as I do for my sister. I am so happy for them to start their future together, and that I got to be a part of their celebration. 

So, If you are in a long distance relationship or going into one with doubts, please know that with effort and commitment to one another, it is entirely possible to make it work. <3

and if you are as protective of your siblings as I am mine, please try to be accepting of their partners. Even if you don’t immediately click with them, know that there is something special that your sister/brother likes about them. Take a chance and get to know them. They might turn out to be a really kick ass new member of your family :)

[Trivia] Jaejoong as a Kid Had His Arm Pop Out of Its Socket (T_T)


Some readers here know the story already– When Jaejoong was a kid, a foreigner who was playing with him (probably because JJ was so cute) was too rough with him and ended up dislocating Jaejoong’s shoulder.

Below is a fan-made cartoon that parodies the incident.


Below: The actual story was told on a radio station a few years back. Here is the the radio and the translation of the transcript:

JJ: (At the MC’s prompting) Yes, I have a story (to tell).

JJ: I’ve actually had quite a few incidents and accidents (growing up)… So, behind my house, there was a Presbyterian church… where many foreigners would come and evangelize… Because I was young when I saw these foreigners… when I saw blond hair, I just thought they were American. So (one day) I went “wow, an American~!” and I went about playing in the church—so I was playing in the church, and… (at that time) I was really small. And (then the blond man) took my hand and he started to spin me around, to play with me (for my sake). So (for me) it was just so much fun… so it was so much fun, but suddenly… he… suddenly powered up! As the speed went up, my head started to hurt, and I slowly couldn’t see anything. And then, at that moment, “pop,” my right arm went out (of my joints)! And the man, he went “oh, sorry” and ‘the end’. That was the end, and for me, I carried about as if nothing was wrong, and went “ow…” and just went home. (Mom said) “Jaejoong, what’s wrong?” (I said) “Mom, this (my arm) won’t move. So then I put on a cast.

^^… Jaejoong must have been a very cute kid <3…

Radio Source: Daum
Cartoon (Secondary) Source: DC TVXQ Gallery, 백년해로님.
Video Creation and Transcript Translation Credit: JYJ3