My Sister Never Cried

When we were kids and she fell, scraping her knee, she would just giggle.

“I’mma get a band-aid, a pink one!” she said.

When her first long-term boyfriend dumped her, she laughed and offered me her arm as we made our way home.

“Guess this means we’re the hottest single chicks in school again.” she whispered gleefully into my ear, making me laugh, too.

When she had to go to the doctor for additional check-ups, she was excited.

“Maybe I have something totally unknown and they’ll name it after me, how cool would that be?”

The leukemia was hard on her, but she never complained, even though she was in pain. Sometimes I would cry upon seeing her all wired up, but she would always crack a joke to make me feel better.

Even at the very end, when we could do nothing but cry, she still managed a small smile, stroking my cheek with her weak hand.

“Don’t worry,” she said softly, “we will meet in heaven. I know it.”

I’m not a particular religious person, but my sister made me believe in heaven.

Which is making this so much harder.

You see, I’ve begun hearing my sister at night. She’s sobbing, quietly at first. And then, she lets out this lengthy, heart-wrenching wail. A sound of that kind someone might make falling off a cliff or being dragged into the woods by some horror. Devoid of all hope.

I want to believe in heaven, I really do.

But if heaven is real… somehow, my sister didn’t make it.

Confession:  Story time! When I was doing my second run through of Inquisition, I romanced Iron Bull again. Right after I got the final love scene, we got a visitor on my porch. This really fluffy cat had just strolled up and was the biggest lover boy. The funny thing? He had a messed up left eye! The coincidence could not have been any better so whenever she is around I call her Hissrad.

pic: the iron bull cat sitcker by wonderawhile

Two Little Lines

I stared down at the piece of white plastic in my hand in numb horror. Two little blue lines. Two lines meant the test was positive. I didn’t even have to look at the box to know that much.

Oh god, I wasn’t ready for this.

Ryan was going to be a dad.

I loved him, probably more than anyone ever could love someone, and he loved me. He was my soulmate, but neither of us were ready for this. Having a baby meant growing up; it meant more responsibilities, getting married, the whole nine yards.

I fell back onto the toilet seat and just stared at the test in my hand. Almost forgetting to breathe as I clutched the test harder, as if breaking the white stick would change the test results. No… Neither of us were ready for this.

Ryan was pretty much still a kid at heart, going drinking almost every weekend, playing videogames and the likes. He wasn’t ready for all that responsibility.

A baby was a tiny human being! You couldn’t just leave it at home to go drinking, or spend all night playing videogames when you had a baby. It needed care and constant attention. There was no way Ryan or I could handle what that meant.

Finally dropping the test in the trash bin by the sink, I washed my shaking hands and stumbled into the kitchen for a glass of water to deal with the shock. Still trying to figure out how to deal with this. For Ryan’s sake as much as my own.

I still didn’t have any clear answers as I shuffled towards the bedroom, still in shock. How was I going do this? How do you deal with something monumental? What do you do? What do you say?

My hand was shaking as I reached out and slowly opened the bedroom door, unshed tears in my eyes. Ryan was sleeping, but he woke up as I entered the room. He’d always been such a light sleeper. He ran his hand over his face in that adorable way he sometimes did when he was tired and had trouble focusing.

“Daniel? What the hell are you doing in my house man?” Ryan asked me groggily. Sleep still evident in his voice as he tried to keep whispering to not wake the bitch sleeping next to him.

I acted quickly, it was the only way. Ryan wasn’t ready to have a baby with that bitch.

Ryan, beautiful Ryan, wasn’t supposed to be a family man. Crossing the short distance from the door to the bed I lifted the knife and aimed it downward, slashing the throats of Ryan and his bitch. Red staining the sheets immediately as the little family ended before it begun.

It hurt me more than it did him, to lose my soulmate, my one true love. It broke my heart, but it was for the best.

Ryan wasn’t ready to be a dad, I just knew it.


I walk him to the front of the house, the light flicks on and I know Kit’s watching us. 

As we stop in front of the door Bentley pulls my body close to his, close enough I can feel his heart pounding away in his chest and smell the mint on his breath. 

He licks his lips and I know he’s going to kiss me and I want it, but I cant let him drag me into his shit again. I want him now just like I did last year, but I want it to be right and if we kiss right now it will be so far from it. 

“Please don’t kiss me,” I beg.”Please don’t make me the other girl again.” 

“You’ve never been the other girl Em.”He smiles but its wrong, it’s a sad smile, one I’ve never seen on his face before. 

His hands fall to his sides, slowly he leans in and I close my eyes, I’m way too weak for this but he doesn’t kiss me on the lips, feather soft his lips brush against my forehead. 

“I’ll call you soon.” He calls over his shoulder as he walks to his car. 

Your Thing

Prologue: The doll and the ritual

    It was a dark night, the kind you expect to find on a normal, sleepless night. The moon was barely just a sliver in the sky and it was cold out, autumn slowly changing winter, but Vince wasn’t thinking about the cold. Vince was inside with Darren, Oak, and Vinny, spending time together before Oak left for the Astralscape. But that’s when Vince thought of something…  "Hey guys?“ Vince asked, “do you wanna play a game?”  He caught their attention before pulling out a single paper doll.

   "You… wanna play with paper dolls?“ Darren asked, a bit confused by the doll itself. “No, just this one, we need it for the game we’re about to play.” “But you haven’t said what the game was brother,” Vinny said, curious about the doll. He felt like he’s seen it before, but from where he did not remember. Vince grinned, “It’s called Sachiko Ever After. Sometimes when I helped some kids out, they said that they were going to play this game with their friends when they woke up.” “Did they say what the rules were?” Oak said, greatly intrigued. “Yes, they did and they actually told me like it was a shopping list or something,” Vince said and held out another piece of paper with the rules written on it

  • 1. Carefully use your scissors to cut out the paper Sachiko charm.
  • 2. With the friends whom you wish to be bonded with forever, grasp firmly onto the paper charm. Anywhere is fine.
  • 3. Take count of the number of people present, then, once you have count, say “Sachiko, we beg of you!” in your head once for each person present. You need not say it aloud.
  • 4. Once you have finished chanting, take firm hold of the charm and rip it. Each person MUST tear off a scrap.
  • 5. Each person must keep hold of their scrap. Take care not to lose it. Place it into a student ID holder or something similar. Treat it with utmost care.
  • Warning: respect Sachiko’s spirit

   As Oak and Vinny look over the list, Vince asked Darren if he knew if anyone else was coming over. “Just F.T., Sheriff, and Sasalina really. I wonder where they a-” Sheriff kicked down the door, startling everyone in the and then announcing in a loud voice, “We’re here, sorry we’re late, we had to drag F.T. out of his house!” Sasalina scolded Sheriff for destroying the door and had him apologize for it while Father Time just seemed extremely annoyed to be there with Sheriff. “Good timing,” Vince, “We were just about to start playing a game.”

   After Vince explained the rules to everyone, they all gathered around the paper doll in a circle, their hands holding a part of the doll. “Everyone ready?” Everyone in the room nodded. “Ok,” Vince took a deep breath and then said, “Sachiko, we beg you!” Then Darren, Vinny, Oak, Sheriff, Sasalina, and F.T. repeated after the other said it. Then they pulled the doll apart, each of them getting a piece to keep. Just when they thought that it was over and that they could find something else to do, the ground started to shake violently.

   Oak started to panic and Vinny quickly pulled her close to him just as the ceiling fan fell out of the ceiling, dangling by electrical cords and still spinning. Sasalina shouted, “Everyone get away from the center!” The floorboards beneath them started to break, some falling into a deep dark hole that seemed to appear out nowhere under Darren’s home. The wooden floor groaned loudly under the stress and collapsed under everyone. “Vince,” Darren cried out in fear as he started to fall, Vince falling right next to him. Darren couldn’t hear Vince’s responding cry over the collective screams of everyone else as they all fell into the dark.


{I’d like to thank vincethedreamscaper for sending back a copy of what I submitted to them in an attempt to RP}


“nature’s hungry dad!” the little bitch whines.

she’s 4 years old and she should know how to form logical sentences by now.

“shush. go to sleep,” i grumble.


“SHH,” i hiss.

my daughter’s face crumples into a cry and i roll my eyes and sigh- here it comes. a shrill, squeaky scream- same as always- pierces my fucking eardrums for the millionth time this week.

i have custody of my kids this week- or i was fucking SUPPOSED to, i guess. i wanted to take them camping at the lake to teach my boy to fish. but he bitched and moaned at the last minute about wanting to stay over at his friends house. bullshit. he’s just gonna play the video games his mom bought him and jerk off. diane raised him to be a fucking pussy. i’m the one who’s gotta teach him to be a man. a boy needs his father.

so now i’m stuck with the youngest, camping alone on a lake. she won’t stop crying about nature.

“nature’s…nature’s hun- hungry, daddy-y-yyyy,” she chokes out in sobs and sniffles.

“YOU’RE FOUR YEARS OLD, PRINCESS. speak like FUCKING grown up, please. fricking, sorry.” she wails and screeches again. “why are you crying?! nature is just trees! it’s not hungry!”

“IT IS HUNGRY!!!!” she screams at frequencies that could kill a man (and god i wish they would already), “IT’S HUNGRY! they said it’s hungry!”

“‘THEY’ WHO?? we are ALONE, catherine!” i snap at her.

“the plants and animals!!” she insists.

im trying to collect myself but she’s testing me so hard. i can feel my last nerve tearing and i’m about to fucking lose it. what were those anger management chants again? fuck.

“catherine. princess. stop making up FUCKING stories, shut the fuck up, go to sleep,” i say, my voice shaking with rage already. i can’t put up with this much more.

“the animals TOLD me it’s HUNGR-”

“GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP! NOW!” i roar, for the sake of my sanity. it is well past 2 am, i have been in the woods all day setting up a tent by myself while maintaining a 4 year old bitch who’s just like her mom, and i can’t fish because she wants to swim and 'talk to the fish.’ fucking idiot. she gets this shit from her mother.

a crunch in the woods interrupts my train of thought and catherine’s crying subsides. she runs to unzip the windows, and moonlight floods the tent.

“the animals! daddy, look! the animals!” she yells.

“yes, there are animals in the woods and they’ll eat you if they see you. so sit down,” i warn her.

“no, no, daddy, they’re saying it’s you!” she says, turning toward me.

“it’s not gonna be me, cuz i’m not the asshole standing up and shouting. they can’t see me,” my voice grows more aggressive.

“they’re looking at you though! their eyes are glowing and they’re looking at you and they told me it’s you! they said it’s hungry!!!”

i reach out to grab her ankle. “SIT THE FUCK-”

-she scrambles out the window before i can reach her. suddenly, the moonlight creeps away as a darkness sets in. no, wait, this is more than dark. i can see the darkness approaching through the tent screen- it shines through like light. no, like the opposite of light- this is… a true void. it closes in around me,

and swallows me whole.