Feng Shui and the leftovers of my marriage

Feng Shui and the leftovers of my marriage

According to the teachings of Feng Shui one should only own the things one needs and only surround oneself with things one loves. Having a room in a depot somewhere is a no-no, because the things one would have there is considered being stuff one doesn’t really need anyway and ought to give away or sell.

I don’t really know that much about Feng Shui, but I do understand the necessity of…

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Meet Spencer, UW Intern and Storrage User!

Spencer is a business major at the University of Washington who lives off-campus in a 7 bedroom house, along with 6 other roommates. Studying business, with a focus on entrepreneurship, has led Spencer to accept a student internship here at Storrage, where he has been an important facilitator in the first ever UW Challenge.

We talked to Spencer about the challenge and his experience with Storrage…

What is the UW Challenge?

“The UW Challenge is a “do good” challenge for the Greek Community that gives fraternities and sororities a chance to win $500 for their chapter.

As the student intern for Storrage I’ve been walking around the Greek community, dropping by information at all of the houses, and talking to students to spread the word. There are a lot of out of state students at UW without a solution as to where to keep their belongings for the summer, so I tried to inform them about our services as well as let them know how they can in turn give back by participating in the challenge.”

How did you find out about Storrage?

“I found out about Storrage through the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program at the UW. I checked out the website and realized that not only was I interested in interning, but that I also could really use this service when I moved out. The price-point is dead on for a college student and takes a huge amount of the hassle out of the moving process.”

In a few sentences, could you describe your experience using the Storrage boxes, the app and the driver?

“The experience has been awesome! The app made it very easy to schedule a delivery date for the original boxes, then once I got them and started packing my stuff, I was able to jot down notes about what was in each box. Storrage employees were very helpful throughout the whole process. They made sure that the boxes I received were correctly scanned into my account and gave me some bubble wrap to make sure my plates were secure and safe.”

What did you put into Storrage?

“I put my home and cooking supplies that I didn’t need while living at home for the summer, including pots & pans, an xbox, lots of power cords, a rug, bedding, plates, and a few other small items from my desk. I also put in some winter boots that I don’t plan on wearing during these warmer months.”

Did this improve your living and studying experience at home?

“At one point during the school year I had all of my shoes sitting in the corner of my room near my dresser. I couldn’t open my bottom drawer without moving at least 3 pairs of shoes out of the way, only to put them right back in the same spot and repeat the process day after day. Putting these things in Storrage made my morning routine so much easier. I didn’t realize how the little things add up until Storrage took the of stress out of my life.”

How did Storrage make your move-out easier?

“I didn’t have to worry about going to the store to buy cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or worry about the 10 trips i’d have to make back and forth from my room to the car. I began packing my stuff in the boxes and had the driver come load them onto the truck.”

Would you recommend Storrage to other students?

“Absolutely! Any and all of my friends that are out of state or live a few hours away could really use this service for their study abroad and summer needs. No one wants to rent an entire storage locker only to fill it 1/4 full and have to deal with the hassle of driving to and from the site.” - Do you have a Storrage testimonial? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at

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Welcome to Week two of the North/Shaw Household!
And lets start this week with Evander playing on the guitar for the very last time, it had to go into storrage because their house is too small and they needed the space for the baby (plus, it annoyed me so it had to go).

Storrage Customer, Melissa: Her Life In Seattle, WA
"Things in the house that didn’t have a "home" before, now have a place to live." - Melissa, Storrage Customer

We talked to Melissa from Queen Anne about her experience with Storrage. Read on to learn more!

Describe your experience using the Storrage App.

“Getting started couldn’t have been any easier. I simply downloaded the app, entered my info, hit “request”, selected the number of boxes, picked a time and they were delivered a day later.”

What items did you put into Storrage?

“I put some things I use frequently, but am not currently using. Things like, computer equipment, cables, boxes, DVDs, CDs, books, seasonal items, hats, off-season clothes and crafts. Storing these things helped me to free up almost all of my drawer space, which helps me feel a lot less cluttered. Things in the house that didn’t have a “home” before, now have a place to live. I’m more relaxed because there’s less clutter and my small, one-bedroom apartment doesn’t feel as cramped.”

What are you favourite Seattle activities in the summer and how has Storrage helped you to enjoy them?

“I love outdoor festivals, shopping, dinner and drinks on patios and being out on the water. In the city, i spend Sunday mornings at Pike Place Market soaking in the lovely smells and buying groceries, and then over to Fremont Market to shop for antiques! One of the things I’ve noticed, is that coming home from a trip is easier. I have a place for my suitcase, and more room in my closet for any new clothes or shoes I’ve bought. At the end of the day, I just feel more relaxed knowing things are in order.”

Would you recommend Storrage to your friends and family?

“I would definitely recommend Storrage to my friends and family - and i already have! It really makes sense for people who live in the city, have a small car or no car, and want the convenience of not having to lug everything into a storage unit. It’s cheaper and easier. I’m definitely more of a minimalist and any type of clutter annoys me in my day-to-day living. It’s so great to be able to open a drawer and have things organized, or look under the bed and finally not see those things that shouldn’t be there.

I love that I don’t feel tied to my home. I don’t feel the need to “clean out” things, or de-clutter as much as before - everything has a place.” - Do you have a Storrage testimonial? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at

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Storrage has added a web version of our app!

Yes, you can now access Storrage through your browser on your PC or mobile device.

See it first LIVE here at

The Storrage app has been available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices since we launched in the fall of 2013. The ease of use, built-in cameras and voice recognition made it super easy to use. Some people who needed our service were users of other mobile operating systems, such as Windows and Blackberry, where we don’t offer an app. Others prefer the larger screen and keyboard of a PC.

Now with the new web version, more customers can access Storrage.

"Customers and prospects alike have been asking us for a website version so we obliged," said Terry Drayton, founder and CEO of Storrage. "By making it available on the web, we are bringing Storrage to a wider reach, allowing more customers to store their items with us."

Although usage of commerce based apps, like Uber and Storrage, continues to grow rapidly, it was only 15% of overall transactions in the holiday shopping season.

Customers are able to seamlessly move between the web version and the mobile app using the same login. All customer information is securely stored in the cloud so it’s always updated and synchronized.

The rollout of the web version has been getting a very positive response from existing and new customers. The experience in our web version is a little different due to the additional screen size and keyboard. Moreover, there are a few web only features including the ability to select multiple boxes for purchase or to return multiple empty boxes. Storrage will continue to regularly enhance the web and mobile versions with new release every 4-6 weeks.

Stay tuned for more Storrage updates!