..on days that i cannot take care of my own children i have these. they only are a few days old but they already are growing

their names are sinol and orich and storos and polisia and polche and mikhail and glorik and giola and erevan 

 two of them have no names

the snail has also no name.

Just a quick, messy drawing for self-congratulatory stuff for beating Kirby Mass Attack. Finally!

Last time I played, I think I got frustrated after not finding all the shining medals needed to get to the last items, so I stopped playing. Recently I realized I’d yet to beat it, and I started collecting medals in a last ditch effort to complete the game completely.

Yep. Now back to playing! I want to collect all the medals for the Squeaks now lol.

((AU where everyone is kids, and they all live in the same neighborhood.

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“Ya… ya want ME ‘ta teach ya how 'ta cook? Ya mean it?”

Kawasaki seems flattered that a big burly brute-like man such as Storo would take interest in cooking to be willing to learn, especially from Kawasaki. At first the chubby chef didn’t know what to think of this large rodent at first, but the way he spoke, while with very informal and perhaps intellectually numbed tone to it, sounding all friendly… it lights up the cook’s face with a broad, happy smile.

“I don’t mind at all, mistah! 'Da name’s Kawasaki, if ya didn’t already know, huh! What about yours? 'N’ what sorta dishes d'ya wanna know to make? I’m still learnin’ on a few things like bakin’ but I’m real good with meats, seafood 'n’ pastas!”


((Just a couple of Storo on his own here. These are probably from the last year or so. The first one was a little doofy expression doodle, I was trying to make the second one to use as a avatar. And the third was supposed to be a header image. But I’m gonna be redoing the last one. It came out reeally nice though…!))