The first of two “no edit Friday” photos - straight from the camera except for resizing and the addition of border with copyright details.

In other words, this is what the camera saw on the beach on 1st March 2015… At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, looking west.

THE STORY OF EASTER (As best I can remember)

On a dark and stormy Friday, way back in the year 1492, a young lad by the name of Jesus Marvin Christ was preparing for his execution. He was to be hung on a crucifix until the life drained from his body.

Don’t worry, things get happier… right after the whipping part. And the part where they mock him and give him a crown of thorns. And the part where he had to carry his cross up a big hill. And the part where they gave him putrid wine and Jesus was like, “nah, I don’t drink.” Then there was the part where they jabbed him with a spear. And of course there was the whole dying thing.

They called this day “Good Friday” …because of course they did.




Phantom City Creative

Phantom City Creative is a Toronto based independent studio founded on a stormy Friday the 13th. Located right in Toronto’s studio district, we focus on entertainment design for film, television and music. Our goal is to create imaginative and stimulating advertising and packaging materials using slick graphic design, beautifully rendered illustration, photography, 3d and most importantly great ideas. We believe that innovative concepts and solid ideas are the foundations to a successful campaign that will attract, impress and leave an impact. We love what we do and our enthusiasm, excitement and commitment to quality is shown through our work.


Nothing Like The Rain - L.H. AU

Request: a continuation to the Hurricane story. 

Summary: This is the end.

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader

Warning: mentions of death/suicide

Read: Hurricane / She’s A Storm

I got home that Friday night, stripping off my rain-soaked clothes and turning on the television to find a breaking news story about a man who had jumped off of the Brooklyn Bridge. At first, I wasn’t surprised. The story went on to say that emergency units arrived shortly after he jumped, but he had drowned by the time they had gotten to him. They tried resuscitating him, but it was simply too late. Police had searched the body for anything to identify the jumper with, and lucked out when they found his wallet. 

The jumper was Lucas Robert Hemmings. 

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Scary Movies (Lashton)

A S H T O N: It was a stormy Friday night and you could hear the rain pounding on the windows like it was begging to come in. You and your boyfriend Ashton were stuck in your shared apartment bored out of your minds. You two are cuddling on the couch, your head in his lap and his fingers running through your hair, just laying there in the comforting tapping of the rain.

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