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Captain Corny

Summary: Steve’s been acting strange and you plan on figuring out why. Turns out it’s the exact opposite of what you assumed. 

Warnings: Pretty badly written (my bad) 

Word count: 1500

A/N: I haven’t posted in a while (compared to my regular schedule) and I feel pretty bad about it. I swear this weekend I’ll write something decent to put up here, but until then I have tons of other less-savoury stuff to deal with. Sorry guys, but happy reading~ 

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Steve had been ignoring you more and more recently, running out of rooms when you entered and casting his baby blues’ anywhere but yours when you glanced his way. There would be a few good moments where you two would talk like you used to, you sitting on a counter and him gliding around the kitchen scavenging for breakfast and you would just talk. Nothing important or deep, just little things like:

“Have you felt this shirt? It’s so soft! C'mere.” Which would provoke the super soldier to come run a hand over the fabric covering your hip, mutter how nice it was against your lips, then return to brewing a good cup of coffee.

Or the popular, “When are we going to the mall again? Buck’s ready for another haircut.” Which made you laugh because Bucky didn’t trust anyone holding a pair of scissors within a 20 mile radius of his person. The last time you two had tried to shorten his locks was proof enough of that.

But now Steve was hardly talking to you, and you were getting worried. Was it something you did? Something from his past that came up and he didn’t want to talk to you about it? Maybe he just wasn’t happy with you anymore, but he was too nice to break it off and see you hurt. It was scary how plausible that last thought was.

Finally, you got tired of your boyfriend being so distant. You needed to get to the bottom of this, and if that meant you would no longer be dating Steve at the end of the conversation, you had made your peace with it. Well, about as much peace as you could give yourself, which wasn’t all that much. But you wanted him to be happy, and if you couldn’t give him that then you weren’t about to force him to stay. You just hoped you were wrong, that he was only reacting to something stupid Tony was teasing him about.

It didn’t take long at all to hunt down your man; Bucky knew exactly where to find him. With hardly a spare second to thank him, you headed down into the backyard where Steve said he would be.

You opened the door curiously to find pink petals scattered everywhere. Hidden in the trees there were speakers gently playing a slow song in hopes of serenading you. Down the road of flowers and lantern light, Steve was fidgeting nervously at a railing. By this point you were getting very suspicious but the mystery Steve organized definitely intrigued you. You made your way down to your boyfriend, biting your lip the whole way.

He turned to look at you and you realized this was the secret he had been keeping. This whole ordeal was why he had been so distant; he was scared of slipping up and saying, “Hey Y/N, I led a genocide against pink flowers and threw the remains all over the backyard.” You could see, plain as day, how much of an absolute dork Steve Rogers really was, because he was really hoping you would love him more from this. You couldn’t say exactly why he thought this was a great idea - probably because he wouldn’t be the one cleaning it up - but adoration washed through you at that stupid goofy smile on his lips. This was crazy.

“(Y/N), I-” you couldn’t help it. In the middle of his sentence you burst out laughing, literal tears coming to your eyes as you thought about how absolutely cheesy and ludicrous this whole set up was. And you thought he had been mad at you, clearly he wasn’t the only ridiculous one. Between peels of laughter you were able to gasp out a sorry and ask for a minute to put yourself together again.

Steve looked like he was about to be run over by a truck, the poor guy was so nervous and his heart was pounding faster than Pietro could run. He was terrified at the thought of embarrassing himself.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry this is just so ridiculous; did you do all this?” You took a deep breath but couldn’t keep the wide grin off your lips. Steve gulped and rubbed his neck, feeling a strong blush crawling up it. He nodded weakly and you bit your lip to hold back giggles.

“Is it that bad?” He muttered, fidgeting with a black box in his pocket, which suddenly weighed more than a school bus full of over-weight middle aged men. You ducked your head in laughter again, but managed to suppress most of it.

“It’s not bad, Steve. It’s… Well it’s ambitious for sure.” You smiled wide and his heart froze. He loved that smile, the unreserved grin only he got to see. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a wreck after all.

“I’m sorry, that was really rude of me. I just, this whole thing isn’t something you see in our era anymore. Not that I don’t love it, it’s adorable. I just never imagined someone would care enough about me to do this, you know?” Even though you were laughing so much, you couldn’t deny how happy it actually made you. Steve went through all of this trouble just for you, for no particular reason at all. Your chest warmed at the thought of him and his endless compassion.

“Oh, but it’s not terrible?” He sighed in relief and gave you the cutest most innocent smile you’d ever seen.

“I love it Steve. Not as much as I love you, but it’s up there.” You were still smiling as wide as the Cheshire cat when you stepped up to hug Captain America’s neck closely. He didn’t hesitate in wrapping his arms around your waist in return.

“Oh good, so this’ll be easy then.” You feel his chest rumble and you let go, giving him a questioning look and wondering what he was up to now.

And then you couldn’t breathe. You watched the man you loved with every fibre of your being sink down to his knee and everything you knew just erased from your mind. You forgot your name, how to speak, hell if someone asked you how to breathe you wouldn’t be able to tell them. All you knew was Steve Rogers was in front of you, looking up with those stormy blue puppy dog eyes nearly overflowing with hope, and you couldn’t move. You never thought this would happen, you assumed you’d never get a happy ending, or even a normal ending. But getting married was happy and normal, so you were staring at Steve incredulously as he fiddled with the box in his hands.

When he opened it the lanterns surrounding you seemed to make the contents gleam like a star in the sky and you were lost. Steve took a deep breath and gulped down his rampant nerves.

“(Y/N), I love you with everything I am. I would be lost without you, you mean everything to me. I know I’m stubborn and over the top, and I’m barely even from the same century as you, but I would give up everything from the 40’s if it meant spending the rest of my life with you. Would you please do me the honour of marrying me?”

You were surprised you understood a single word Steve said, your brain was having troubles registering anything. Only a second ago you were laughing at your boyfriend, and now he was proposing to you? What did you even do to capture his attention in the first place?

You realized, horrified, that he was still looking up at you from the ground, and the hope was slowly draining from his face. Of course you would marry him! He was everything to you, now if only your lips would move and tell him so.

But your tongue betrayed you, and you absolutely couldn’t look at a crestfallen hero right now, so you dropped to your knees and cupped his face in your hands. Your eyes had started to tear up upon realizing what he was telling you, but you smiled all the same. You were feeling thousands of emotions all at once, so it was no wonder you were tongue tied.

Steve’s hope was regained when he saw your wide smile, impossibly bigger than when you were laughing a moment ago. He felt like crying too when you kissed him excitedly.

“Oh my gosh Steve, way to overload me with emotions.” You sniffled behind a joking tone and he smiled, pecking your lips again before cascading your whole face with kisses in his happiness. You were his, you’d always be his and that thought alone made him swell with pride. He was worthy of your love, and of you, and he doubted he’d ever be able to realize how huge that was, how utterly engulfing and important you were to him; but he was sure as hell going to try.

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  1. I am an Anthropology major with a Gender Studies minor. I particularly like biological and cultural anthropology, but I’m kinda getting into bio archaeology too so we’ll see where I end up.
  2. So I actually had a terrible fear of zombies for the past few years, which sucks because one of my fave movies is Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies. My bff loves the Walking Dead so I started to watch it and now I’m no longer afraid of zombies (in media at least, real life zombies is a no no).
  3. I have two dogs. Stormy, a boston terrier/ jack russel mix, she’s also a little shit. And Calypso (Callie), an australian shepard/ boxer mix, who is as sweet as can be. 
  4. I have so many books and random crap on my book shelves that if I try to remove anything, it will all come crashing down and I will probably die in the wreckage. 
  5. I really enjoy writing, I have several ongoing stories that I’m working on. One of them I just started the other day is called The Night Sheriff.
  6. Whenever someone tries to guess my Hogwarts house, they guess Hufflepuff. Coincidentally whenever someone tries to guess my bff’s house they guess Slytherin. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover folks. 
  7. I hate wearing socks. I prefer to be barefoot, even when it’s cold af outside.
  8. I bake all the time. I wanna try to make macarons, but they’re hard and I’m lazy.
  9. I hate Jellybeans so goddamn much. They’re disgusting. 
  10. Gay af.

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“We’ve been best friends for 26 years! She used to be my hairdresser. We know everything about each other. We spend the day together, then she goes home to her husband. And I go home to my little dog Stormy.”