MerMay #1 is a pet portrait of Sammy who belongs to @sixelamarr (I’d absolutely recommend checking out her Sammy tag.)

I’ve only got one other prompt for this (tomorrow is going to be a moray merman) so please send along anything you want to see. It can be a picture of you or your pet, a character from your favourite fandom, a written description, or your favourite type of marine life. I can be reached here, on my twitter (same username) or my email

*disclaimer that likenesses from photos may not be entirely accurate as these are quick requests and not commissions.

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For the artist question meme, 3, 6, and 10!

3. I listen to almost all music but rap. Currently listening to Egyptian Music and Chinese atm. I recommend Eden tho.

6. @yaxxm @browntiger15 @ponponponpanda @oshifallen @franzwantscoffee @porlanox @cyberskeletor @raphidae @stormwhiskers @mangaonmymind

@cleanupcrew @anti-lancelot

They all inspire me and I look up to them. They are all so talented with art and words, it’s amazing we get to meet on a place like this.

10. Right handed. I used to be left handed, but I was in a shit school that taped my left hand behind my back and forced my to write with my right hand.

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Stormwhisker and Foxstep have been best friends since they were in the nursery and they fuckin a d o r e each other and their kits, someone will ask how ShadowClan is and they'll IMMEDIATELY start talking abt their kits or each other & everyone is sick of hearing them gush but also know that they'll go to the fuckin grave for each other, they'll be in a battle if someone tries to ambush one the other is fuckin RUTHLESS bc like Hell they're hurting their mate (or kits, later)



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Stormwhisker appears all aloof and imposing until someone talks to her and then they find out she's just thinking abt how much moss she can gather or some shit. She's got a good memory for names so she's great at organizing patrols but she can't hold a conversation to save her life, she either nods silently or rambles there is no in between. She's good at diplomacy bc one of her friends is in RiverClan and he just doesn't fuckin care abt borders, he wants you to know abt fish right this second

she sounds wonderful and perfect A+ 10/10

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OC talk?? Foxstep is one of my favorites (among many), he's a ginger ShadowClan cat and wants to mentor as many young cats as he can while his gf/mate Stormwhisker is deputy. He loves kits and will always play with them if they ask so there'll be two or three around his feet at any given moment. Also he and Storm have kits and he's a huge Dad and will talk about his amazing mate and kits for HOURS bc he's so proud

The proudest of papas he is a good boy i hope stormwhisker cherishes him

MerMay What should I draw?

So it’s MerMay and I’m gonna try to draw a mer creature for every day. I could use some suggestions though. So if you’ve got a favourite marine creature suggest it! I’m also open to suggestions for the top half and they can be original or fandom - think Shiro should have a manta-ray body? Let me know! Or send me a pic of you, your favourite actor, or your pet and get me to draw that instead.

I’ve got 31 days so please don’t be shy about asking. You can even email me at if you don’t want to contact me here.

(Yes, I am still working on the palette challenge requests. Please don’t worry I will get to everyone’s)


Writer: sixelamarr

Artist: stormwhiskers

This is one of the collaborations that we did as a team for the femcomics event. The other one was for Mrs Altman and sixelamarr is posting that so go and check it out, then go and marvel at the work from the other teams.

This was such an amazing thing to do, I teamed up with an amazing writer and as an introduction to comic collaboration this was probably the best experience I could have asked for.