MerMay #1 is a pet portrait of Sammy who belongs to @sixelamarr (I’d absolutely recommend checking out her Sammy tag.)

I’ve only got one other prompt for this (tomorrow is going to be a moray merman) so please send along anything you want to see. It can be a picture of you or your pet, a character from your favourite fandom, a written description, or your favourite type of marine life. I can be reached here, on my twitter (same username) or my email

*disclaimer that likenesses from photos may not be entirely accurate as these are quick requests and not commissions.


Writer: sixelamarr

Artist: stormwhiskers

This is one of the collaborations that we did as a team for the femcomics event. The other one was for Mrs Altman and sixelamarr is posting that so go and check it out, then go and marvel at the work from the other teams.

This was such an amazing thing to do, I teamed up with an amazing writer and as an introduction to comic collaboration this was probably the best experience I could have asked for.