Artist: (   Stormwhiskers

She also did the coloring and the word bubble placement!

Writer: Sixelamarr

The Collaboration here was started up by the wonderful femcomic’s event! (

Where I was able to make an awesome friend with this team up of creating something fun! This Story is about Mrs. Altman and her life adjusting the world around her.  We also did another story with Storm!

Can be read at the link below!

( )

It was so much fun working with stormwhiskers and if another even happens, I would love to work with her again! 

Please enjoy the comic’s that we worked on together! 

——-*on the side note, when I saw the drawings from stormwhiskers, I was beyond thrilled and have no words to really convey the fun I had with it.

Thank you for taking me on as a writer!