• cricketwing: fuck you stormwhisker
  • stormwhisker: ?? who do you think you are?
  • cricketwing: wait, you dont remember me?
  • stormwhisker: .....?????
  • cricketwing: attacked me at the border
  • stormwhisker: ...i've attacked a lot of cats at the border you're gonna have to be more specific than that

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1. What is your favourite fandom to write Fanfictions for?

I’ve only ever written fanfiction for the batfamily fandom, but I really enjoy doing it. If anybody wants to check it out, go here.

2. What is your OTP?

Probably Aragorn and Arwen from LOTR. They’re so beautiful help me.

3. What is your favourite fanfiction?

Okay okay imma need more than one for this question

They’re all nice and clean and relatively short, so y'all should check them out.

4. Favourite book you’ve read in 2015?

All of the reading that I’m doing right now is for class :/

I’ve got this massive research paper on the American Civil War coming up, so I’m hittin up all that material. 

5. Favourite movie you’ve watched in 2015?

Hm probably The Hobbit BOFA? Although I saw Unbroken too, and I liked that a lot.

6. What anime/drama/tv show have you watched the most?

Confession time… I went through all ten seasons of Supernatural in my first semester of college. That’s 120 hours. I am ashamed. Well, no, not really.

7. What fictional character do you think is the most loyal?

I’m gonna go with… Samwise Gamgee. 

8. Which of your fandoms would win in a fight against your other fandoms?

Uhhhh well okay I may have a thing for tortured souls with metahuman abilities, so who even knows? I don’t. It would be interesting to see that played out though.

9. What is your favourite superhero?

my child

10. What comes to mind when I say “Canadian”?

harsher winters than I hope to ever experience hELL NO

11. What disney movie do think represents your childhood the most?

Peter Pan.

Okay yes questions

1. How does the number 16 make you feel?

2. Which is better, a triangle or a circle?

3. If you were a chess piece, what would you be?

4. Everybody has a consistent play for the first round of rock paper scissors. Think about it. Which one do you use?

5. When I say “ocean” what do you visualize?

6. (T/F) Odd numbers are better than even numbers.

7. Tell me your feelings about the color green.

8. Picture a deck of cards. Take out every face card and ace, until you have only two through ten in every suite. Pick the card that describes yourself. VERY IMPORTANT. Everybody needs to know their card. (Note: Don’t try to use concrete logic to figure it out– just pick the one that feels right. If you need help, start with color, then suite, then odd/even, then narrow it down from there.)

9. You have a table but no chairs. Do you sit under the table or on it?

10. What is your favorite vowel? Favorite consonant?

11. We all got that one word we can’t stand. What is it?

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