361-FROZBUN [Frozen-Bunny]
-The Cold pokemon
-Ability: Snow Cloak - Fur Coat(HA)
-Dex: “To protect themselves from the cold weather, their fur has grown extremely thick, making them round and fluffy. This pokemon will use its long ears to interact with others, often with hugs and nose-kisses.”
    -Powder Snow
    -Cotton Guard
    -Ice Ball

–>Evolves with max. friendship<–

362-ALASKALOPE [Alaska-Jackalope]
-The Invernal Pokemon
-Ability:  Snow Cloak - Fur Coat(HA)
-Dex: “To keep their body temperature stable, even during the coldest nights, this pokemon meditates completely still for hours . Sometimes many will gather in the same place and form a circle, often holding each other with their ears as they meditate together and share their warmth.”
    -Ice Beam

–>Evolves with an icestone<–

478-SPECTUNDRA [Spectre-Tundra]
-The Mystical Pokemon
-Ability: Slush Rush - Stormwalker*(HA)
-Dex: “This lonely pokemon, through intense meditation, has been able to reach a near-death state, making it able to endure even the most cruel blizzards. This pokemon ears are a symbol of its long-seeked wisdom, and they will continue to grow longer for as long as this pokemon lives.”
-Sig. Move: Phantasmal Cold “A soul-chilling wind is blown through the opponent, this may leave the foe frozen. If this move is used during a hailstorm, the chances of freezing the opponent rise from 30% to 50%”
   Type: Ice
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 85
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Ominous Wind
    -Aurora Veil

*This pokemon sp. attack receives a boost during a hailstorm.

Your Fave Is Problematic: Prince Aleksandar von Hohenberg
  • Is almost sixteen. Adventures all year. Never turns sixteen.
  • Platonically asked a girl to run away and grow old with him in New York.
  • Still thinks he’s totally straight after the events of Behemoth.
    • I mean, honey.
    • Honey.
  • Way too smart to be so dumb.
  • Mentions his Stormwalker more than his dead parents.
  • Pretty sexist tbh. Don’t worry, Deryn’s fixing him.
  • Threw away document that could have helped to end the war sooner. Actually what, Alek?????
  • Values Dylan’s friendship because he learned curse words.

From the people who brought you Ascariasis and Stormwalker

The Northern | Imperium


My scars? I-I got these 3 years ago… I was in a race, 

long story short, as I was passing the pony ahead of

me when I leaned too far to the right and my wing hit 

his wake, the force was enough to tear my wing clean

off. I plummeted to the ground. When I hit the ground,

the impact mutilated my right arm, shattered my

rib cage, broke my left back leg, and broke my spinal 

cord. They transported me to a very special ‘hospital’ 

in Canterlot using forbidden magic to stop time from 

affecting me and in turn stopping me from dying. 

Anyway it was at this hospital that I was ‘transformed’.

They replaced my chest, right arm, right wing, and

upper spine with a special type of metal that was very

rare at the time. My blood was replaced with a newly 

found element only known as Vis. This Vis allows my 

mechanical body part to operate, It is also what makes my

scars glow this pink color. And it’s not all bad, the vis 

heals my wounds at least two times faster than normally…

Anyway it about time I got going, it’s time to see HER…