From the people who brought you Ascariasis and Stormwalker

The Northern | Imperium


My scars? I-I got these 3 years ago… I was in a race, 

long story short, as I was passing the pony ahead of

me when I leaned too far to the right and my wing hit 

his wake, the force was enough to tear my wing clean

off. I plummeted to the ground. When I hit the ground,

the impact mutilated my right arm, shattered my

rib cage, broke my left back leg, and broke my spinal 

cord. They transported me to a very special ‘hospital’ 

in Canterlot using forbidden magic to stop time from 

affecting me and in turn stopping me from dying. 

Anyway it was at this hospital that I was ‘transformed’.

They replaced my chest, right arm, right wing, and

upper spine with a special type of metal that was very

rare at the time. My blood was replaced with a newly 

found element only known as Vis. This Vis allows my 

mechanical body part to operate, It is also what makes my

scars glow this pink color. And it’s not all bad, the vis 

heals my wounds at least two times faster than normally…

Anyway it about time I got going, it’s time to see HER…