was talking to a shift lead at the *certain popular coffee chain* I work at about how he reminds me of General Armitage Hux (red hair, black formal dress, cleanliness, immaculacy, temperament, he runs a tight ship) so have some Barista Hux sketches. He listens to Vampire Weekend and is definitely better than you

  • Who doesn't want to believe in true love? Whether it's between a superhero and his assistant,
  • Audience:*silence*
  • two shadowhunters,
  • Audience:*silence*
  • or an ex-stormtrooper and an X-wing pilot.
  • Audience:*cheers*
‘Thwarted’ Chapter 18

Next chapter is up! Galactic Girlfriend meets Galactic Maybe Baby Daddy and it does not go … well. Galactic Idiot comforts a distraught Galactic Girlfriend. Then Galactic Idiot’s brain shorts out when he finds a stormtrooper. In her quarters.


He’s about to replace his helmet when she asks, “Please don’t put that back on. Please?”

“Rey, they’ve never seen my face.”

“I don’t care. I … I need you right now and you aren’t you when you wear it.”

“Oh, Rey …” What can he do? The thought of going without his mask … But then he looks into her delicate face and he knows he’ll give her anything. “Alright, Rey.”

“My name is Princess Leia. I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. But I’m not like other princesses. I have a wild side that can’t be tamed. Except now, as I’m being held in place by several armored stormtroopers. I can feel their eyes raking over my body. I’m wishing I hadn’t worn this curve-hugging white silk dress, I love the feel of it on my skin but it shows a bit too much for my liking.

Not that I mind showing it off; I have pretty nice breasts that are a little on the large side (not that I’ve had complaints) and my body shows all the work I do to maintain it and keep it fit for kicking ass.

The troopers have brought me before Grand Moff Tarkin. I feel helpless before the aggressive glare of those steely eyes. I know he’s the enemy but I can’t help how my body responds to his ravenous gaze…”

see? Simultaneously hilarious and soul destroying. I need to go lie down and think about my life choices now.

brought to you by the Dudebro Approach To Writing Female Characters™

fandoms-pizza-wifi-ym13  asked:

26 w/ Remy LeBeau, 32 w/ Poe Dameron, & 50 w/ Frank Castle. Song for 50: Savage Night at the Opera by Destroyer. You don't have to do all of these but if you do any at all, thanks!

I can’t really write for Remy because I don’t want him to seem ooc. 

“Yeah…we’re fucked.”

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“Be careful!” You told the stormtroopers as he harshly grabbed your wrists and yanked out out of the transport. Poe saw that more stormtroopers were on their way towards you and tried to pan the attention away from you. “Hey! Bucket head!” Poe shouted and you turned to look at him. Your face lit up and managed to break away from the stormtroopers’ hold and ran towards him. He did the same and you hugged him tightly. “I thought they kill you.” You whispered. “I thought they kill you.” He told you.

You looked around and saw that some of the troopers aimed their weapons towards you and Poe, while the others slowly walked towards you. “Yeah…we’re fucked.” Poe stated. “I think we could take them.” You told him. “How?” Poe asked. “They’re terrible shots. We’re not.” You smirked and he smiled. 

“Don’t leave.”

“Frank?” You asked, yawned and turned to see him grabbing his clothes from the drawer and dropping them into a suitcase. “Yeah?” He asked. “What’re you doing?” You asked, getting out of the bed. “I’m packing.” He stated. “Why?” You questioned. “We both know this life isn’t for me.” He told you. “I thought-”

“Y/N, the love of my life will always be Maria.” He said as he closed his eyes and lowered his head. “I–I know that, Frank. She was your wife.” You told him. ”My heart and soul died the day and she my kids did. I…I can’t love you. Not the way you deserved to be loved.” He told you and tears began to fall from your eyes. You quickly wiped them away, “Frank, I-”

“No, Y/N. You had a perfectly fine life before me. You were in a perfect relationship and I ruined it.” He interrupted you. “It wasn’t perfect.” You told him. “Better than what we have.” He said. “Don’t leave. Please.” You begged him. “I can’t stay. I’m sorry.” He sighed.


Russian pencil artist Salavat Fidai (previously featured here) continues to astonish the Department of Phenomenal Pencil Art with his increasingly intricate carvings. What was once an afterwork hobby has now become Fidai’s full-time freelance art career.

Fidai recently launched an Indiegogo campaign in effort to publish The Pencilbook, a coffee-table cook featuring 100 of his awesome micro sculptures carved on the tips of pencils. The book will also include an autobiography, craft secrets, and advice for others who want to try their hand at creating miniature artwork.

Follow Salavat Fidai on Instagram to keep up with his latest carved pencils. To check out his other artwork, including amazing micro paintings, visit Salavat Fidai’s website.

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