stormtroopers in love


Just a little post to say how much i can love Finn.
John Boyega is such a great actor, he can be as dramatic as funny and not everyone can.
He’s bringing good wibes in the movie,
The whole time you can smile it’s because of him.
His character is what we all inspired by, choosing your life , don’t accept your fate, and leave the row if you don’t belong to. No matter what it will cost, just be honest to yourself and follow your instinct.
He’s pure and brave ! an exemple for all of us !!! And he is such a peanut I mean look at him!!

so we all know this is cassian dressed up as an imperial beating up stormtroopers

what i never noticed before (and i have no idea how i missed it) is that this is also cassian and jyn dressed up as imperials being partners in love beating up stormtroopers TOGETHER


I’ve been working several days on this design and I’m really proud of the results… It was so funny drawing while thinking on all the possible adventures that this couple could have lived… hahaha  (^▽^;)

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-waits for the Space Inquisition to end her for such sacrilege-

Hi everyone! I’m reposting this since this year I couldn’t do any special for Valentines Day ~♥ Love and be loved!