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A Supercorp First: Star Wars and Alderaan (aka Supercorp hurt/comfort)

prompt from @apollosfakebitch: “ lena and kara watching a new hope and lena realizing waaaay too late about alderaan and what it’s like for kara to see it”     

Kara is the only important person in Winn’s life that he hasn’t forced to sit down and watch Star Wars marathons with him.

James corralled Alex to sit through it with him – “you’re my only hope,” he’d told her, and she’d furrowed her brow in confusion until Leia said it in the film, at which point she smacked him lightly on the head – last year, and though she’d hemmed and hawed, Winn promised an endless supply of pizza and ice cream, and Kara was away on a mission with Hank, and Alex didn’t want to admit it, but she was lonely, so she’d been, as Winn called it, initiated.

Winn invites Maggie for a marathon a couple months after he meets her, and Alex just pats her on the arm and wishes her luck, but Maggie is excited as all get-out about the damn thing.

But Kara?

Winn never invites Kara to these Star Wars screenings. (Except when he’s rewatching the newer trilogy. Then she’s got no excuse.)

He never invites her because he might act silly, but he’s not. He’s deeply thoughtful.

He’s deeply thoughtful and he knows what watching Alderaan get destroyed might do to Kara, who struggled even with Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy because it was based, even in its hilarity, on the destruction of an entire planet.

But Lena? Lena’s never seen Star Wars, and when she and Kara have been dating for a couple of months, Winn invites her, too.

But she’s still insecure – somewhat – around Kara’s friends. She still doesn’t know quite how to act with this ragtag group who save the world in jeans and polos and who love each other beyond anything she’s ever known in her life.

She’s still insecure, so – unbeknownst to Winn – she asks Kara to watch the original trilogy with her before she sees it with Winn, so she doesn’t come off as quite so ignorant of cultural landmarks.

(She doesn’t know, yet, that Winn would more than understand her explanation for never having seen the movies, since Lilian considered them ‘a frivolous waste of time for a girl who needs to focus on her studies, on becoming a woman, on living up to the family name, impossible as that will prove for such a worthless child.’)

So they settle in with popcorn and donuts and potstickers and and wine and pizza and kombucha – Lena is always amused by Kara’s eclectic meal choices, but always fully supportive of them – and Lena relishes the way Kara’s arm wraps around her shoulders.

The way Kara’s heartbeat thrums steadily under her ear.

The way Kara never pauses the movie, but whispers in her ear in between dialogue about how surprisingly accurate some of it is, how surprisingly inaccurate other parts are, about ‘R2D2 and C3PO kind of remind me of Kelex – they used to be everywhere at home. I miss them sometimes. Okay, actually, a lot,” and Lena makes a note to research AI robots as soon as she gets a chance.

The way Kara strokes her hair constantly and pulls her closer every time someone gets shot, even the Stormtroopers, and Lena loves her all the more for empathizing with the enemy.

But then Vader brings Leia to Tarkin, and he calmly tells her that she is responsible for which planet the Death Star will destroy first, and Kara stiffens, and Lena straightens in her arms, sitting up fully so she can watch Kara’s face as Leia begs for the survival of her weaponless planet – the first time her cool sass and iron bravery is disturbed – and Lena leans across the piles of food to reach for the remote.

Kara stills her hand without looking at her, her wide eyes fixed on the screen. Lena and Kara both flinch as Tarkin backs Leia up into Vader’s armored chest, both knowing what it feels like to have men standing over them like that, backing them up like that, trying to control them like that.

But Kara also knows Leia’s dread, Leia’s pain, Leia’s panic.

Because her planet is gone, too.

“Kara,” Lena tries softly, but Kara shakes her head resolutely, her eyes still transfixed on the screen, relief and agony flooding her face when a defeated-looking Leia murmurs the supposed location of the base.

Kara shouts out, along with Leia, when Tarkin gives the order to destroy Leia’s entire planet, her entire people, regardless of her cooperation, and Lena flinches slightly at the sudden sound, but she reminds herself that it’s Kara, just Kara, and Kara’s in pain.

And Kara slams off the TV just as primary ignition is commencing, because she can’t, she can’t, she can’t.

Lena puts a tentative hand on Kara’s thigh and watches her quietly, watches her waiting.

“So that’s why Winn never made me watch with him. Why Alex didn’t want to watch it with me when we were kids.”

“Kara, I’m so sorry. I’ve never seen it before, I didn’t know – “

“I’m not angry at you, Lena.”

“I know, but I still feel terribly – “

“Don’t. I’m sorry. I ruined the movie, our date – “ she thrusts her arms out disjointedly at the dimmed lights and food and wine around them – “I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this, you deserve someone… normal, someone… human.”

Lena’s heart breaks and her eyes flash, and she kneels in front of Kara before she can rise and walk away; kneels in front of her and frames her face in her hands, a stern, sad, loving look on her face.

“Kara Danvers. You’re right, I don’t deserve this. Deserve you. But not because you‘re Kryptonian, and not because you have scars. I don’t deserve you because of how you bear those scars: you’re beautiful, Kara, and I don’t only mean on the outside. You somehow don’t hate the world, hate people, even though…” She glances back at the now dark TV screen. “Even though the world – worlds – have given you every reason to. And that… you… you’re brave and you’re kind, and you’re everything I want and nothing I deserve, Kara. So please, don’t apologize for who you are. For what… hurts you. You never have to apologize to me. Alright?”

“Lena,” is all Kara can choke, and Lena can’t carry her to bed, but she can hold her, and she can wrap her in her arms and burrow them both deep into the throw blankets, and she can wipe her tears with her fingers, her lips, and she can whisper wordlessly into her ears as her chest wracks with sobs, as her entire body shakes with grief.

She can, and she does.

And when Kara finally cries herself to sleep, Lena stays awake, guarding her from nightmares until nearly sunrise.

And when Kara wakes, still wrapped in Lena’s arms, her eyes swollen and her head sore, and she looks at how hard Lena is sleeping, even in an awkward, semi-upright position on the couch, she knows Lena must have stayed up all night watching her sleep – protecting her – and she smiles softly, because she knows that she might not have her birth planet, but she certainly has love.


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-waits for the Space Inquisition to end her for such sacrilege-

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