I can tell by your lack of a Plural noun that Florida wishes to save only one manatee.

Hmmmm…. It makes you wonder…

Which one will you save?

Do you have one in mind?…if not, may I suggest one…

…I call him ST-305-1138-2, or “Fluffy” for short. He might not look like much, but he has it where it counts.



Refuelling Station by Zero Media


So listen. I need to tell you guys about Stormy the Stormtrooper.

The local Walmart by my parent’s house kept one of the my-size stormtroopers around Christmas and have started dressing them up for each department and moving them around the store. They have a nametag. Their name is Stormy. Stormy the Stormtrooper.

You can follow them on Facebook at TravelingStormtrooper. Do it. It’s such a delight.