062210 - Magestic Thunderstorm Skyscape! by Dale Kaminski

June 22, 2010 - Riverdale Nebraska US
After a afternoon of storm chasing we ended up on the north side of Riverdale Nebraska. This stormscape sky was glowing from the last rays of the day.

so…. i’m not really doing this for any reason besides feeling sappy and i made it (wrongfully) onto a gross larries list and i want all my mutuals to know that i would die for you also i love showering my friends in love. i’m super sorry if i missed anyone, i still love you so much.

special mentions // the best people i know 💕:

the holy trinity:

@lakcaj: maria :’) ur my mom friend but also my best friend 💕 the only person i talk to irl lmao and the person who dragged me into this hell hole. basically i would die for you and to quote the great and iconic kelly clarkson, my life would suck without you (truly though). 

@larrystopinson: mel, my love, you’re ethereal and the Funniest™ and i love how much we love each other. you were one of my favorite blogs that turned into on of my favorite people. i would fight a million people for you bc ur just that gr8 :’)) ur like if a disco ball was a person ;)

@outerspacezouis: theo we have the Purest and Sweetest friendship that was ever born out of an angsty song exchange. i love you lots and you are sososso talented and i’m already pre-ordering your first album :). you are the best person to complain to and you’re always so reassuring and understanding :’)) ilysm

#DARKNESSIES / don’t trust tere gc:

@blessnialls; @arsetattoo; @spousematerial 

i love you all so much and the two days i went without talking to you were so sad :(( you are my parents and my children we’re all way too extra but also the Best People Ever because we get so excited over so many things (mainly niall and jess). i lobe you all lots and i wish we lived near each other so we could hang out irl :’)

chill larries gc:

@louisanchor; @tomlinau; @bangherz; @peachieace; @acestyles; @aimhtweet:

all of you are such supportive and lovely people and we’re completely drama free and i think that’s beautiful :’) i wanted to write a little paragraph for each of you because you’re all so great but i didn’t want to make this too long lmao. if this gc were an emoji it would be 😇 because we’re all angelic and the best 💕

holy trinity number two (people i love v much but don’t talk to every day :((( ):

@wiccanlou: megan ur suchhh a good friend and an integral part of my girl direction squad. i love you and your adorable art and your amazing fics so very much. ur the best and cutest fem louis there is 😊

@idiosyncrasiesyousee: bee, i love you sosossosossoo much you’re literally always there for me when i need someone to talk to and i live for your comments on my selfies 

@lovinghalo: my first ever internet friend :’), jaz ilysm and i wish i talked to u more because ur honestly such a great person to talk to. basically i love u and talking to u bc ur grr8 💕

no one is bolded bc ur all my faves. i wanted to write a little paragraph for so many more people (esp my girl direction babes- u know who u are - and other gc friends) but it would’ve been too long :(. so just know that i love you lots and i’m really fucking sappy so i mean it :’)))

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Stunning video of storms raging across the plains. I found this incredibly relaxing.