Get to know me

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I was tagged by: @possiblypidge

  1. How old are you?
    19, 20 in april
  2. Current job/ Dream job
    Currently a health care aide. Dream job would be a smith. Blacksmith, armoursmith, goldsmith, etc
  3. What are you talented at?
    Swimming fast, being tall, making jewellery, and not sleeping for days
  4. What is you aesthetic?
    Haven’t really put a name on it before. Maybe stormpunk
  5. Do you collect anything?
    Books, wire, beads/stones, board games
  6. Good advice to give?
    No one is perfect, and disliking people for not being perfect will end up with just disliking everyone
  7. Recommend three songs
    A.) Pearl Jam - Wishlist
    B.) The Mountain Goats - This Year
    C.) Peter Gabriel - Signal to Noise

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