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Storm Witch (Strega)
"You said you likes Storms. So I let you in. Turns out you can only handle a little rain, and I am a hurricane."

Main Colors

- Medium to dark blues; gray-blues

- Off-black and dark grays

- Medium and Light Gray

Accent Colors

- Brighter Blues

- Whites/Very Light Grays

- Yellow and Yellow-oranges (Think Lightning; Storms at sunset)

- Neon blue, yellow, salmon (very sparingly- lightning in the night sky)

Metallic Colors (For accents, jewelry, etc)

- Silver, Platinum, other white metals

- Copper & Brass

- Gunmetal and Black

- Blues

(Don’t go quite as over-sized as some strega fashions. Focus on flow, not bulk- at least for your outer layer).

- Long and/or flowy dresses and skirts. (The better it looks blowing in the wind, the more”stormy” it is). 

- Tops with cowl necks

- Long, loose Cardigans

- Hooded shirts/jackets/etc, preferably over-sized


- Cloudy patterns (abstract or literal)

- Gradient patterns

- Muted water or storm/rain prints

- Lacey/crocheted (to break up large swathes of color here and there)


- Scarves

- Cloaks and Capes, preferably hooded

- Layered Jewelry. Include pieces that have drops/dangles that remind you of water, and/or multiple fine chains.

- Chunky stone/glass jewelry with patterns that remind you of storms or cloudy skies. Opals and Moonstone for mist/fog

- Jewelry/Accessories/tiny bells that make a light tinkling sound, reminiscent of rain/water.

- Leggings, Tights, knee-high/boot socks

- Pretty much anything storm/cloud/rain themed


- Thunderstorms

- Rain and Clouds

- Stormy Lakes and Seas

- Water & Storm Magic

- Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Waterspouts

- Fog & Mist

- Moody music [x] [x] [x] 

- Symphonic/Opera Metal [x] [x]

- Storm Quotes

Tweak it:

Stormy Seas Witch: Add teals to your main colors, driftwood and seafoam to your accent colors, gold to metallics. Seaglass and seashell jewelry, ocean/sea motifs, nautical motifs. More tattered textures for a “shipwrecked” look.

I live near Lake Erie, and watching storms roll in is something I’ve enjoyed since childhood. Hence the Storm Witch Style. Suggestions are welcome!