stormnymph  asked:

my life sure is busy currently. With getting a new better job, hopefuly moving out really soon. I have both my license and a car now! And I've been writing pretty darn consistently too. So i feel like 2016 will be a productive year maybe! Has 2016 proved alright for you so far?

yes yes yes!  I’m so proud of you it sounds like you’re doing really well!

2016 for me holds a lot of promise.  I’m excited to see how it goes 

hazelguts  asked:

Say five nice things about yourself and pass it on to ten of your favorite followers. (。・ᴗ・。)ノ♡ ((lmao u obviously can't talk about how ur not a big huge nerd t but still))

  1. i am NOT a big huge nerd
  2. i am NOT a big huge nerd
  3. i am NOT a big huge nerd
  4. i am NOT a big huge nerd
  5. my d is very b and i am proud of that