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Therapist : Alright, Mr.Storm. Shall we talk about Florida 500?

Jackson Storm : The… The costume girl beat me.

Therapist : O..k. Would you like to tell me more about -well; the costume girl?

Jackson Storm : She had a costume and it was not even Halloween. Isn’t that illegal? I’m gonna call my lawyer!

Therapist: No ,Mr.Storm. Calm down ,we can talk about her without a lawyer!

Jackson Storm : I want to talk to Ray ,now! I’m not saying anything unless he’s here.

Therapist : Mr.Storm ,this is not an interrogation.Furthermore ,Ray asked me to talk to you ,he said you need someone to help you open up.

Jackson Storm : Open up? I’d rather open down. Weren’t we talking about my lawyer?

How Flynn Carsen Fell in Love

So the other night, @sanzochan made me cry profusely with this post about how Eve fell in love with Flynn. And she just put it into perfect words, explaining things that I always knew but couldn’t quite explain. But aside from not being able to explain it, I think about how Flynn fell in love with Eve more than vice versa. And so I decided to write this, because I love Flynn Carsen with every ounce of my soul and if the writers want to kill him they can pry him from my cold, dead hands.

So yeah enjoy my sappy af musings about Flynn Carsen and his beautifully complicated, wounded soul and his pure little lovestruck heart. Because I think there’s more to loving her since he saw her in the German Steam Tunnel than just love at first sight

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why can't BioWare do proper hair? why do all the female hairstyles look like soccer mom hairstyles?? is Shepard a soccer mom oh my go d

‘Twas a dark and stormy night that Ray Muzyka heard knocking at his door. When he opened it, before him stood an old woman.

“Please sir,” she said, trembling in the cold, “I need shelter for the night…and perhaps some shampoo, I’ve been traveling for many days and my hair is quite greasy.”

However, Ray was irritated because he had spent a lot of money on some really nice shampoo that he didn’t want some skanky old dustrag to use, so he told her to leave and tried to shut the door in her face. As he did, the old woman transformed before his eyes into a 6′ 3″ model with flowing hair. Ray gasped. It wasn’t an old woman at all – it was the legendary witch, Fabio!

Ray fell to his knees, pleading forgiveness but it was too late, Fabio had seen his selfish desire. As a punishment, he cursed him to forever design horrible hair. This curse befell all who worked at and would ever work at Bioware. Before he parted, Fabio warned that the only way the curse would be broken is if Ray could accept his impending baldness.