Okay so while experimenting with proper mug making I’ve made this mug… A different variation of it will be posted in the store very shortly! But this one needs a good home!

Here’s where you come in, I’ll make this short and sweet:

• Reblog this post as many time as you want until “Black Friday”

• I’ll randomly pick a winner on “Black Friday”

• You don’t have to follow me… but what sort of monster would accept a gift from a wonderful blog they refused to follow?


Be sure to check out indiemusicfreak.tictail.com to keep an eye out for when I post new mugs and look at all my pretty shirtssssssss

Giveaway while another giveaway is happening??!


What you could win:

A David Lynch Eraser Head inspired “Eraser Dan” shirt from my shop

How to enter:

  • Reblog this post
  • Be following me on here and twitter
  • Have your ask box open
  • Have a look around my store! indiemusicfreak.tictail.com

I’ll pick a winner when i get back from my trip on Nov. 17th 

Anyone, anywhere could win!

(p.s. I’ll try to get them to sign it when I see them next!)