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Half of me wants to see them, and the other half doesn’t. As much as I like angst, I am not sure I can handle it right now as my current mood is Anders and a pile of cat plushies.

I can get behind this idea

By the time Fenris reaches the clinic, the blood under his fingernails is dry. It’s caked, cracked against his skin. Flaking off and itchy. He wants it gone. He wants it–

The slavers had surprised him, but they hadn’t overtaken him. He’d dispatched them easily enough–there’d only been two of them–and left them on an alley halfway between the Hanged Man and Hightown. He’d been on his way to the mansion, and he should have continued there after, but his feet had taken him back. Back and back until he’s knocking at Anders’ door, calling to him roughly.

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give-away and general update

Hi, as you can see, I’m still alive. I haven’t been capable of drawing or doing anything beyond basic functioning for a long while now. But I’m trying my best to change that. Currently I’m on vacation, so at least I can breath a bit. I’m a little afraid about going back to work next week, though. I feel so drained.

Anyway, I wanted to inform you that one of the winners of my give-away didn’t answer my message, so @stormdragon has now gone up to 2. winner and @teenyspoon is the new 3. winner. Congratulations!

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Fenders Secret Santa for the lovely @stormdragon c: I do hope this is at least somewhat close to what you had in mind!

“Hey! Fenris, what are you—?” Anders demanded with a startled laughter and a (mostly) eggnog induced redness to his face. “Let me go!”

“I believe you told me I could pick anything for my Saturnalia gift, mage. This is my pick,” the elf retorted, a devious smile flashing past his lips.

“What are you— OH.” 

Yes, Anders definitely felt a flush creeping to his cheeks now, and he was pretty sure liquor had nothing to do with it. 

So recently I have reached over 550 followers!! This is a BIG DEAL okay, just trust me. This blog is not even a year old but to gain this followers in so little time is amazing. Thank you everyone for following me, even though I go through fandoms quickly and switch around a lot. Names grouped together but not in order. I’m sorry if I didnt add you!! I follow like 500 blogs rip Uni. Just know I love you all ♥

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Second palette challenge bust is complete! I kinda went overboard and might’ve used aqua >.> But I really felt like if I didn’t Sandra wouldn’t be as shiny. Other than that I used every color in my arsenal, just different opacities this time instead of solid colors.

1/3 done. Nabs is silently staring at me. I just seriously suck at this breed and I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching on how to get those facial proportions just right so it doesnt look like a tortoise lol. Gifts aren’t supposed to look like old tortoises. XD

Oh I forgot to mention. This is an OC dragon for the lovely Amphiptere (@stormdragon)

Prism Crystalbelly is up on the AH for 400g/220kt. 5 copies are up now, 5 more copies will go up tomorrow afternoon.

jennifersdragons fr20866 frstuff millieplays stormdragon verridith  You were all on the interest check for this, I took out the wings so that it would be an accent (therefore more affordable for people). If you still want the version with the wings, keep your username on there; I’d still consider making it as a skin version.