Just like Dalamar’s manasaber form I figured I’d start designing the rest of his forms if I considered him to have the full druid range of shape-shifts. Going off of the suggestions that High-Botonist Tel’arn was a very strong example of combining druidic and arcane magic I’d figure I’d take Dalamar’s storm-crow form and base him after those new nifty birds you get to ride in on in the opening scenario to patch 7.2! 

It’s a big stretch from conventional warcraft bird-form but I was reaching for something more anthropomorphic and combat-based because hey - if High-botonist can be a walking anthro-tree and not a treant, then I can make Dal an  anthro bird ;D

elvenqueen-poc  asked:

uhh hi ;) what d'you mean <i> tolkien was THE athorities in Norse myths </i> ? did he teach norse mythology?? thx <3

Tolkien was, before he was an author, a professor of Anglo-Saxon literature, and a very, very good one. His translation of Beowulf is still regarded as one of the finest ever produced. He was fluent in several ancient languages, and loved languages beyond anything. 

He studied Norse literature, and the names of the dwarves in the Hobbit, and of Gandalf himself, are lifted directly from a section of the Völuspá called the  Dvergatal (the Naming of the Dwarves). 

Gandalf himself is based on Odin. Including the ridiculous number of names (Gandalf, the Grey Wanderer, Mithrandir, Olorin, Stormcrow (Odin, mind, is the god of winds and associated with crows and ravens) Greyhame, Lathspell, Tharkun, Icanus.) 

The Lord of the Rings was written, largely, as a place to use the languages he invented in his spare time for fun. (AKA elvish, both Sindarin and Quenya, the Black Speech of Mordor, ect.) 

Basically Tolkien was a huge ancient lit nerd who invented conlangs for fun and started sticking them into his children’s bedtime stories and writing down stories for his languages to exist in on his spare time, and now 8 out of 10 fantasy books produced are a knockoff of his work. 

A Song of Ice and Fire: Daenerys Stormborn [ENFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by lover-of-grey-matters

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): The first function Dani developed is the one with which she could navigate the emotional atmosphere around her. She had to probe Viserys’s mood and adapt herself accordingly ’she knew better than to question her brother when he wove his webs of dream. His anger was a terrible thing when roused. Viserys called it “waking the dragon.”’ She also learned to read people quickly. She assessed Illyrio to be an opportunist  ’It was also said that he’d never had a friend he wouldn’t cheerfully sell for the right price.‘ her reading of people and the surroundings made her more pragmatics than Viserys, who was still stuck inside the personal mythical idea of Westeros and Targaryan superiority that he learned. ( ’In the alleys and wine sinks of Pentos, they called her brother “the beggar king.” Dany did not want to know what they called her.’ ’Dany listened to the talk in the streets, and she heard these things…’ ’It seems to me that a queen who trusts no one is as foolish as a queen who trusts everyone. Every man I take into my service is a risk, I understand that, but how am I to win the Seven Kingdoms without such risks?’)

Dani, after being in a ‘healthy’ emotional environment in the Vaes Dothrak where there was no more perpetual threat of abuse, continued to sync to external values. She quickly learned to please Drogo, physically and mentally. She built rapports with all of her handmaiden, and soon, her people and Missandei. As she began her conquest, her first mood is talk through people and often, emotionally manipulate them and luring them into a false sense of security. She let the slavers think her harmless and gullible in Astapor. She does the same trick again at Yunkai (’…that I wanted their answers on the morrow. I made no promises about tonight. The Stormcrows will be arguing about my offer. The Second Sons will be drunk on the wine I gave Mero. And the Yunkai'i believe they have three days. We will take them under cover of this darkness’)

Cultural assimilation continued to play a role in her plot. She absorbs the external values and mirrors them instinctively. She doesn’t make emotional appeal with an endgame of getting things done in the long run, it’s second nature to her. When in Dothraki, she quickly becomes a proper Khaleesi, not just acting like one, she uptakes there values. The Dothraki Stallion along with the seven becomes her god (Dany said a quick prayer, begging the Warrior for courage and the Dothraki horse god for strength. She made herself walk forward.)  At Quarth, she dresses like a Quartheen and followed the Quartheen protocol thoroughly to gain support. At Meereen, she dons her ‘floppy ears’ and wears tokar, hating it all the while. She did not marry Hizdar in the book on gunpoint like the show, she observes all the customs necessary.  Dani wants to belong, desperately. She keeps looking for a home, and hates being an outsider.

Her empathy does not stem from her identifying with the slaves, she feels it objectively anyway.  For example, when the bloody flux infected people set up camp, she went down to clean them, even when she never felt sick in her life (Targaryens were untroubled by the pestilences that afflicted common men, and so far as she could tell, it was true. She could remember being cold and hungry and afraid, but never sick.) Book Dani does not scream blunt force. She dances around and sugarcoats (I am only a young girl who know little of (insert something here)). She is polite to like, everyone. Even when she doubts their alliance. Dani’s feelings are not ingrained,  they are real-time. When she saw a child was killed by her dragons, she quickly caged them. But she literally issued torture order for another girl because she was not there in front of her, the dead Mossandor was, and that demanded justice first. 

Her Fe, at one point becomes problematic. She loved all the children that were supposed to be her hostage and the Harpy seized the fact that she will not harm Meerenese lives. She kept trying to please the people while she continually became unhappy. She literally allowed a man to spit on her face when SHE WAS A QUEEN and she let him go. She even lets Brown Ben Plumm go after betraying her, and she did not punish anyone because she hated the idea of appearing as the Butcher Queen.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Dani’s symbolism is very personalized. Red door = home imagery ran all through her chapters. She promptly named her Dragons after her brothers even when she had little 'sensory’ impressions of them (the myth of Rhaeger did not come into play here, or the cruelty of Viserys), but she did it because of the concept(the green one Rhaegal 'cause the Trident was green where Rhaeger fell, Viseryon will be the prince Viserys was not).

She absorbed the warning Quaith gave her without any filtering and started scanning everyone for the 'three treason’ with intuition, rather than sensory evidences.  Dani, after the torturing experience of riding first with the Khalasaar and getting bruises from horseback, dreamed of a dragon and felt empowered. Then again, she took another leap of faith and woke dragons. Then her trip in the House of the Undying in the book was another Ni trip. She knew the Pree was false Pree, the Wizards are false wizard, the first door on the left in the last door on the right..all through her intuition. Her Se was feeding her clues all along the way, but being an intuitive, she is not aware of it.

Her plan with the Unsullied, the siege of Yunkai by getting the sellsword captain drunk and relying the slaves will  throw off their shackles, she kept acting on 'hunches’ up to the third book and her hunches kept paying off, until…

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Her Se is part of her loop. The Fe-Se loop first appears during Drogo’s illness and she ignores all intuition and jumps to act. Then it appears for a longer time in Meereen, and she is stuck into taking desperate measures to get her people behind her (cage the dragons, take children as hostage, then treat those children like royalty, marry Hizdar, agree to slavery in Yunkai and Astapor, open the pits, let the sick camp, then cut the camps off behind the wall…). All the while, she slowly kept losing consciousness with their long-term Ni goal. At first, getting stuck in Meereen only fueled her main objective, in her mind, she needs to be the right kind of Queen first (which overlaps with her theme, the one who fought for ending the slavery of the living will fight the ultimate slavers of humanity). She, in the books, in constantly weighing in her vision of going back 'home’ with her current situation, except she cannot leave with her people like this (Fe). Then as situation spiraled out of control, Westeros took backseat.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Her Ti is baby Ti. It makes appearance sporadically and she cannot explain her logic because its subjective (like the one about not being a Butcher Queen). After a long loop, it finally kicks off at the final chapter of DwD, when she realizes that Meereen is not home.  Then her Ni makes a comeback, and she remember 'who she is meant to be’ and embraces fire and blood.

Note: I am talking about book Dani. Show Dani is with her constant screaming of '“I want my dragons,” “I have dragons,” “The throne is mine,” “I will take what is mine with fire and blood,” and zero people-pleasing is another creature. Show Dani can be a higher Se but book Dani is higher Ni through and through. 

mrsjadecurtiss  asked:

One thing that always gives me trouble with daenerys' chapters is that im almost as naive/trusting as her, so i always believe her judgements at first xD some characters i really don't know what to make of even when thinking critically... what's your stance on daario, is he on dany's side/trustworthy? Even she doubts him, not to mention all the older characters, so i'm almost inclined to say he might be up to something good after all; since him betraying her wouldnt be much of a twist

Daario is out for what he can get. In Dany’s case, what he can get is fucking a Targaryen queen, something very few men can ever claim to have done – and only he and Hizdahr have ever had the mother of dragons, a far rarer prize. If that sounds kinda gross, it is – I do think Daario’s pretty gross. (His naked lady sword handles, that he fondles in public, are like the naked boob lady mudflaps you see on trucks.) That Dany’s turned on by Daario, that she let him have her “every way a man can have a woman”, well, ugh, I can’t deal with her taste in men, I really don’t know why she thinks she loves him, but she’s 15/16, she’s taking control of her sexuality, she thinks Daario’s hot, go for it girl.

Despite his skeeviness, however, I do think Daario is actually on Dany’s side. That side includes encouraging her more dragonish, vengeful tendencies, so I don’t really care for his influence, but I believe he’s honest about it at least. And that he volunteered to be a hostage to the Yunkai’i speaks exceedingly well of him. That is… if the hostage thing isn’t a trick. I think it’s not a trick, and I worry that the Yunkai’i may kill him like they did the hostage Admiral Groleo– but I also worry that he may betray Dany’s side, especially if he’s found out Dany’s not in Meereen anymore. (Note, the fact that Groleo was presented to Barristan and Hizdahr as a head only, like Daario presented the heads of the captains of the Stormcrows to Dany, makes me more than a tad suspicious.)

I also sometimes worry that Victarion may kill Daario once he finishes up the siege of Meereen. (Although it’s probably Hizdahr that will end up nailed to the prow of Victarion’s ship.) But for all that, we’re going to have to wait for TWOW and the resolution of the Battle of Fire, that’s the only way we’ll find out the truth. Hope that helps!

‘Magic’ ~~~ Yoosung

So here’s my kind of contribution for Pride Month and Mystic Messenger. I really hope I wrote this one well I kind of had a hard time because I wasn’t sure if people would like it. But it’s finished at last and here it is! (hands up if you love and support Yoosung ^^_

the song is from Coldplay’s ‘Magic’. As always, song lyrics are in bold italics

~ mod stranger

Call it magic, call it true

Stormcrow_Paladin_0702 has logged in

Yoosung’s heart skipped a beat. ‘She’s here!’ he grinned excitedly as his fingers flew over the keyboard.

I call it magic when I’m with you

ShootingStarxXx: hey hey hey!!!!
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: yoosung!! ^^ still awake?
ShootingStarxXx: of course! can’t sleep lololol

Yoosung yawned. That was kind of a lie. Even though he usually gamed until two in the morning it was almost 4 o’ clock now. He was tired as Hell and he still had class the next day. But all of it was worth it just so he could talk to MC. Earlier, his entire body felt like shutting down but now, it felt as if every cell in his being had been charged with caffeine.

And I just got broken, broken into two

Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: haha nice! did i miss out on anything?
ShootingStarxXx: there was this super HUGE haul of rare items just lying around earlier. it was CHAOS everyone was trying to get something lolol.
ShootingStarxXx: a fight almost happened since a ton of people wanted something lololol
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: awwww i missed a lot then T^T
ShootingStarxXx: not to worry!! i got some stuff for you!!
ShootingStarxXx: like this really cool enchanted armor with +10 defense!!
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: OMG
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: YOOSUNG YOU ARE THE BEST

Still I call it magic, when I’m next to you

Again. Yoosung’s heart skipped a beat again. ‘It was so worth it to stay up,’ he thought, feeling his face grow warmer at the compliment MC made. He always loved LOLOL but having her around made it a hundred times better.

Call it magic, call it true

ShootingStarxXx: of course!! LOLOL pals remember? ^^
ShootingStarxXx: soon-to-be irl pals too!!

I call it magic when I’m with you

Yoosung had met Stormcrow_Paladin_0702 a few months ago in a LOLOL chatroom. She was obviously being bullied by some of the other high-level players and he couldn’t help but cut in. After all, LOLOL was supposed to be a place where everyone was free and happy. She thanked him a lot because of that and the two quickly hit it off when they talked more in the chatroom. After completing their first quest, Yoosung found out that she wasn’t just skilled, she knew just how to attack and defend in time with how Yoosung played. They were the PERFECT team. Months went by and Yoosung couldn’t help but discover other ‘feelings’ for her. He didn’t even know her personally but deep inside, he felt that if they met in real life he would still have those same feeling. So a week ago, he found out about a LOLOL convention happening a few cities away and so he brought it up to MC. Even though she was reluctant at first, she eventually agreed for them to meet up there.

And I just got broken, broken into two

Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: right!! sooooo excited to see you!
ShootingStarxXx: can’t wait either!!!
ShootingStarxXx: then we’ll be MEGA BEST FRIENDS 😃

‘Or maybe something more too…’ Yoosung thought as he sighed and rested his chin on his arm. Even though he hoped for it to happen, he couldn’t help but think about the possibility that MC might not actually like him in that way. The only hope that he actually had was that the ‘gamer girls are into gamer boys’ hypothesis would work. ‘A gamer romance story…’ he smiled to himself. ‘Hopefully it comes to that.’

Still I call it magic, when I’m next to you

And I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t
No I don’t, it’s true

Once Yoosung went offline for the night, or early morning to be more exact, you sighed and leaned back in your chair. “Two more days,” you whispered to yourself in the darkness of your room. It seemed like ages ago since you and Yoosung first chatted on LOLOL, even longer since the day you began to admire him from afar, in the game of course. You were in the same guild as him but you were pretty detached from the rest of the group, usually choosing not to engage in the chatroom everyone shared. Everyone else in your guild felt the same to you, just the usual gamers who liked to joke around and talk about the same things. But for some reason, Yoosung seemed different from the rest.

Sure, he always raged about LOLOL and talked about his problems as a college student like the rest of the guild. But there were times when he would say something deeper, something that would catch your attention. Most of the time they were about him being all alone and left behind. You found yourself to those lines of words written in the chatroom that were always quickly drowned out by the other gamers raging about something new they found.

I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t
Want anybody else but you

Your feelings for him grew a bit more that time when he defended you from those annoying, high-level players on LOLOL bullying you again for accidentally letting a goblin go during the quest. Without you entirely expecting it, the two of you started talking and became fast friends. Even on the chatroom, you could tell that Yoosung probably had the same feelings for you that you had for him. Each time you talked, you felt yourself falling more and more for him. Eventually, he proposed meeting up at a LOLOL convention and you agreed, quite reluctantly. Because everything was fine except for one tiny detail.

And I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t
No I don’t, it’s true

You didn’t tell him you were actually a guy.

During one of the chats you two had you told him that you were actually a girl. It felt as if some kind of evil spirit possessed you to type out the words ‘I’m a girl’ on the keyboard. Because then again, it was completely possible that Yoosung was actually as straight as the spear you often used to kill ogres in LOLOL. You actually searched up the statistics. Turns out, at least one in every twenty men are actually gay. And judging by Yoosung’s reaction to what you said, your hypothesis was probably correct. You considered dressing up as a girl for the convention but you knew it was way too obvious. And thinking realistically, you couldn’t hold that act up for long. Yoosung was going to find out eventually. You just wished that you could drink some kind of potion to disappear once he did.

You groaned and covered your face with your hands. You were completely fucked.

I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t
Want anybody else but you

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Daenerys is a Treacherous Autocrat

In this mini-essay we’d like to explore how the bad faith on display throughout A Dance with Dragons has its origins in the accidental revolution that takes place in A Storm of Swords, much as the spiralling violence and social breakdown seen throughout Westeros in A Feast for Crows has its origins in the Riverlands War and Red Wedding. From the start the revolution was treacherous and autocratic and it is Daenerys’ failure to realize this that nearly brings about its undoing.

By the time Daenerys arrived in Slavers Bay, she had become well accustomed to treachery. She spent her childhood moving from place to place in fear of phantom assassins. While staying with Magister Illyrio she saw his manipulations and deceptions for what they were, but could do nothing about them. While touring the western market in Vaes Dothrak there was an attempt on her life. When she spared Mirri Maz Duur the magi killed her husband and unborn child. Her husband’s khalasar then disintegrated and she had to flee death or slavery at the hands of her husband’s former lieutenants. When she became a guest in the house of Xaro Xhoan Daxos he tried to swindle her out of a dragon. When she took up Pyat Pree on paying a visit to the House of the Undying she almost got eaten by vampire corpses. It’s actually remarkable how well adjusted she still is, all things considered, especially in light of the crippling insecurity of her father and brother. So it’s not surprising that she is quite willing to resort to treachery in the service of what she believes to be a good cause.

Shortly after meeting the Unsullied, Daenerys is scheming to forcefully liberate them from a combination of self-interest and empathy. The Good Masters in contrast openly desire Dany’s three dragons, but they do not simply have their Unsullied butcher Dany and her entourage and take the dragons for themselves, even though they could very easily do so (Dany having few friends, no protectors besides Magister Illyrio, and many enemies). Rather, the Masters negotiate a deal where they would give Dany ALL the city’s Unsullied, including the trainees, in exchange for ONE dragon (albeit the biggest one), three ships, and three holds of Jade Sea cargo. To the Masters it is a hard but fair bargain, but Dany operates in bad faith on multiple levels — she has less cargo then she claims, she has no intention of parting with her ships, Drogon will never behave, and she plans to use the Unsullied to massacre the Masters and sack the city. Un-translated insults aside, the Good Masters are all good faith — the Unsullied are handed over straight away and perform more or less as advertised. The Masters give Dany a translator so she can communicate with her new soldiers, offer some helpful advice, and even express interest in future business to the mutual benefit of both. Dany listens politely and then orders Drogon and her new Unsullied to kill them all. The Good Masters might have been too greedy and too complacent, but they were also too trusting.

Dany’s first three Storm of Swords chapters establish that the Ghiscari Masters are a merchant aristocracy with some scruples and honour for those they consider their social equivalents and customers. They might chauvinistically and misogynistically insult Dany behind her back, but they still bargain fairly with her, deliver the goods, and expect her to do the same. This ethic has obviously grown out of the Ghiscari culture of slave commerce and collective leadership — the slaves must be as advertised for buyers to come and pay worthwhile prices, and the slave owning class has to rule as one in order to produce said slaves. Honest inter-elite bargaining is the only praiseworthy aspect of an otherwise wretched regime of decadence fuelled by human misery, not unlike how hope was the only good thing in Pandora’s box of horrors, and it’s this honest bargaining that Dany uses to overthrow them.

Daenerys also displays plenty of bad faith outside Yunkai. While she never pledges or agrees to a truce and therefore avoids saying an outright lie, she lets her enemies believe she has pledged a truce by giving the sellswords wine and the length of the night to consider her offer, and then telling the Yunkish they have three days to release their slaves. She is clearly intending a deception by omission and even the savvy and cynical Ser Jorah is surprised when she orders preparations for a surprise attack:

““Ser Jorah,” she said, “summon my bloodriders.” Dany seated herself on a mound of cushions to await them, her dragons all about her. When they were assembled, she said, “An hour past midnight should be time enough.”

“Yes, Khaleesi,” said Rakharo. “Time for what?”

“To mount our attack.”

Ser Jorah Mormont scowled. “You told the sellswords –

“- that I wanted their answers on the morrow. I made no promises about tonight. The Stormcrows will be arguing about my offer. The Second Sons will be drunk on the wine I gave Mero. And the Yunkai’i believe they have three days. We will take them under cover of this darkness.”” (SoS Dany IV)

Again the Masters are too trusting, which gets them beaten. Later the Yunkish turn lemons to lemonade by portraying Dany, not unreasonably, as a breaker of truces.

Dany’s behavior towards Grazdan mo Eraz is less ambiguous in that it is a clear and indisputable violation of her word. She pledged him safe conduct and then she whimsically violates said pledge in a demonstration of power:

““I say, you are mad.”

“Am I?” Dany shrugged, and said, “Dracarys.”

The dragons answered. Rhaegal hissed and smoked, Viserion snapped, and Drogon spat swirling red-black flame. It touched the drape of Grazdan’s tokar, and the silk caught in half a heartbeat. Golden marks spilled across the carpets as the envoy stumbled over the chest, shouting curses and beating at his arm until Whitebeard flung a flagon of water over him to douse the flames.

“You swore I should have safe conduct!” the Yunkish envoy wailed.

“Do all the Yunkai’i whine so over a singed tokar? I shall buy you a new one… if you deliver up your slaves within three days. Elsewise, Drogon shall give you a warmer kiss.” She wrinkled her nose. “You’ve soiled yourself. Take your gold and go, and see that the Wise Masters hear my message.”” (DwD Dany IV)

Dany’s contempt is just plain remarkable. Dragon’s fire is not a toy:

““Drogon,” she sang out loudly, sweetly, all her fear forgotten. “Dracarys.”

The black dragon spread his wings and roared.

A lance of swirling dark flame took Kraznys full in the face. His eyes melted and ran down his cheeks, and the oil in his hair and beard burst so fiercely into fire that for an instant the slaver wore a burning crown twice as tall as his head. The sudden stench of charred meat overwhelmed even his perfume, and his wail seemed to drown all other sound.” (SoS Dany III)

For all of Dany’s playful confidence she really could have badly injured, or even killed, Grazdan mo Eraz. The envoy and his government have every right to be furious and believe they are dealing with a woman whose word means nothing.

Now Dany is not only treacherous, she is also a monarch. She identifies herself as a Queen and establishes a monarchy in Meereen. In doing so she replaces a system where decisions are made collectively amongst the elite with a new order, where decisions are instead made by a single all-powerful sovereign, albeit with the advice of her courtiers and subjects. This creates another front in the culture clash. If the Ghiscari Masters are honourable in dealings amongst their own class, they are obnoxious potentates when dealing with lesser citizens, and whimsical and sadistic tyrants when lording over their slaves. To them this is their right and due as the master class and they are jealous and resentful of their status. Dany’s revolution dramatically turns the tables on them. Now it is they who are subject to the arbitrary whims, orders and punishments of an unchecked sovereign:

““I want your leaders,” Dany told them. “Give them up, and the rest of you shall be spared.”

“How many?” one old woman had asked, sobbing. “How many must you have to spare us?”

“One hundred and sixty-three,” she answered.

She had them nailed to wooden posts around the plaza, each man pointing at the next.” (SoS Dany VI)

“Dany listened quietly, her face still. When he was done, she said, “What was the name of the old

“The slave?” Grazdan shifted his weight, frowning. “She was … Elza, it might have been. Or Ella.

It was six years ago she died. I have owned so many slaves, Your Grace.”

“Let us say Elza. Here is our ruling. From the girls, you shall have nothing. It was Elza who taught them weaving, not you. From you, the girls shall have a new loom, the finest coin can buy. That is for forgetting the name of the old woman.”” (DwD Dany I)

This casual violence and contempt is akin to how the superior normally treat their inferiors; ergo Dany’s court is not what the Meereenese Master class considers a legitimate regime but rather a tyranny. As their new Queen is both treacherous and illegitimate there is no reason to deal honourably with her and therefore they never do.*

Naturally all future dealings in A Dance with Dragons between Queen Daenerys and the Ghiscari Masters of Meereen and Yunkai are overflowing with loathing and bad faith. Why should it be otherwise? False promises, sneak attacks, fatal omissions, and treachery made the revolution, so how could these not become the weapons of the counter-revolution? Yet, while the war is only beginning for the Masters, Dany desperately wants it to end. Having taken autocratic power dishonorably, the Dragon Queen desires to rule honorably and justly as a good ruler should. To do this she assumes good faith on the part of her adversaries, assuming they can be appeased. So she closes her eyes, disarms herself, and gives her enemies an in to effectively overthrow her in turn, which they quickly seize. As a result her allies and followers have to resort to treachery and martial power in order to save her regime. Dany’s story arc in A Dance with Dragons is the tale of how the Masters come very close to defeating her with her own weapons.

*rather they deal honourably with the magnificent Hizdahr zo Loraq, an iconic member of their class who shares their goals but also has a few of his own, namely keeping the throne and his monopoly ownership of the fighting pits. He might also be part of some scheme involving the dragons. Hizdahr of course is deceiving Dany.

Thranduil's Not-So-Isolationist Policies

Summary:  At best, fans and scholars view Thranduil as a cautious isolationist;  at worst, he is seen as a greedy dwarf-hater beset by paranoia.  In fact, he is not an isolationist at all.

Thranduil’s Not-So-Isolationist Policies

Thranduil would not risk the lives of his kin against the wrath of the dragon.  No help came from the elves that day, or any day since. (1)

The narrator presents a clear picture of Thranduil’s policy toward the Dwarves.  This scene has just one problem:  Tolkien did not write it.  It is Peter Jackson’s interpretation.  Tolkien did not tell us anything about the Woodland Realm’s reaction to Smaug’s attack on Dale and the Dwarves.  At best, we have a snippet describing Thranduil’s realm, which

…extended into the woods surrounding the Lonely Mountain and growing along the west shores of the Long Lake, before the coming of the Dwarves exiled from Moria and the invasion of the Dragon. (2)

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Places in Vancouer Henry should take his boyfriend and girlfriend:

- that gelato place with 100 flavours
- Stanley Park (Blue loves the trees there)
- Richmond Night Market
- all the botanical gardens (he’s Soft like that)
- all of the escape rooms too
- Fright Nights at the PNE
- the Laughing Men on Davie
- Actually all of Davie and Denman (it’s the gay area)
- Little Sisters (book store and sex shop… Important stuff)
- Vancouver Public Library (seven floors, looks like a colosseum)
- Wreck Beach
- and some not nude beaches too probably
- VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery, also where all the protests in the city start)
- Granville Island (art and fortune telling and yummy food)
- Stormcrow Tavern (NERD BAR)
- Science World

Also Saltspring Island (hippy community. Blue definitely knows some witches there)

Added bonus there’s s cool walk on the Sunshine Coast where there’s a bunch of troll faces carved into the trees… And they’d have to take the ferry. They would love the ferry.