Those [Storm Crazies] are the people you respect the most,” Taurasi said. “There’s nothing like a die-hard fan. I’m one. I’ve got my teams that when I go watch them play, I’m on them. Don’t come into Staples. I’m on them. The Key really is a special place to play at. No matter college, men’s, women’s, it’s a special place to play. You feel that energy and that momentum and it’s really cool.
Sue Bird leads way as Storm stop three-game slide

There wasn’t a glitch on the score board… The Virginia Mason Injury Report showed NO ONE injured and with LJ back, Coach Agler had ALL 11 players at his disposal… A first this season! He must have felt like a kid in a candy store! The result: a devastating blow to the NY Liberty. Big W that made all Stormcrazies forget the Indiana buzzer winning basket of the previous game.

Let’s face it, the Storm are playoff bound even when LJ missed half of the season. That says a lot for the work done by the coaching team with strategy set during the trading period and the unsurmountable effort put by every player on our roster. They held it together despite the challenges faced by having to create synergy/chemistry, read each other’s moves on the court, learn Agler’s play system and the numerous injuries that plagued them. It is a matter of time before we get over .500 and clinch that #4 playoff spot. Go Storm! It is great to be a Stormcrazy!