stormcloak farkas

When you first meet


Ralof had not think much of the (h/c) woman at on her way to execution same as he. But after the dragon attacked and she joined him as they both escaped certain death he decided it may not be bad to have someone having his back. As they finally stepped out of the doors of helgen and into the wilderness he turned to glance at the woman and smile. “My name is Ralof lass… Now…lets get you to my sisters and get some mead.” he smirked.


Hadvar watched the woman with pity as she stepped down from the cart her hands tied. He asked her name but all she did was stay silent. But when the dragon attacked he was surprized she went with him. Quickly taking her to safety he smiled and lead her to Riften. “I am Hadvar. You’re safe with me.”


Vilkas glared at the newcomer as she made her way towards him and Kodlak even though they were talking. He didn’t like that Kodlak openly liked her and was even more annoyed when Kodlak offered Vilkas to test her metal with. And when the (y/r) woman send him panding on his hide. He tried to brush off his surprize with his quick sarcasm. “I was going easy on you whelp.”


Being often known as the ‘slower but stronger’ twin it was not often a woman would take interest in conversation with him but more so his strength. That is until one day when at the bannered mare a woman had rented a room and decided to join him at his table asking about the armour he wore. Farkas was never good with words but that night he spoke more than maybe in a month.


Being the confident handsome and smart mage he was. Marcurio did what any man would do to make the mist of his talents. Make money off of it. So there he sat at the Bee and Bard for a few days until one day a foreign (y/race) woman entered the tavern and struck a conversation before accepting his offer. Marcurio gave the woman his signature smile before saying “Marcurio: at your service.”


Brynjolf knew the Thieves Guild had fallen quite far from its former glory days. And was desperate to find someone: anyone, that might help get the place back on its feet. He hadn’t much luck until a travel weary female (y/r) had stepped into riften’s walls. He didn’t know what it was, but he knew there was something about her. “Hello lass… You seem light on the pockets. So you wouldn’t mind doing a favor me would you lass?”

Oh look, it’s Procrastination: Round 4 (Skyrim Edition)

Because I clearly have nothing better to do, I thought I’d upload the ‘cast’ to the sequel I’m procrastinating on XD It’s okay, this is a collection I was working on for a few weeks, I didn’t hunt them all down today. I’m also splitting this up into two parts because apparently I spent WAY too much time finding these things out -_- Why am I the way I am?

It’s because I’m visual, actually. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason.

Upon waking:

Emma Roberts as Gwyneira Sauveterre (the Dragonborn)

Alexander Ludwig as Ralof

Linus Roache as Ulfric Stormcloak

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