— “Woman?” She chuckled. “Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man.” Dany met his stare. “I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, khaleesi to Drogo’s riders, and queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.”

                                                              For @daenerysn.

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it is embarrassing how many times i mixed up your fanfiction with canon. this happens with stormborn most often. the other day i was ranting about senju!obito to a friend who reminded me that, "literally what the fuck are you talking about this never happened???" or that time i was about to write an angry post about how it pisses me off that fandom doesn't talk more about how danzo's shennanigans were responsible for uzushio. I THOUGHT THIS WAS CANON FOR M O N T H S NOW.


That is the best thing I’ve ever heard, and you just made my night. Thank you!

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I'm the anon who joked that your ShikaSai fic would hit 10+ chapters back when it was first posted. Well, I was right, but how did the story expand *200%?!* That's a lot of expansion (maybe even for you?). Was it that there was more plot than you expected, you had some new ideas about twists? More romance and Sai's ridiculous, yet endearing flirting? SakuIno fluff? Not asking for spoilers, but what kind of content exploded on you so much? (And Hell yeah, Jashinists, Sai and Ino! I'm excited!)

^^” I suppose I shouldn’t remind you that Stormborn was supposed to be 20k? Um. 

Apparently I badly overestimated my ability to be concise, because I was looking at plot notes and the second chapter’s were like “talk to people, find jashinists, fight, go back to konoha, confrontation with shika??” And…yeah. 2 out of 5 in almost 5k, congratulation Kat, you’re dumb. 

So! Since the main point of this fic is Uchiha!Sai, it’s going to have to get to the point where that becomes a plot. And…that’s probably not going to be for another few chapters, because what is conciseness?? 

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Ugh, I feel so sorry for you constantly getting asks like 'why u hate my itachi so? he's a good guy and he did it to save the village!' every month when, *also* every month you have to repeat your opinions about him on. your. own. blog. I was legit surprised when I found out you abhored Itachi because in 'Stormborn' (the only fic of yours involving him I'd read at that point) he was written pretty nicely. I literally can't tell you hate in *in your own fics*. Now, a weird question because 1/3

the drinking snake gif reminded me of something. You need to wash your hands really well after handling snakes because they carry salmonella and things on their scales. How would this work in Naruto? Is Orochi (etc.) constantly washing his hands? Do summons just not have this issue, but normal snakes do? Does he have immunity for clan reasons? If the latter, imagine he (and others) are handling snakes, he reminds them to wash their hands and an onlooker sees he doesn’t wash his own and ends up accidentally following Orochi and co. to the same restaurant where said (idiot) onlooker starts commenting about Orochi being dirty and infecting people for not washing his hands and stuff. Imagine the mayhem that goes down (*specifically* because of being called dirty/infecting people) when Orochi/Orochi’s friends/family/etc. hears the idiot. Yeah, weird, but my mind likes wondering if RL minutiae can work into a fictional work and the scenarios that come about.

As far as I’m aware (and it’s been a solid two decades since I was around snakes kept as pets, as a caveat) as long as you’re not ingesting feces there’s very little risk of disease from them as long as they’re kept in a sanitary environment. Since it’s Orochimaru, I can’t imagine his snakes living in a cage at all, let alone that cage getting dirty, so it might not be a problem? 

That said, the only image of a reaction from friends/family that I get is blood and destruction and Orochimaru sitting back and rolling his eyes, though he’s secretly flattered. It would not be pretty. o.o