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Au Ra aging - long post!

Running around on the Azim Steppe I’ve been thinking about the older and younger Au Ra that you can see and decided to do a compilation/comparison chart of sorts that can be used as reference for fanart etc.

I’ve tried to approximate the appearance with the character creation, but some might be a little off since it was difficult with the colors in different lightning.



This first set was the first one I noticed and I included the Xaela lady as well since she has less facial scales, but is clearly older that the player character.
The older ones have longer horns and more scales on their faces/necks, but I couldn’t see any obvious difference in tail length.


Again, horns become longer and more scales on face/neck area. The children have tiny tiny tails <3


This one was the most difficult since the child’s horn shape doesn’t really look like any of the available horns. The shape is too different to the rounder/oval horns and they seem to be growing down/backwards, so I’m guessing this is the match.



I’m unsure about the child here, but compared to the adult horns I think that this is the most likely match.The face scales does not match however, but it seems like theres only two models for the children’s faces (girl and boy).
Male horns seem to get thicker and have more swirly patterns with age, but lose some of its shape. More facial scales with age.


Longer horns/tail.


Longer horns and more facial scales.

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