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10 SONGS TAG!!! 🎵

Thank you @dekaythepunk & @we-came-as-the-maine who tagged me <33

List 10 songs that you’re currently into and tag 10 people!

  1. 19 Seventy Sumthin’ by Neck Deep
  2. Empire To Ashes by Sleeping With Sirens
  3. Sugar by Mallory Knox
  4. Vices by Silverstein
  5. Don’t Wait by Neck Deep
  6. Release by Most People
  7. Glass Houses by Bad Omens
  8. Stormalong Harbor by Vanish
  9. Last Looks by Silverstein
  10. Freak Machine by Fit For Rivals

If i were honest, there would be a lot more Neck Deep songs haha, but i didn’t wanna make the whole list just songs from them ^^

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trans-girl-narancia  asked:

I wanted to like Flapjack and gave it a try again because of the Over the Garden Falls Time thing but the artstyle still makes my skin crawl, I can't find it anywhere in good quality (I know it's older) and the writing doesn't really catch on very quickly. Have you any advice for a nerd who quenches for cartoons, Bana?

Oh that and it kinda feels like Spongebob (or maybe a dark carnival version of One Piece) on even more drugs ‘n less for kids with the whole seedy/zany nautical thing going on bUT I REALLY WANNA LIKE THIS SHOW PLEASE ADVISE ME SEMPAI (also I cannot believe I typed out 'dark carnival’ unironically in your askbox) 

Flapjack was part of that cartoon boom in the early 2000′s where humor started taking a different turn that just so happened to be the same direction a lot of millenial humor was going. It was along with Adventure Time when the pilot aired, and as we all know Adventure Time set the bar for “success in cartoons” once it started airing. MANY things now take influence from Adventure Time AND Flapjack, Pen and Thurop have that absurdist humor that strikes a chord with a lot of people.

“But why isn’t Flapjack as popular?” Flapjack was…. weird. I mean, the way you’re describing it sounds like you kind of missed what exactly Flapjack and its humor is supposed to be. In a way, Flapjack is a season long joke.

Here I wrote you this essay.

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