stormageddon is dark lord of all

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I'm sure other people have already sent asks about this but I'm sure that while plenty of people are happy to have a relatively mundane sounding nickname, there are plenty of others who come up with the most ridiculous nicknames. Like, some little shit probably thought it would be funny to call herself Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way or Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

YES one hundred percent hahaha

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Name: Annealeigh
Nicknames: Annie, Canada, A, Stormageddon Dark Lord of All
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: Oh fuck fucking hell fuck 5′3
Orientation: ????????? IDK I like who I like regardless of what they identify as
Nationality: Whiter than a sheet of paper(I literally glow in the sunlight)
Fave Fruit: Strawberries? Or maybe cantaloupe? Or watermelon? Or Honeydew? Mangoes? BUT NOT BANANAS FUCK BANANAS 
Fave Season: Winter and Autumn because big sweaters, hot tea, and the Aesthetic™
Fave Book: All the Rage by Courtney Summers, The Princess Bride, Death Troopers was pretty lit too
Fave Flower: ??????? ALL OF THEM
Fave Scent: Lavender? Vanilla? Freshly baked cookies? NO NO NO I’VE GOT IT PETRICHOR
Fave Color: Seafoam Green, Aqua Green, and Teal
Fave Animals: … DinosaurSharkBirds(duh) AKA Cassowaries
Average Sleep Hours: Either none or like 12 hours its one or the other there is no in between 
Cat or Dog Person: Both
Fave Fictional Characters: All of them                                                    Number of Blankets You Sleep With: A million                                         Dream Trip: I wanna go to space                                                                     Blog Created: I DONT KNOW LIKE 4 YEARS AGO?????                                 Number of Followers: 334

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Do you play Doctor Who: Legacy?

Well those guise just told us that a new character, Stormageddon (Dark Lord of All) will be available as of tomorrow! The character will be exclusively in the fan area of the app for the first 30 days as a reward for completing the new level, ‘Infestation’. The Doctor Who: Legacy Facebook page is also giving 12 lucky people codes to unlock Stormageddon.

We’ve heard that more allies will be added in the upcoming Fridays, so keep your eyes and thumbs out and ready.

If you haven’t played Doctor Who: Legacy yet, here are links to find it on Android and iOS.

because-of-feels  asked:

Hi! I'm super excited about the season eight premier and was just wondering of there is anything you really want to see or any references you'd like them to make? For example I'd love an episode with Craig and Stormageddon Dark Lord of All even though it seems super unlikely :)

Ahhhh man, I would love to see Craig return to the show, any time, under any circumstance.

It would be super cool if we ever got to meet a grown up Stormy Alfie! There was that fan theory post going around, I’ll link to it if I can find it, where someone headcanon’d that the soldier who talked about “hearing stories of Cybermen in my crib” or something in an episode was actually an adult Alfie, and I thought that was neat too.

A lot of people talk about wanting to see Jenny, the Doctor’s “Daughter,” back on the show. Her exit was ambiguous, and I think there’s definitely a way for her to return without seeming shoehorned.

And of course, I wholly support anything that includes the return of the Curator…

Yes, he likes that. Alfie. Though, personally, he prefers to be called Stormageddon, Dark Lord of all.”
“Sorry, what?”
“That’s what he calls himself.”
“And how d'you know that?”
“I speak baby.
—  Doctor Who, Season 6, Episode 13