So these are my favorite blogs of 2011 ^-^
If you’re not in there it’s NOT because I don’t like you/your blog.

And I just wanted to say thank you to all people who follow me :D I love each one of you :D♥

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! ♥ (and happy birthday Sungmin keke)

Ok... I'm out to lunch now... :S

so I hope I’ll meet some of my sissies later T_T at least my Storm… because her twin sis went to sleep soon (poor sissie, tomorrow everything will be better), my sis mochiilover will be online only the weekends (like my TRAXian assyouseeit T_T), and Bominwooworld is missing again T_T (after a short appearance)… and Yhaya is missing too! T_T

Hope to meet at least some of you later!!! <3

I’m not good editing pics, I’m sorry about that, lil sis T_T But still I wanted to do something for your birthday and tell you how we feel ^_^ I really hope you spend a wonderful birthday and enjoy it a lot! *_* Happy birthday, dear!