Between Cloudbursts by James Whitesmith
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This is fucking harrowing and awesome footage.

Justin Cox and Chance Coldiron (Fast Unit 70) tracked the destructive EF-5 tornado that levelled swaths of Moore, Oklahoma this past Monday (05.20.2013). Part of this footage was seen on KOCO-TV during its live coverage of the weather emergency. This is amazing footage of what has become one of the most destructive storms in state history (24 killed, nine children included; hundreds injured, possible $2 bn in damages). The audio you hear throughout the video is the live broadcast from KOCO-TV that afternoon.

Playing catch-up this weekend (and probably for all the times I’ve been more “off” than “on” this thing).

You’re a storm with an infinite track in terms of gales and etcetera. You’re a storm that leaves everyone with shock in their eyes. You’re a storm that will have a name and they’ll keep track of what you’ve done and it’ll be recorded in the greatest of history. You never even waver after going to a country; you travel the world with a confident strut.

You are a storm that will never waver; that will never be measured in terms of intensity.

People will never really forget about you; they’ll treasure the pain and tragedy you gave them and find the light you contain and give hope.

Because it (the hurricane) is basically a strong gust of wind. Storms travel the world. You’re not a one-trick phony.

—  I asked the guy who fell in love with me if I was a storm or a hurricane and he replied with this. When I asked why not a hurricane, he said… (The last paragraph)

Anyone still in the Static Fandom still? If so wanna chat?

I needs more people to talk about how adorable and awesome Virgil is! Static is 10/10 favorite DC hero. ouo

Just got my hands on the New 52 Static Shock comics and it re-sparked my love for him.

Also is it true that they are making a live action Static series? If so, I’m going to legitly scream like a five year old! Static is the hero the world needs right now!