You know that feeling you get when you’re watching a storm roll in.
The clouds are growing darker & larger.
The lighting is flashing restlessly through the sky & the thunder rumbles beneath your feet.
You stare up & wonder how something so dangerous could look so captivating.
You should go inside, close up the windows & be cautious of any tornado warnings.
But the only thing you want to do is take your hair down & let the rain pelt your skin until you feel like the sorrows of yesterday were washed off of you.
That’s what loving you was like.
It was scary & dangerous, but I just couldn’t force myself to go back inside.

Rather than going home like lake Eibsee’s other visitors, we hiked 8km through the relentless rain. The fog surrounding the mountains offered dramatic views which became more and more impressive as we progressed through the woods. The moody atmosphere suggested a storm was imminent. However the sun peaked through the thick cloud, offering stunning reflections and golden hues as if the lake had woken up. We couldn’t resist swimming in the crystal clear water, despite its low temperature. No one was around; we’d ventured so far off the beaten path. We had paradise to ourselves. We swam out to one of the lake’s eight islands, with curious fish beneath us. A lone paddle boarder warned us of a storm coming, so we swam back to shore and got changed. The emerging sun and warmth was deceiving, as sure enough, the storm rolled in. We had a short amount of time before our only bus home departed. We started to run faster as the rain fell harder, but got lost in the darkness of the looming trees. Excitement quickly turned to fear as we ran around with no clear pathway. Fortunately we stumbled upon a narrow footpath and followed it hoping we’d end up where we needed to be. Relief kicked in when we saw three other hikers up ahead; we knew we were heading the right way. The storm persisted but we slowed to a walk, because in our minds, we’d made it. The journey out of the woods took another half hour, and when we emerged into civilisation and familiar surroundings, I couldn’t stop smiling. Not because we had left the lake, but because I’d never felt more alive. We didn’t let the rain ruin our adventure, and we persisted despite the dangers that faced us. Treading our own path lead us to the most magical experience; a journey that’ll remain in my mind forever.