What Would They Say Chapter 34

She couldn’t dwell on the way his dimples flashed when he smiled. She couldn’t think of how when he grabbed her hand she felt like she could get through anything. She couldn’t remind herself that she loved his son as much as she loved her own. She couldn’t let herself fall in love with the husband of her dead best friend. Outlaw Queen Modern AU. Not an adultery fic. Epic Slowburn. link

Chapter Summary:  A storm traps the Hood-Mills family in Robin’s house for one last sleepover.


It was a grey day when Regina finally moved out of Robin’s house. Dark clouds filled every part of the sky and wind steadily blew through the air, shaking the branches in the trees. A hell of a storm was about to roll through. And yet it was nothing compared to the storm Robin felt inside.

He’d been helping her load up boxes all day, watching as she’d shuttled them from his garage to her new home, a lovely little bungalow with two bedrooms not even five miles from his own home. As the weather worsened so had the melancholy feeling in his gut.

He was sad, truly sad to see Regina and Henry go. Having them in his home over the last three months had been a joy. Though he knew they’d be visiting often he’d miss the certainty of seeing their faces every day. Despite his feelings on the matter he knew their departure was for the best. Regina and Henry deserved a home of their own and spending some time apart from her would help him sort out his feelings. Gauge their authenticity as it were.

Fat raindrops had started splattering against the windows by the time she returned for her final trip. Even from the kitchen he could hear the howling of the wind as she walked through the front door, struggling to slam it closed on her way back inside. She appeared in the kitchen, breathless, her hair blown wild form the wind, raindrops scattered across her face as she shrugged off one of his old hoodies revealing the plain maroon tee underneath. God she looked beautiful.

“It’s really blowing out there,” she said, attempting to brush her hair back in place.

“I noticed,” he replied, taking another sip of his coffee. He didn’t make it for the caffeine, just for the warmth. He set his mug down on the kitchen table where he sat. “You’re lucky you got the bulk of it done before things got too bad. How much more do you have left?”

“Just the last three left upstairs.” She’d going back and forth all day. Steadily shrinking the number of boxes cramping up his guest room. It was back to being empty now. He’d offered to help but she’d said she’d rather him stay with the boys. Keep them busy and out of the way.

She softly shook her head and placed her hands on her hips. “You know it’s funny? I was unloading the boxes at the house and I could’ve sworn I had another box of linens,” she mused, her eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

A smirk grew on Robin’s face. “You did. Roland hid it under my bed this morning.”

A guilty moan rose from Regina’s throat. Her godson hadn’t taken the news of her departure well. The closer they’d gotten to move-out day the surlier his mood had become. His latest act of defiance? Hiding all her things so she and Henry couldn’t leave.

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You know that feeling you get when you’re watching a storm roll in.
The clouds are growing darker & larger.
The lighting is flashing restlessly through the sky & the thunder rumbles beneath your feet.
You stare up & wonder how something so dangerous could look so captivating.
You should go inside, close up the windows & be cautious of any tornado warnings.
But the only thing you want to do is take your hair down & let the rain pelt your skin until you feel like the sorrows of yesterday were washed off of you.
That’s what loving you was like.
It was scary & dangerous, but I just couldn’t force myself to go back inside.