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Random question. Do you think Farley has taken Clara with her to visit Shade's grave? I don't remember where Shade's grave is exactly located, maybe it's too far from where they are at present, but even so. How do you imagine this particular scene?

Dear Bernice, it took me some time but here it is, as promised.

The Grave

A/N: Sorry for the following emotional manipulation.

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Farley POV

Flying makes Clara sick, and after she vomited, she crawled into my arms and has stayed here for an hour by now.

She’s flown before when she was a few months old, and it wasn’t better; she cried the whole flight. Her dislike hasn’t improved and I remember how I’d grinned at Shade getting sick on the Blackrun years ago. Strange to see she has inherited that from him. “Dove’s” become an unfitting nickname.

“We’re almost there,” I say, noticing the island in the distance as I look from the window. Finally, the clouds are gone and the morning sun’s light is reflected by the water. I rub Clara’s back and she stirs. After a few seconds, she pulls away from my chest and risks a glance, to my relief. I need to get her belted in her own seat for the landing. I lift her from my lap and suddenly, excitement overcomes her. She sits up in her seat to face the window with both hands pressed to the wall. “Mama, what is it?”

I bend towards her. “It’s the sea, Clara. And over there is Tuck, the island we’re flying to.”

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Red Queen 4 subheading

The first three RQ books have the following subheadings, so which might be the fourth one?

  • Power is a dangerous game
  • Kneel or bleed
  • All will burn

The grammartical styles of them are varied, so I made conclusions upon thinking the subheading of Storm Born will be another variation (which won’t necessarily happen though). The first one is a statement, the second one an imperative, the third a prediction. Missing variations would be a past tense or a participle:

  • Crowns falling
  • Lightning arising
  • Thunder calling

or both:

  • Kingdoms/crowns have fallen
  • Lightning has risen
  • Thunder has called

Other ideas? @calliopexclio @mareshmallow @electricons @red-queen-em-for-a-dream @clarafarleybarrow @queeniriscygnet

Red Queen Calling Out

Looking at the Mare x Cal spoiler, I don’t think that Mare divides Cal in two. Of course she uses “Tiberias” now, out of frustration, but she acknowledges her attraction and deeper feelings for him as well. She doesn’t see either Tiberias the Silver king and Cal her boyfriend - she knows he’s both, and that calms me. If she did make a difference between the two “sides” of him, she’d just lie to herself to keep a few fond memories that wouldn’t have to be polluted by Cal’s decisions in her mind. I don’t think changing the way she addresses him means that. She calls him Tiberias aloud and in her mind to remind herself - and him - of what’s he’s done, even if it hurts. Calling him Tiberias instead of Cal isn’t that great a feat in my opinion, all it takes to change a habit is determination and willpower, and we know Mare has enough of that.

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In your opinion, which Red Queen characters are most likely to survive and which would mostly end up dead at the end of War Storm and why. Just hoping that Clara would still have a family at the end of War storm.

First of all, I think that Clara is 99 % safe, and I’m 100 % sure she’ll still have a family. It’s not like everyone will die, right? Just a question of who, right??

Survival probability

90 % Gisa, Morrey, Sara and Farley

80 % Mare, Kilorn, Wren and Cameron

70 % Iris, Ada, Eve and Elane, Ruth and Daniel, Bree and Tramy

60 % Julian and Davidson

50 % Ptolemus, Maven, Jon and Colonel Farley

30 % Cal and Larentia

10 % Volo and Anabel

There’re also the electricons and I think one of them will die. I can’t say who so IDK how to rate the probability for each.

I can’t really explain why I think so. It’s a feeling. Would their death be a reduntant theme? Would it undermine the character’s development or vice versa? Would it be too cruel, too cheap, offensive, boring etc.?

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Why do you think is the main reason Maven still on the throne? Well, his mother did messed up his mind, removed, added and changed anything that is hindrance to her plan of making him king. But his kingdom is falling, the only reason it still stands. Is with alliance of the Lakelands. But now, he is finally the king, the position that his mother and him lied and killed for. What next? What do you think Maven wants, after having the crown and ending the hundred year war, what now?

I think Maven is good at what he’s doing. He might be unstable about Mare, but people like seeing someone competent on the throne, unless they’re ambititous schemers themselves, like Elara or the Samos. And they can’t be all like that, or kingdoms wouldn’t work to begin with.

The Lakelands alliance must mean a lot. Think of the saved ressources, and the economical gain it has to bring. For sure there are people capitalizing from the new trade between the countries. As Maven is shown to interact well with the Red population, I assume he has similar attention for the common Silvers who are likely a mercantile faction and excited to receive more influence Maven can grant them.

Of course, can his political skills make up for the military failures and the secession of the Rift? I’m curious to see what it has brought, if we get to see a POV close to his court. Maybe he knows which High Houses to shower with appointments, grants and authority to keep them loyal? ID, if Maven isn’t good at war, he can hire some ambititous generals who are happy to serve and be exalted. On the other hand, there might be distress due to his Lakelander queen taking the title away from a Nortan woman. I assume while the low and middle classes like Iris, the nobility might take issues with her.

Your last question is the most interesting - what does Maven want now? I assume he always had some dreams for when he became king that’ll occupy him for a long time. Now he desires to destroy the Scarlet Guard, maybe to bring about his own system to improve the Reds’ situation while maintain the monarchy and the class system. He’s still involved in war, only on new fronts, so it isn’t like he has nothing to worry about. I just wish he won’t ignore all political plans to angst and obsess about Mare ….

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Cal and Mare have broken up, but they have to wotk together to defeat Maven. How do you think Cal and Mare's interactions will go, during War Storm?

I try to include that in my fic though my skills might fail to convey that thoroughly. I think there’ll be an odd mix of Mare mocking Cal (supported by Farley, Cameron, Eve, etc) and scornful pining for him, with focus on the mocking. Mare has proved her mocking skills towards Maven already, I look forward to see her taking aim at Cal.

@all: I’m not good at Mare x Cal stuff. Please add your ideas.