storm the gates

A woman let her dog shit on the airport floor. So I shit on her plans.

While walking to my gate at LAX, I noticed a woman whose dog was in the middle of doing its business. The woman was loudly face-timing with her back to the dog, so I assumed she didn’t notice. That was likely the thought shared by the gentleman who tried to get her attention.

“Excuse me, miss?” he said, in a polite tone. The woman glared at him. “Your dog,” he sheepishly continued, pointing to the mid-poop pup.

The woman rolled her eyes and went back to face time as the man slinked away, seemingly embarrassed.

“Some people,” she bellowed to her face-time companion with no hint of irony, “are just so damned rude.”

When her dog finished, the woman started walking away, leaving everything right on the airport floor. Another woman tried to stop her.

“You’re not going to clean that up?” she asked, as shocked as the rest of us were.

“They have people for that,” the offender replied, disappearing into the crowd, as much as someone yelling into their phone can disappear into a crowd.

I stood near the pile and warned people to walk around it while someone else got a maintenance worker’s attention. No one said anything – we were so shocked that anyone could be that horrible.

When I got to my gate, the woman was there, too. Great – we were both going to Tokyo. When I travel abroad, I get embarrassed by other Americans doing things one hundred times less embarrassing than leaving animal feces on the floor of an airport. To make it worse, her dog was now barking at everyone who walked by.

I have nothing against people flying with their dogs, I do it often. But it is a privilege I take seriously. My dog is well-trained and behaves better than most people. He certainly behaves better than that a**hole.

Speaking of a**holes, there is a pet relief area inside LAX, past security, just two gates away from where The Party Pooper let her dog go to town. It didn’t matter - she was the type of person to litter three feet from an empty garbage can.

While her dog barked at the world, the woman had moved from face-timing with no headphones to listening to music with no headphones. I don’t like to throw around the word “sociopath” but I don’t know how else I could explain just how selfish and terrible of a person she was. I’d bet her car was somewhere in long-term parking, parked across three spots with paint on the bumper from the child’s bike she hit without leaving a note.

Everyone else tried to ignore her, sitting as far away from her as they could. I am not everyone else.

I sat down right next to the horrible woman. “Are you going to London on business?” I said.

“I’m going to Tokyo,” she responded gruffly, annoyed that I interrupted her DJing.

“Oh, I said. Then you better hurry. That flight got moved to gate 53C. This is the flight to London.”

I figured I could give her a little moment of panic as payback for how terribly she was treating everyone. I didn’t predict what would happen next. She grabbed her bags and her dog in a huff, and stormed out of the gate without even checking. She was so self-involved, she didn’t notice that the monitor at our gate still said Tokyo and almost everyone at the gate was Japanese.

Based on her actions, she believed me that the flight had been moved, so she’s also an asshole for not thanking me. “Some people,” I thought as I watched her rush away from the gate without stopping her, “are just so damned rude.”

The flight to Tokyo was at gate 69A, so the 53 gates were on the other side of the next terminal. And I felt guilty knowing she probably berated some poor clerk who had to explain to her that there was no gate 53C.

I don’t know if she made it back to this flight before we took off or not, but I didn’t see her board and I don’t hear her dog. Her missing her flight was not my original intention, but it would be a fine punishment for her being so rude to everyone and making a low-paid stranger clean feces off the floor. What makes me wonder if I went too far is the knowledge that Delta only has one flight to Tokyo each day. Whoops.

Maybe she can re-book on another airline. I hear they have people for that.

Breaking a broken girl.

From the day you met, she told you she was scared to be loved.
She didn’t want to give herself up, because she knows how it all ends.
But you were persistent
You made her feel all the ways she had dreamed of.
She finally had a person to love, all for herself
Your touch made her body quake
The only thing in her mind was loving you.
But you had other plans
Her lips quivered and legs wobbled after your first kiss.
You just wanted to do it again
your tongue invaded her mouth and lips latched to her neck.
She liked it. You made her feel wanted.
You made her feel.
She met your friends, and they fed her liquor.
She took you upstairs to explore your body,
She wouldn’t dare let you explore hers.
She had problems, and cried all the time. She never told you she wanted to die, but you found out.
You were furious
“How dare she not feel enough when I treat her like the world”
The thing was, you shut the world out.
You never appreciate the beauty she had to offer.
You laid in the dark, shutting everything out, eventually, she joined you in your bed.
Your fingers traced her skin, and slipped under the waistband of her panties.
You explored her like she was an undiscovered island. And she was.
But she let your inhibit her island, and a storm was coming.
The flood gates in her eyes busted open, hearing the words that meant nothing anymore.
You took her out and showed her off. Like a toddler parading his new toy.
You told her you loved her and you assured you wouldn’t hurt Her.
She trusted you with every part of herself and you took advantage of that.
You explored every inch of her, leaving a path to make sure you were able to find your way out, and when you left.
You left her with everything she never wanted. Everything she warned you of, you did.

—  B.n

The Bhaalspawn Storm Crew as gems from Steven Universe :D

From left to right:

Tell us about the rescue attempts

Tell us about the rescue attempts, about the friends who noticed that one of their group was suddenly Not There. Tell us about the friends who stockpiled favors because the RAs were too busy and the end of the years wouldn’t come soon enough. Tell us about the friends,or lovers, or the all-but-kin, who dove into the maze trailing string because they couldn’t be without them. Tell us about those who kicked the hornets’ nest, but had a big enough bargaining chip that they were able to get out of it, for the most part. Tell us about the ones who went in, guns blazing, because they needed their friends back. Tell us about the best of friends, the strongest of bonds. Tell us about those who were desperate enough to storm the gates of the Kingdom itself, armed with iron, salt and favors.


You don’t take her. Whoever it is that controls this stuff out there, you listening? You don’t take her from me. Because I promise you, I will storm the gates of hell itself to get her back. So just don’t. Just… don’t. Please.

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One thing that bugs me about this fandom is that Mani can't have one thing for herself. For example dwts the girls already performed yet some want them to again and I'm like why it's not needed. Chrissy followed Mani on Twitter and someone is talking about hope Mani can get the group a collab with John. Lastly Nicki maybe Nicki wants to collab with Mani who said it has to be the group if it is ok cool.when the other girls get their follows/connection no one says it has to be for the group.

Normani is highly scrutinized and criticized. It’s minute details that send this fandom off the deep end, like a follow or interaction on social media. Now if we were discussing concrete things like pictures or videos then maybe, just maybe –you know what no it wouldn’t. The group has already said that they plan on partaking in solo endeavors. She has already shown, more than anyone else, that she has the ability to multitask like no other. Most people don’t respect her position or existence in this group thus they don’t think that she deserves anything else let alone respect as a member. She’s doing exactly what every one else is doing. Who else can make everyone mad purely based off of speculation? A legend in the making.


Summary: You’re seriously injured saving Gabriel from the worst fate an angel could experience, but what will yours turn out to be?  

Pairings: GabrielxReader, Destiel (side pairing)

Tags: angst, soulmates

Word Count: 5729

Author’s Note: This was written for March’s @gabriel-monthly-challenge statement prompt:

From underneath the thin layer of snow, the first bloom of springtime emerged.  He resisted the temptation to crush it beneath his heel.

This piece did not get run through my beta.  Apologies for any  mistakes that slipped through.  

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Having one’s wings detached was supposedly the second worst pain an angel could experience.  It went beyond just a physical sensation to one that tore through their very being.  The worst?  Existing without them.  

Being wingless stripped them of everything that made them divine, leaving them disconnected.  They were no longer part of Heaven but neither did they belong on earth and they would be destined to remain caught between both worlds for eternity.  

Thanks to you, Gabriel was not currently experiencing that fate.  Yours, on the other hand, currently hung in the balance.

From underneath the thin layer of snow, the first bloom of springtime emerged.  He resisted the temptation to crush it beneath his heel.  He was Heaven’s mightiest weapon.  His power was absolute. His strength rivaled by few things in existence.  He could snap entire civilizations out of existence and had, on a few occasions.  He could storm the gates of Hell on his own and make quite the dent in its army before something figured out a way to take him down.  He could hold the entire Eastern seaboard in its own time loop for weeks if he wanted.  

Savine one human?  Suddenly beyond his control.

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galadriel takes the ring.

middle earth quakes & quakes & splinters, & fragments back into place. but it is never the same. thranduil bends but does not break. the dwarves shut themselves in their mountains but she does not siege them, merely sends ambassadors to parley. it is the men who resist, because men are foolish and weak. aragorn leads a counter-movement, of course he does– she hangs his men from the gates & brings the uncrowned king to her granddaughter. she grants the haradrim the lands stolen from them and burns rohan to the ground. gondor resists, and she herself storms its gates and unseats denethor from his mad throne. 

mordor is eclipse, perpetual dusk when gandalf crosses it, hoping to succeed where celeborn has failed. and it is not barren in the way before less red, more grey, full of dark flowers & nightshade. 

he finds her on her throne, dark-eyed, wargs resting at her feet.

olórin, she says, and her voice is a song, a nocturne, a thousand starlings lifting into flight and then plunging. she smiles and it is all teeth. i’ve been expecting you.

artanis, he answers, but she is something else. something darker, sharp as the stars.

go to the valar, she says, tell them i am coming. tell them i will have my revenge. tell them they will be unseated. 

or what? he demands, and she shows him the shire, shows him one thing he has loved so much in middle earth.

and he goes. oh, he goes.


La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair

Signed by Jordan and Adam

The forever pressing, its translucent purple.

This album/band holds so much meaning to me personally, so to have seen them live a few days ago, it was truly an amazing experience.

Feels Like Heaven- Steve Angelo ft. Brandon Flowers

In the shadow of the sun, spoken from on high,
I stormed the gates of Graceland,
But you’re still not satisfied.
So I sailed to St.Peter’s Basilica, spoke your name in the hall,
And I carved into both sides of the Berlin Wall.

When it feels like heaven, for when it feels like, when it feels like heaven.
For when it feels like, for when it feels like heaven.
For when it feels like, for when it feels like heaven…heaven.

Take my heart, it’s now or never, I’m gonna love you ‘til I die.
I was lost, how’d you find me? When you’re on my side.
Take my heart, it’s now or never, gonna love you 'til I die.
I was lost, how’d you find me? When you’re on my side.

When it feels like, for when it feels like heaven. When it feels like, when it feels like heaven…heaven.

New Love (part 2)

Summary: It’s been 4 years since the love of Bucky’s life died a horrible death in the hands of Hydra. He has slowly moved on, forming a new relationship with Natasha and his heart has started to heal. The Avengers are dispatched on a mission only to discover that Y/N was never truly dead. Y/N returns into Bucky’s life but she is no longer the same woman he fell in love with. Bucky is forced to make choices between the woman that he loved and the woman he is falling in love with.

Words: 891

Author’s notes: This chapter is a bit bleh and uninspired. It’s also a bit poorly written because I couldn’t come up with a way to bring her back! So I’m sorry if this chapter is boring. I promise that the next chapters will be more exciting and more detail about Y/N and what she was up to fro 4 years will be revealed in the upcoming chapters. And believe me, it’s going to be good!!!


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Y/N felt the blood slowly rush to her head as she hung upside down, the chains that suspended her midair slowly lowered her to a boiling pool of flesh eating parasites. It was no use struggling out of the iron chains because the more she struggled, the tighter the chains wrapped around her body. She looked at the men that stood around the pool and they all laughed as they watched her slowly entering her death. She’s been running for 3 years from their boss, the man that found her after she passed through the portal. Their boss, Mr. Hyde, was a cruel man and he forced Y/N to work for him, she was his slave for an entire year before she found enough courage to run away. She’s been running ever since, gaining knowledge and experience along the way. She became a ghost, changing her appearance often and learning skills to fight off anyone who tried to capture her. Despite her belief against violence, violence became the main method to protect herself because she knew that if Mr. Hyde ever got his hands on her again, she was going to die a slow and painful death.

The last 4 years had been hell for Y/N, she was constantly in fear for her life, and she never knew weather Mr. Hyde’s men were watching or weather she was going to make it through the day. She couldn’t even remember the last time she slept for more than 4 hours or the last time she spoke to anyone. She lived day by day and she barely remembered who she was before being on the run.

The tips of her hair touched the surface of the boiling pool and she heard it sizzle. By some miracle, a group of armed individuals stormed through the gates and started to take fire at Mr. Hyde’s men. One of them attacked the man lowering her chains and she was lifted to the platform and unchained by a raccoon and a small tree creature.

“You almost became stew there didn’t you. Can you fight?” The raccoon asked Y/N as he handed her a katana. Y/N looked at the katana curiously.

“We heard you’re good with swords so we got you one. Now help us fight these goons. It’s the least you can do, since you know, we saved your life.” The racoon started to aim fire at Mr. Hyde’s men as Y/N gripped the sword and sliced her way through the enemies expertly.

 After bidding goodbye to the ‘Guardians of the galaxy’, Y/N retrieved her backpack, placed her sword on the holster behind her back, and prepared herself to go on the run again. There was a flashing red dot inside her backpack and when she searched for its source, she discovered a message that came from the electronic bracelet HYDRA had given her. Red clover. Red clover, was all it said. Y/N’s heart started to beat quickly as she tried to figure out how to reply to the message. Red clover was her code name when she was an Avenger, she remembered, the Avengers said it often over their coms. Bucky had named her red clover because she healed others, just like the plant. Bucky, Y/N whispered, she remembered him as clear as day, his image was the only thing that calmed her down. Whenever she was afraid she pictured his face, sometimes she even hallucinated his image and he would lead her to safety. Gardener, Y/N replied, it was a message saying that she was alive.

The entire team, along with armed SHIELD agents stood around the monolith, waiting for agent Fitz to pass through it with Y/N in tow. It had taken over 4 months for Fitz to figure out how to operate the Monolith and it was still uncertain whether it would work properly. The entire room was silent and the anxiety that lingered in the air was palpable. Everybody wanted Y/N back, but agent Coulson was wary of what laid on the other side. Bucky knew that he was right, it was uncertain what condition Y/N could come back in. It was even uncertain whether the person they had been communicating with was even Y/N.

The Monolith hummed loudly and doctor Fitz was thrown across the room, it hummed again but this time the black substance separated and a body emerged from it. Y/N stood up from the ground, she looked around the room in shock and everyone around pointed their weapons at her. She was unrecognizable, her body was covered with cuts and bruises, her eyes were framed with dark circles, and her clothes were covered in dried blood. The moment she locked eyes with Bucky her body relaxed and she ran straight towards him. He caught her with ease as she grabbed his face.

“Are you real?” Y/N whispered as she searched his eyes frantically.

“Yes. Yes, it’s me. I’m real.” He held up and he tried to prevent her from falling. Y/N sobbed uncontrollably while Bucky held her against his chest.

The moment, however, was ruined when Natasha came into the room and ordered the SHIELD agents to take Y/N away. They grabbed Y/N and led her out of the room and into the containment area of the SHIELD base while Bucky yelled and protested to let her go.


Natasha why you gotta be so petty? The poor girl has been through enough shit!


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He'll Lead You Astray... [Rick Grimes x Reader] SMUT

~ Imagine when Rick gets jealous of Spencer, and decides to mark his territory ~




I hate him. He’s always following her around like some kind of dog. I never had a problem with Spencer when we first came here to Alexandria, but as soon as he started giving Y/N those looks it started to bother me. I’ve never told her this, she has no idea how I feel about her. I’ve tried to drop hints but she never realises. She’s probably still convinced that I’m hung up on Lori and her death, but how will I ever get over it if I can’t get anyone else?


I’ve tried to show Y/N that I have feelings for her by helping her do simple things and bringing her special items back from runs. I once spent a whole day searching for her favourite candy and finally found some, and when I brought it back she was the happiest I had ever seen her. But she still didn’t see it as a romantic gesture! I felt extremely warm inside when she pulled me close with gratitude, hugging me and thanking me repeatedly for the ‘friendly gesture’ as she described it. Little did she know, I was trying to imply that I put more effort in for her because she’s special to me. I know I should just tell her straight, I’m treating the situation like a teenager but I can’t bear to tell her in case she’s completely put off by it and doesn’t know what to say back to me if the feelings aren’t reciprocated…


I woke that morning and got ready to go on my rounds and check everyone was okay. Carl was sat on the porch, cradling Judith with Michonne and Carol sat beside him. I said good morning to them all, giving Carl a loving pat on the shoulder as I leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Judith’s cheek.


I went around most of the houses making sure everyone was still here and safe. I spotted Sasha and Abraham on watch and waved over to them. Maggie and Glenn were stood beside the crops as Maggie dug holes and Glenn moved some crates around. I shouted a quick hello to them also.


My final stop was near Daryl, where he sat and polished his motorcycle. I strolled over and sat beside him, nudging him to get his attention. “Morning,” I smiled. He nodded, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and offering me one. I shook my head as he lit his own and continued to assess the condition of the motorcycle, “Have you seen Y/N this morning?” I asked. He dropped his cloth after wiping around the tyre, removing the cigarette from his mouth and tapping ash from it onto the ground.


“She was with Spencer again…” He said, and I felt my muscles immediately tense up from my head to my toes. Daryl noticed this as he frowned and tilted his head, looking me up and down, “Rick, what’s up?”


“Nothing… I’ll see you later.” I rushed, standing up and running to Spencer’s house. I swear if they’ve gone out on a run or something without consulting me first I won’t be happy. Of course I won’t blame Y/N, it’d probably be his idea anyway seeing as he thinks he has authority here when he’s one of the weakest. (I’m not being mean, I’m just stating fact!)


I knocked on the door and waited for a while, tapping my foot irritably as I looked through the window. The curtains were drawn so I couldn’t see anything. I knocked again, yelling Spencer’s name, kicking the bottom of the door. I gave up, turned around, and stormed towards the gates. “Sasha, where’s Spencer?” I asked, stopping with my hands on my hips. She looked down at me from the watch tower and shrugged. Abraham looked at me too, and pointed towards the armoury. I nodded a thank you and practically sprinted towards it.


I burst inside and found Spencer looking at the guns, his hand gracing over one. “What are you doing?” I asked abruptly, causing him to turn around in shock.


“Rick! W… Where did you come from?” He stuttered, folding his arms. I wanted to lunge forward and punch him right there and then, pin him to the ground and show him that I saw Y/N first and she belongs to me!


“Spencer where’s Y/N?”


“I… I haven’t seen her today. Why?”


“That’s funny, because you’ve been seen with her this morning so don’t try to lie to me. Where is she?”


“Is she in trouble or something?”


Trouble… The only one who’s gonna be in trouble is you.”


The door suddenly swung open and I spun around in my place. Y/N walked in with wet hair and clean clothes on, and a beautiful fresh scent was welcomed into the room. She looked at Spencer with a blank expression, then back at me. “What’s going on here?” She asked, approaching me and placing a hand on my shoulder, “Rick, you look…”


“Come with me.” I said quietly, grabbing her arm and dragging her outside with me. I paced it towards her house, pulling her behind me. She didn’t once fight. She just tagged along, allowing me to lead the way. Once we got inside and she closed the door, I barricaded her in with my arms. She leant against the door and I stood in front of her, my arms at either sides of her head pressed on the wall. I looked down at her, and she gave me a look that showed fear, but dare I say also a hint of lust? Is she enjoying this?


“Rick, wh -”


“I don’t like you hanging out with Spencer.” I blurted out, wanting to mentally kick myself as soon as I spoke. She looked at me strangely, furrowing her brows in total confusion. What isn’t she understanding here?!


“Why not?”


“Don’t you see it… He follows you around like a lovesick puppy. How do you deal with that?” I chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood a little. Her face didn’t alter, she kept giving me the same look throughout, “Come on Y/N…”


“What is your problem with Spencer?!” She snapped, ducking underneath my arms and walking past me. I grunted in defeat, as I followed her to the kitchen. I stood with my hands on the edge of the counter, gripping onto it to refrain myself from lashing out over Spencer, and why she doesn’t realise he’s like her shadow and never leaves her alone. I’m surprised he hasn’t shown up at the door yet to ask why we left in a hurry.


“I don’t have a problem!”


“Then what is it Rick? I always see you scowling at him from afar, and don’t deny it. You’re always having little digs at him, whether it’s a harmless joke or whether you’re completely insulting him… What’s the issue?”


I walked over to her, taking her hands in mine and looking her dead in the eyes. As soon as my skin touched hers, her breath hitched and she gulped, her gaze meeting mine, “Rick… What’s wrong?” She asked softly, her fingers stroking the backs of my knuckles, making a shiver run down my spine.


“I just… I don’t want him to lead you astray.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Oh for God’s sake… I like you okay? Isn’t it obvious?” I sighed, letting go of her and walking away. I ran my hands through my hair as I heard her footsteps behind me. She placed her hand on my back, and I turned around once again to look at her.


“Rick… I…”


“Please, be quiet…” I said gently, as I pulled her towards me and pressed my lips to hers. At first she didn’t kiss back, and I felt like an absolute idiot for trying to make her like me, but she soon wrapped her arms around my neck and began to move her lips with mine, making my whole body warm up as if a fire had been lit inside of me. I backed her up against the wall, my hands finding her hips and pushing her against it, causing her to gasp. I took that as an opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth to find her own. As we kissed, our tongues danced together, our hot breath mixing, making a pleasurable pain arise in my abdomen. As I pressed my body against hers, I felt her tense up and pull away from the kiss.


She looked down to her leg, where I’d pressed my pelvis into her thigh, my growing erection applying pressure to her skin. She looked back up to me, opening her mouth to say something, but instead shook her head and brought my face back to hers, her lips immediately connecting with mine once again.


Her hands roamed my torso as we kissed, before she tugged at the hem of my shirt. I pulled away for a moment to take my shirt off, throwing it somewhere behind me. She did the same, leaving her bare chest on show for me as she wasn’t wearing a bra. Now I know that she’s really into this…


Feeling her naked chest against my own made my skin feel like it was on fire, sensations running through my body that I haven’t felt in months. She guided me over to the couch, and I switched places with her so I was on top. I began to plant gentle kisses down her neck, leaving a path as I stopped at her collarbone, sucking on the skin to leave a mark. This’ll definitely show Spencer that she’s not his, and never will be…


She groaned as my right hand came up to massage her breasts, squeezing and palming them as my lips still fluttered kisses over any bare skin I could reach. Her back arched, as I took her nipple between my finger and thumb, pinching and twisting it slightly. I used my spare hand to unzip her shorts, pushing them as far down as I could reach before she shimmied slightly to push them off of her legs. I moved down her body, my hands resting on her sides by her rib cage, my fingers digging in a little as I kissed her stomach, her hip bones, then the top of her thigh.


I stopped with my face between her legs, and looked up at her. Her damp hair fell over her eyes a little, but didn’t restrict her vision. She bit her lip and watched as I pursed my lips over her clit, exhaling a hot breath over her through her underwear. She squirmed, her legs almost kicking the air as she inhaled a short breath, only to release it with a throaty groan. I took her underwear in my grasp and slowly pulled the garment from her, pressing kisses to the insides of her thighs as I moved down her legs. She writhed around beneath me, her legs hitting my chest as I moved my way back up all the way to her face so I could kiss her once more.


She took my face in her hands gently, kissing me tenderly, making it feel like all of her emotions were coming out in that one kiss. It’s as if she was finally letting go of how she feels, specifically how she feels about me. It’s so loving, so careful, yet so addictive and makes me want to beg for more.


I rested my hand on her stomach, slowly working my down between her thighs. I drew small shapes on her skin with my fingertips, making her giggle slightly through kiss, making my lips tingle. I then cupped my whole hand around her pussy, the heat radiating from her as I felt her becoming wet at my touch. “Rick… Please…” She said between gasps, pushing me away from her one hand tugged at my hair. I hovered over her, my fingers dangerously close to her clit, as I pushed them in between her slick folds. I didn’t want to make her beg, the last thing I want is to string this out, especially when I’ve waited so damn long already.


With my middle finger, I began to rub her clit slowly, making her face contort and scrunch up with pleasure, her mouth hanging open as she tried her best to steady her breathing. I smiled at this, whilst knowing she wouldn’t see me as her eyes were closed tightly. I began to rub in circular motions, adding my forefinger and picking up speed. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around my thighs as her arms flung over my shoulders. She moaned my name continuously as I pressed down on the swollen bud that ached for attention and pleasure. I slid my hand downwards, inserting a finger inside her gradually, allowing her to get used to the feeling. She’s never been with anyone else since she joined our group, and that was months ago, so she hasn’t done this in a while either.


She opened her eyes, capturing my gaze. I asked if I could move my hand and she nodded, her tongue darting out of her mouth to lick her top lip, as I began to pump my hand in and out of her. She instantly threw her head back, a loud staggered moan echoing around the room as my long finger slid inside and back out again smoothly. She started to quieten down, worrying me. I looked up to check if she was okay and she just looked straight back, telling me not to stop. I added a second finger, and began to thrust my hand faster. Her whole body rocked as my fingers pounded in and out of her, making her yell my name at the top of her lungs. Part of me wants Spencer to show up, he’d be able to hear her from outside, then he’d know where he stands with her.


I felt her walls tighten around my fingers, and her thighs began to shake. “I’m close…” She whispered. Those words alone were enough to almost send me over the edge as I quickened up the pace once more, startling her as she choked out a moan, climaxing under my touch.


I sat back, impressed with my work as she sat up, her hair twice as messy as it was before, her cheeks red. “I’m not done with you,” I teased, as she looked at my erection through my jeans. I stood up briefly to rid myself of my pants and underwear. Her eyes widened as her gaze landed on my cock. I couldn’t fight the smirk that grew on my face as I climbed back on top of her, kissing her gently to ease her back into the mood. She may have already had one orgasm, but I aim to make it two. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment, I’m not going to waste it.


“Are you sure you wanna do this?” I ask, my hand resting on her stomach, softly drawing patterns on her skin, leaving goosebumps in my path.


“Rick… If I wasn’t sure, I would’ve said so already.” She raised a brow sarcastically, causing me to just shake my head in reply as I kissed her passionately. I positioned myself over her so I could ease into her comfortably. After asking her for reassurance again, I slowly pushed myself inside her, careful not to go too deep and let her adjust to the feeling first.


She groaned, her hands digging into my shoulder blades as I pulled out,l almost all the way before thrusting back into her. The moan that escaped her mouth told me it was okay to move more, so I wrapped my arms around her, thrusting at a quicker pace. She buried her face in the crook of my neck, choking back several moans of my name as I moved in and out of her with the same constant rhythm. She wrapped her legs around my thighs, pushing me with her feet to drive me deeper inside her. I groaned as she took my full length, her hands roaming my back as she moaned directly in my ear, her short breaths tickling the side of my face.


I felt my cock twitch inside her as she tensed up. In that moment, I sped up, pounding in and out of her at a quick pace, earning multiple yells of my name that seemed to bounce off the walls of the room. I could hear the sounds of people outside and couldn’t help but wonder if they could hear us. Fuck it. Let them listen.


With one final call of my name, she came undone again, and I followed suit, collapsing on top of her with our sweaty bodies pressed against one another. I breathed heavily, panting as she stroked my hair out of my face, planting a kiss on my forehead. For a moment we laid there in a comfortable silence together, just enjoying the post-coital bliss, with our naked bodies touching. I looked up at her, leaning to kiss her lips softly, “So…” I started.


“So…” She laughed, reaching up and brushing her hair back, “This was, nice…” She giggled awkwardly. I couldn’t help but laugh along, as we held each other close, and right there I knew, she’d never be with Spencer the way she now is with me…




This is my first smut I have posted on tumblr, and the first smut I’ve written from a male point of view! I hope you all like it. Remember, you can request an imagine at any time, just send me a message or go to my ask section!

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