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 I for one have been super glad with the weather, it has been very sunshine-y today.  Freezing but beautiful then all this bloody week it’s going to storm and ill be stuck inside hoping the snow does not freeze the drains – none the less, Happy December everybody. Hope you all are  havin’ jolly days.

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I hope when they do the DP/(Pt?) remake, Cyrus gets a happier ending than either just storming off or being stuck in the Distortion World. I know he tried to remake the world and was overall not a good person, but knowing his motives, all the guy really knows is bitterness, loneliness, and depression. It make sense when that’s all he’s really ever put up with…

They tell you to stop chasing the past; that you’re stuck in the moment. But really you’re stuck in the aftermath of it, in the calm after the storm. You’re stuck in the loose hairs you found on your pillow the next morning, the way your mouth felt numb for days. You’re stuck in the quiet limbo, the dead silence, the moments after the fall when your limbs are all broken but you know you’re still alive. You’re stuck in the frost melting off the roads, the way you leaned when your car swerved. The maps you found built in your own body; the places that turned into warzones. You’re stuck in fault lines, where your skin crashed together and left marks. You’re stuck in fault lines and they're beginning to crack open.
—  Reena B.| The quiet limbo.
ShikaTema Week; Day four: storm

Snowstorm [shikatema stuck in a cottage situated out of nowhere during a mission]

[very cliché, I know! But I got lazy for this day so I just made a very simple headcanon. Hope you still enjoy it though!]

Shikamaru: Don’t be stubborn. Come here.

Temari: No. It’s not necessary. *keeps a distance of ten meters between them*

Shikamaru: Oh? What do you suggest? There’s no firewood to make fire. Or any sort of heating device which would be useless since there’s no electricity anyway. Just these flimsy, ratty blankets.

Temari: That will have to do. Throw me one.

Shikamaru: You do realize we’ll have to take our wet clothes off first.

Temari: I know that, idiot. Turn around after you throw me a blanket.

Shikamaru: *mutters* troublesome.

Shikamaru throws a blanket at her and she catches it. Shikamaru turns around and takes off his shirt and pants while Temari tries her hardest not to look in his direction while she takes her clothes off.

Both of them are left in their underwear. They both drape the blankets over themselves.

They stay silent for half an hour as the snow rages on outside the cottage.

Temari: *shivers violently, her teeth chattering*

Shikamaru: *sighs, rolling his eyes, starts walking towards her and sits next to her* You’re too damn stubborn and prideful, troublesome woman.

Shikamaru: *opens his arms to her, exposing his chest* Come on. It’s only common sense.

Temari: *looks at him warily, trying to look unaffected*

Shikamaru: *sighs* Do you really think I will take advantage of you?

Temari: *whispers* It’s not you I’m worried about.

Shikamaru: Huh? What did you say?

Temari: Nothing. *to distract him, she finally moves into his embrace, flushing at his nearness*

Shikamaru: *places his chin on top of her head, squeezing her close, blushing at the skin to skin contact*

Temari: *snuggles closer into his chest, smiling*

Shikamaru: *surprised but pleased, he places the softest kiss on top of her head, hoping she wouldn’t notice*

Temari: *her face gets hotter and is glad that he couldn’t see her face*

They stay that way, eventually falling asleep until the snow stops completely and the sun shines again.

Temari: *moves away reluctantly* Thanks…

Shikamaru: Think nothing of it.

Already missing each other’s warmth.

A Port in the Storm

Ok; I’m just going to leave this here because @gotham-ruaidh (being all kinds of amazing, as she is) and me had a late night (for this Brit anyway…) conversation where she was inspiring and generous with her time and many more things besides. From it I wrote a little something and sent it to her…and she was so supportive and, well, every nice word in the dictionary I will now attribute to her. So Gotham, this is for you. THANK YOU. I’m so incredibly grateful to know you. Hugs.


She was perched on the windowsill staring across the now empty fields.

“Where’s yer heid lass…?”

“It was the storm…I…we were stuck out there”

The goosebumps raised on her arms as she spoke.

“…we were stuck, and the light…the light was going…gone, the rain…I hid in the barn to wait it out. I didn’t know he was there, at first. And then he was…there. Close, like static.”

“…and ye what, Claire?”

“It was my fault. I’d u-undone my laces, I was soaked…cold…”

Her cheeks flamed red; her eyes watered,

“Did ye lie together, Claire?”


She returned; a whisper. A fresh tear slid down her cheek.

“The light came and went with the flash of the storm. We k-kissed. I don’t much remember losing my clothes…but I did.”

She took a jagged breath.

“I couldn’t stop. Didn’t want too.”

She lifted her chin in defiance.

“The sky was alive; every touch…his touch…his mouth on mine…I felt alive.”

She clenched her arms tighter around herself and swallowed before continuing.

“W-we were on the floor, surrounding each other. Every inch of my skin was on fire…and then, then i-it happened.”

Her eyes closed.

“His hips were against mine…”

The words nearly ran together, she spoke so quickly.


Her legs rose; closer towards her as her toes curled at the memory.

“…we were so close. It hurt at first, but then it didn’t anymore and I-I don’t understand it all…what it was between us, why…why I couldn’t think properly. I felt like my soul had risen from my body.”

It didn’t seem possible, but her voice dipped lower still.

“A-and then I was flying and shaking, and h-he was shaking too. Not from the cold or rain…it wasn’t much rain anymore, anyway. We were clutching at each other, he…his mouth was on my neck, his stomach against mine, my legs…”

Her eyes opened, clouded with the high of reliving the experience,

“…anchoring him to me.”

She turned to meet her visitor, eye to eye.

“I’m not sorry it happened.”

She spoke confidently, but her eyes betrayed her worry.

“Aye, I see that lass. Well, neither is he.”

The breath she didn’t realise she was holding came out all in a rush from her lungs, as a smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

“Jamie isna sorry either.”

Storm (gabrielXreader)

words: 1006
warnings: none that i can think of, fluff and bad jokes
request: (interactive reader)

summary: Reader is deathly afraid of storms and is stuck in a house with Dean, Sam and Bobby. Castiel appears with Gabriel as reader starts panicking. Gabriel disappears and reappears shortly after, taking you into his arms, calming you. He passes the time with terrible angel jokes.
a/n: I made these jokes up minus the first one. lol sorry it was short.

Your name: submit What is this?

You stared out the window as the sky grew darker. The clouds looked menacing, off in the distance thunder sounded causing you to recoil back. They were filled with water, about to pop like water balloons and spill its contents on to Bobby’s house. Small quantities of rain never scared you, however this was appearing to be the storm of the century and you were deathly afraid. The sky lit up a stark white, causing you to scurry away from the window.

You sat in a chair, facing away from the window, knees tucked to your chest and hands covering your ears. Your hands did nothing to dampen the sonic boom of the thunder. You grit your teeth and pull yourself into a ball even tighter, shutting your eyes. You became numb to your surrounding, shaking slightly and removing your mind. The slight peace didn’t last, you felt strong hands prying your hands from your ears. You looked up to see Dean, face filled with worry.

“Y/N can you hear me?” he shouted.

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