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Omg I finished it!! This took longer than expected but its done. This was actually meant to be part of a bigger painting with the four main girls from eos but Im going to try and do them separately and later join them together. More art coming soon. BTW Thank you for a 1k followers!!!

Character belongs to @sjmaas

This painting will be available in my Redbubble if you would like to purchase it. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Signs as: Summer Memories

Aries: hiking, haircuts, waterparks, sushi, photography, watching comedies with all your friends, old bookstores
Taurus: watching movies in dark rooms, making food for parties, sundresses, braids, music festivals
Gemini: hanging out with friends at the beach, staying up all night, ice cream trucks, making chalk murals in the driveway
Cancer: watching the stars with someone you love, cooking, lace, taking pictures of the beach on a cloudy day, rainbows, holding hands
Leo: vacationing, trying a new restaurant, volleyball, getting sunburnt/tanning, summer camps, mini golf
Virgo: FINALLY relaxing, volunteering, picking up friends at airport, writing a short story, fishtail braids, jacuzzis
Libra: amusement parks, spa days, bikinis, visiting family, tanning, concerts, sunflowers, taking a walk with someone you love, sports
Scorpio: new lipstick, listening to music with someone you love, random summer storms, effortless beauty, multicolored nails, road trips, scary stories around the campfire
Sagittarius: parties, dancing, summer flames, traveling to a different country, crop tops, meeting new people
Capricorn: fun summer jobs, starting new shows on netflix, cooking new dishes
Aquarius: painting the sunset, driving a vintage hot rod, underground concerts, going to the pool, watering plants
Pisces: smoothies, classical concerts, seeing old friends, sketching outside, flowers, driving to the city

From the Piped Piper’s Blog Section:

Where do I begin? Pied Piper Founder Richard Hendricks is missing. No, dear readers, this isn’t just a nightmare narrated by a raspy voice you heard on the other end of a ringing payphone by the Chevron station when you were thirteen. This is real. Richard Hendricks is missing, and has been for the last three and a half hours. I’m sure you’re all wondering how we got here. Well, earlier this week Richard was in an absolute state. After he and I weathered the storm of his nail-biting together, I watched helplessly as Richard again lost his sense of internal equilibrium. At one point he even walked into the pool without letting me know so I could lifeguard.

But we turned a triumphant corner in the basement archives of late tech titan Peter Gregory. I’ll admit I was a bit off-kilter after seeing a self-driving car that once drove me to a traumatizing abyss. Yet amid the hoarded debris of this man’s life Richard found what he was looking for — proof that he was onto something great. What a moment it was!

Then I arrive, a grim reaper with a scythe in the form of a patent number. I cut down the great oak of a dreamer’s dream. And now Richard has left the hostel without any indication of where he’s gone or when he’ll be back. I know the 911 operator is right: I’m being alarmist, and this was a completely unnecessary call. If I know Richard — and I know him better than anyone — he’s just taking a walk to process the news and mourn what might have been.

Richard, if you’re reading this, come home! We’ll figure this out together. Oh, and your sandwich is wrapped in wax paper in the fridge.

Stormy Protection Spell

Tough As A Nail, Sharp As A Thorn: Protection Spell-with my personal tweaks
A spell to help protect you from physical or emotional harm.

~Preformed on July 27th, 2am. Moon 79% full; waxing. Mid-storm~

~Ingredients: storm water, rose thorns, nails, and protection herbs. My additions*: fingernails, black pepper, bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, basil, oregano, parsley.

~Incantation 1: “Strong as lightning, thunder & rain; all attempts to harm me will be in vain.”

~Incantation 2: “Tough as a nail, sharp as a thorn; through this spell new strength shall be born.”

Original Instructions:
1) Add protective herbs to your jar.
2) Add storm water to about halfway up the jar.  While you add it, say Incantation 1.  If you can’t say the spell out loud, write it down on a piece of paper and add that into the jar.
3) Add the thorns and nails into the jar and say Incantation 2. If you can’t say the spell out loud, write it down on a piece of paper and add that into the jar.

My Personal Steps:
(Added moon element and channeling of the Mother Goddess and Moon Goddess)

-At the onset of the storm, I went outside with a large vase and held it up to the sky; asking the moon goddess to bless the storm and it’s water with her power to bring into my spell. I let the rain catch as I prepared the rest.

-I filled the jar with the herbs, and wrote each incantation down on a piece of paper.

-I went outside to see the storm had stopped and I began to pour the storm water from the vase into the spell jar while stating Incantation 1. 

-After pouring the water in, I dropped the paper with Incantation 1 written on it into the jar and shook it around a bit. I held up the jar to the moon once more, asking for her blessing.

-While in between the two incantations, and following each one; I appealed to the moon goddess to protect me from something specific on my upcoming trip.

-Added nails and thorns and spoke Incantation 2. I swirled the jar many times, and then walked out onto the grass to channel the mother goddess as well. I continued to chant Incantation 2 a few times while doing this. I also held up the jar to the moon goddess; thereby channeling the mother goddess of mother nature through my feet in the grass and extending up to the moon goddess in the sky with my hands. I asked for each of their blessings and did this until I felt satisfied.

-I returned and slipped the paper with Incantation 2 into the jar, sealed it; and then left it out all night to be blessed and infused with the moon power.

-The following day, I preformed a small offering and calling to the Mother Goddess and sealed the jar with the wax from the candle for that offering. I also charged a quartz crystal necklace in the spell jar to infuse it with the protection charm.

*Reasons for my spell jar additions:

-Fingernails: I didn’t know honestly if it was regular nails or nail-nails…so I figured I’d do both *shrug*

-Black Pepper: protection, binding, commanding.

-Bay Leaf: healing, protection, psychic protection, purification, wisdom, wishes. good luck, harmony, overcome opposition, peace, psychic development, release, strength, tranquility, transformation.

-Cloves: keeps away negative forces, peace of mind, protection, psychic protection, psychic development, release, 

-Cinnamon: good luck, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic development, success, communication, happiness, harmony, healing, meditation, purification, spirituality, tranquility, wisdom. Cinnamon is important as a purification incense in China.

-Basil: good luck, happiness, harmony, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic development,psychic protection, purification, strength, courage

-Oregano: happiness, tranquility, harmony, love, peace, protection, psychic development.

-Parsley: happiness, protection, psychic development, purification, cleansing, good luck.

(via Herbal Chart)

My favorite thing

My favorite thing is when I’m have freshly painted nails and my writer block is gone and I’m typing up a storm. And my nails look good

You're The Storm
The Cardigans
You're The Storm

come and conquer and drop your bombs
cross my borders and kill the calm
bear your fangs and burn my wings
i hear bullets singing

and if you want me I’m your country
if you win me I’m forever - oh yeah

‘cause you’re the storm that I’ve been needing
and all this peace has been deceiving

Little Big Winchester

Request: Could you do one where the reader is really good in school but still kinda cool but everybody around her is childish and hates her and she’s strong but at some point just breaks because she can’t take it any longer and Sam cheers her up? Fluff please

Request: Can you do a oneshot where you’re Dean’s & Sam’s little sister and you get made fun of a lot at school because you’re a “giant” compared to everybody else and you start to take everything out on Dean, Sam and Cas. Please and thank you!

Warning: Bullying

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Storme DeLarverie, Early Leader in the [LGBT] Rights Movement, Dies at 93

Storme DeLarverie, a singer, [drag king] and bouncer who may or may not have thrown the first punch at the 1969 uprising at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, but who was indisputably one of the first and most assertive members of the modern [LGBT] rights movement, died on Saturday in Brooklyn. She was 93…

Tall, androgynous and armed — she held a state gun permit — Ms. DeLarverie roamed lower Seventh and Eighth Avenues and points between into her 80s, patrolling the sidewalks and checking in at lesbian bars. She was on the lookout for what she called “ugliness”: any form of intolerance, bullying or abuse of her “baby girls.” Ms. DeLarverie had grown up in the South, of mixed race, and spent part of the first half of her life singing and performing as a man. Identity, for her, had been especially complicated, and she did not want others persecuted for theirs.

“I can spot ugly in a minute,” she said in a 2009 interview for Columbia University’s NYC in Focus journalism project. “No people even pull it around me that know me. They’ll just walk away, and that’s a good thing to do because I’ll either pick up the phone or I’ll nail you.”

Storme DeLarverie (her first name sounds like stormy; her last name is pronounced de-LAR-ver-ee) was born in 1920 in New Orleans. She celebrated her birthday on Dec. 24, though she told people that she was not certain that that was the actual day because of the circumstances of her birth. Her mother, who was black, was a servant in the house of her father, who was white…

There was a long period in Chicago, where, she told friends, she was a bodyguard for mobsters. From the mid-1950s through the 1960s Ms. DeLarverie was the M.C. of the Jewel Box Revue, billed as “an unusual variety show.” She dressed as a man; the rest of the cast members, all men, dressed as women…

No immediate family members survive. Ms. Cannistraci said that Ms. DeLarverie had told her that she had lived for 25 years with a dancer named Diana, who died in the 1970s, and that Ms. DeLarverie had always carried her photograph.

Ms. Cannistraci and another longtime friend, Michele Zalopany, became Ms. DeLarverie’s guardians a few years ago, after Ms. DeLarverie had endured years of problems — legal, housing, mental health — that ended with her admission to a nursing home in Brooklyn…

“She literally walked the streets of downtown Manhattan like a gay superhero,” Ms. Cannistraci said. “She was not to be messed with by any stretch of the imagination.”


I got to meet the lovely lbardugo today at a signing event! I told her about my anxiety dream of forgetting the books when going to her signing, which she thought was funny. And I gave her a proper talking to about how I would have written her an angry (but loving) fan letter about the thing that happens to Nikolai. She was glad that the angry letter was averted, and signed my book with his quote!! I also got some goodies: three buttons, a bookmark, and the Six of Crows dice from Leigh’s new upcoming book The Six of Crows or The Dregs, which is set in the Shadow and Bone universe – two years after the series ends, set on the island of Kerch. Leigh read us an excerpt and it seems really intriguing. I can’t wait!

Also, I got to meet Lourdes of the unboundbooks and she’s wonderful and amazing. You should all make friends with her. AND I got an extra signed Shadow and Bone book that I’m going to giveaway! So look out of that!