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Supergirl Casts Odette Annable as 'Worldkiller' Reign in Season 3

As first teased in last week’s Supergirl finale, legendary DC baddie Reign is taking National City — and, if all goes well, the world — by storm in Season 3. And this just in: She’ll look very familiar!

Odette Annable will play the CW drama’s new Big Bad, TVLine has learned, though we hear Supergirl‘s version of Reign — one of several “Worldkillers” in the DC universe — will differ visually from the one you might already know from the comics (pictured above).

“Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Odette for years,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in a statement. “We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.”

Supergirl Casts Odette Annable as 'Worldkiller' Reign in Season 3!

As first teased in last week’s Supergirl finale, legendary DC baddie Reign is taking National City — and, if all goes well, the world — by storm in Season 3. And this just in: She’ll look very familiar!

Odette Annable will play the CW drama’s new Big Bad, TVLine has learned, though we hear Supergirl‘s version of Reign — one of several “Worldkillers” in the DC universe — will differ visually from the one you might already know from the comics (pictured above).

“Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Odette for years,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in a statement. “We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.”

This casting marks a reunion of sorts for Annable and Berlanti; she recurred role on ABC’s Berlanti-produced Brothers & Sisters from 2010 to 2011. Annable is also known for her work on House, The Astronaut Wives Club and Banshee.

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Storm Witch

“The weather is nature’s disruptor of human plans and busybodies. Of all the things on earth, nature’s disruption is what we know we can depend on, as it is essentially uncontrolled by men.” -Criss Jami, Killosophy

Must be the Season of the Witch

We live in an era defined by the Epic Streaming Show and Netflix. But is the Netflix hit Sense8 the precursor to an even stranger and more brilliant kind of hypermedia storytelling still to come?

Spoilers for Sense8; no prior knowledge of the series necessary (I hope).

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Levi Keeps Secrets

Levi keeps secrets.

His first secret is fear. A child of the underground, nevertheless he had caught glimpses of the sky, yearned for it. He’d left the walls and felt something unfurl in him, like a caged beast slowly accepting it was free. He loves the sky. Furtively, awkwardly, he takes brushes and paint and charcoal to paper and pins the blotchy blue and grey results to the walls of his rooms. Sometimes he thinks he’s improving. Mostly his best work is accidental.

He has an endless sky. A gift of no horizon.

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kageyama-tobiyo  asked:

Ereri, 14 <3

Thank you so much for the prompt! 14: “Did you ever expect your life was going to be like this?”

I hope, you like it. <3

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Summer Sky

After all his years living overground, Levi is still adjusting to the seasons of the year. The storms of autumn, with all their vibrant colours and earthy scents, with the golden light and the mist hanging in the woods. The icy grip of winter, with its glittering snowflakes and frost so fierce that it feels like he never will be warm again unless he sits down in front of a fireplace. The tender touch of spring with its hesitant green and vitality in the sky, in the soil, in the wind. The summer with its merciless heat, the sticky air, and the relieving crackling of thunderstorms at night.

Never has he seen the summer sky over a sea of blue before though. His skin itches and burns from the scorching sun. His lips taste like salt. The sand seems to be everywhere, creeping through his clothing, sticking to his skin, fine and rough and almost shockingly white.

They’ve been here before ever since the war has ended. A couple of times, in fact. In the spring time mostly. But never in the summer.

He looks down at his boots that seem to sink more and more into the ground with every movement. The change is barely noticeable, but he wonders if he only stayed here long enough, the sand would swallow him up and consume him, feast on his body and gnaw on his bones. Or maybe it would just let him sink and sink, never too far, his only companion the sea with its ever-rushing waves that greet him and say goodbye with every come and go. 


Swoosh! Swoosh…

He likes that last thought.

Ironically enough, he’s found his peace in what must be one of the loudest places on this earth.

It might have something to do with the figure standing at the shoreline ahead. He’s left his own boots in the sand nearby Levi and has strolled on with an inviting grin and the determined announcement to dip his feet into the water.

Levi doesn’t trust the sea. 

It’s fine from this point of view—only looking at it, estimating it from afar, from a safe distance. But Eren doesn’t seem to mind. His trousers legs are rolled up and he simply stands there, the waves lapping playfully at his feet, the sun illuminating his silhouette, the salty breeze ruffling his hair, his shirt not quite concealing how broad his shoulders have become over the years.

He looks down, bends to pick something up and washes it in the water before holding it against the afternoon light and turning around to Levi. Even with the back light blinding him he can see the smile splitting Eren’s face and before he knows it he’s forsaking the grasp of the sand and stepping closer, noticing the changing texture of the damp, not really wet, beach under the sole of his boots—hard, yet soft, pliant, yet steadying.

Somehow Eren always manages to make him try things without really thinking them through first.

“I found a piece of amber,” he says over the sound of the waves as Levi is so close that he can make out the colour of Eren’s eyes. It’s an almost pure, dark blue today, matching the sea ahead and the beam of his smile. 

“Amber,” Levi repeats. It’s supposed to be a question. 

“Yes. Dried resin.” Eren turns around to the full and steps away from the waterline. His excitement is palpable. His whole figure seems to glow and shine and there’s a ring to his voice as he speaks, softer now, that makes Levi want to smile back. A little thing is caught between his fingers, so small that it seems to have the size of a small pebble or a little berry, and he holds it out with smooth and warm, ocean-damp fingers for Levi to examine.

The object is surprisingly light as he takes it and astonishingly…strange. It’s surface is obviously roughened, but smooth to the touch, it looks like a stone with an almost milky orange hue, but as he lifts it up to inspect it closer, it suddenly catches a ray of shimmering light in an astonishing brilliance of honey or sunset, that’s reflecting all the way through its core.

It’s beautiful. And while Levi feels himself marvel at the odd, little stone he thinks it reminds him of Eren’s laugh.

“They used to wash up on the riverbank of Shingashina every now and then,” Eren says, interrupting his reverie. His words are fond and Levi looks up to meet his eyes, where he remains for just a heartbeat too long.

Focussing on the curious thing between his fingertips once more he reaches for his voice. “Resin, you said?”

Unlike so many others when it comes to odd questions about nature, Eren never seems to mind them and is eager to explain. “Yes. According to Armin’s books it’s from conifers. Dried very quickly and somehow washed away. We used to make a game out of it, who would find one. Armin and Mikasa did once or twice, but I never did.”

Levi can picture them: Three scrawny kids at the riverbank, one cheering, one watching in silent earnestness, and one trying not to pout.

The thought makes him smile. “Well, you found one now.” He stretches out his hand to give it back, but Eren shakes his head.

“Keep it.”

It’s yours, Levi wants to insist. I can’t keep it. But Eren already turns to face the horizon again, and Levi knows he won’t take it back. He lets the little stone roll between his index finger and thumb, holding it against the sky, and nods shortly, closing his hand around it in protection. “Thank you.”


For a while they just stand there, watching the birds above and the constant rushing around them. Eren stirs next to him, his feet wriggling in the half-dry sand and digging deeper. It makes Levi wonder for the first time how it must feel like; if the sand between Eren’s toes feels scratchy like the bits caught in his shoe, rubbing distractingly against his raw skin, or if it feels different. Warm from the sun or cool because of Eren’s heightened body temperature. He can feel it wafting over to him, breaching the distance between them and settling on his own skin. Just like the salt.

Eren shifts again, his elbow almost brushing Levi’s as his toes wriggle even deeper into the sand, and the brief proximity makes the hairs on Levi’ arms rise with goosebumps, despite of the heat of the day. Eren gazes at the waves, the sun catching in his eyes.

Levi has never felt this alive. He never wants it to end.

“Did you ever expect your life was going to be like this?” Eren’s question mingles with the wind, floats on it in a way that tells Levi he doesn’t have to answer if he doesn’t want to.

”Did you?”

Eren chuckles. “No.” He shoots Levi a glance again, knowing—too knowing—and carefree. “I hoped so, though.” 

Sometimes Levi wonders how Eren does it. How he is still is able to hope and laugh and smile this gently. How he can find beauty in a tiny, little thing—washed ashore next to a whole ocean of freedom and looking completely unimposing until it is held against the light—and still not mind giving it away, as if it meant nothing, even though Levi has nothing to give him in return. 

“I didn’t,” he admits, remembering standing under a sewer in the midst of darkness, looking up in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the world above. It all seems so unreal now. Even to him. 

“And yet, here we are,” Eren says, his eyes shining brighter than the summer sky. “You and me.”

“So it seems.”

Eren remains silent, only smiles.

Levi feels the stone of resin press against his palm in an unsaid promise and the breeze of the approaching autumn whispering through his hair. Now he has all the seasons, the whole world open to him. Yet Eren is the most fascinating phenomenon of it all.

And as Levi allows himself to take that last step Eren tastes like salt and hope and like the colour of honey, shining against the blinding sun.

Next to them the ocean whooshes.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: star vs the forces of evil finale got me all types of fucked. what happened to toffee??? how did he know what to do to destroy the wand???? is the wand okay??? how am I going to live with that starco hug???? how am I going to live until May 2016??? How am I going to live????

“My favorite day ever on The Walking Dead is something that happens every year. And it’s when the cast and crew get to go away from the studio into the little town of Senoia, where we shoot, and watch the premiere of that season together. And its so gratifying and so fun and lovely just to sit back and watch the crew in particular come and let loose and have fun and watch on screens all around how their hard work has paid off. It warms my heart and it’s always my favorite day every season. And then my other favorite days on set are when all the cast is working together. Like the reunion scene in season 5 and the barn scene in season 5 where the storm is coming and we all have to rush the door to keep it from coming down. Any time that the whole cast is all together is a super fun day because there are a lot of hysterical people in this cast and it’s a lot fun to cut up — amongst the hard work that we have to do and the bugs and the heat and everything else, it’s fun just to laugh.” - Melissa McBride on her best days on set

Listen man..I can already see steven universe is gonna end up like Danny phantom. Like its beat for beat:

First season is a little rough but ultimately good and ends with a power full episode.

Season two is good but flaws are starting to show through the cracks.

Season three is bad minus like three episodes . The creators ego is inflated til the point they can’t do wrong. Writers forget how to write their complex characters and instead treat them like one note characters. Poc character are either villains, antagonist , or horribly mistreated. The studio finally decides enough is enough ..ends it in a terrible movie with lose plot threads.

Now let’s compare to steven universe:

Season 1: regarded as a diamond in the rough with a huge ground breaking moment .

Season 2: good but starting to become a bit more flawed. Characters are starting to act different . Poc characters/ butch characters horribly mistreated.writing team clearly not talking to each other. Writers also leave.

Season ¾ off the rails, off model, writer blatantly admit that the teams aren’t talking to each other. Characters act wildly different and our used as plot devices. Many dropped plot threads. Tries to get us to sympathize with a fascist cause she’s lgbt/queer. Like….a storms coming is all I’m saying.

On top of this? Danny phantoms last season and movie may have been terrible but at least the animation either stayed the same or was better than when it started.steven universe ? Can say the same. Also it’s a Femme based show, the creator is a woman. CN has been known to cancel shows just for having a huge Femme fan base or equal to the masculine fan base. Let alone under performing Femme show . ..

Like I love the show , I love that it exists. But it needs to do better before it ends up like my other favorite show did…


“I hope people half my age and twice my age will listen to my music. I want it to live forever and for my audience to feel like they have a friend in my music.” - Hunter Hayes

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birds are singing flowers are blooming MY ALLERGIES ARE FUCKING COMING

Hey, y’all. It’s June, and it’s storm season and also somehow all the flowers in my neighbor’s garden are blooming.

I’m allergic to pollen and look at me, very sick.

I’ll try to write while here. X is going to be quite interesting. I might be using a scheme of “X is for example/excess” since there aren’t many words that can be used. Hehe.