storm fit

  • America: European nations are so cool. They have an economic union, and solve their problems together, and share a currency, and have a whole special European court—
  • Britain:
  • America: Oh, I didn’t mean—
  • Britain: No, no, no, you said it, it’s out there. Now we have to live with it.
  • America: Well, its kinda true. You’re not going to be part of the EU anymore. You don’t have any sort of special powers by yourself, do you?
  • Britain: I’m a good listener. Do you know how rare that is on that continent?
  • America: Yeah. That’ll solve the refugee crisis. Can’t you do anything?
  • Britain: Well, I can get my feelings hurt and throw a world-class hissy fit! *storms away*

because someone already did the war of hearts version - here is everyone’s new favourite malec scene with “storm” by ruelle


Hate That I Love You (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst and smut.
Word count: 2.3k 

Summary: “I hate you.” You mumbled again as you bit your lip, trying anything to get him to have a fit and storm off, but of course, that wasn’t it — that just got him angrier. 
“I’m gonna get you to take that back.” He said in a low tone, pulling his t-shirt over his head before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans quickly. 

➸ Song: Hate That I Love You.

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my fave māori legend is the one where all the central north island’s boy mountains (tongariro, ngauruhoe, ruapehu, taranaki) are in love w the prettiest green lady mountain (pihanga) and taranaki like hits on pihanga one day and tongariro gets pissed and they fight and pihanga sides w tongariro and taranaki throws a fit and storms off to the coast and then the pouakai ranges grab him while he’s resting and keep him there, which is why taranaki is all the way over there and everyone else is still in the middle. tongariro bleeds (???) clear water to fill the gorge taranaki made when he ran and that becomes the whanganui river. pretty sure māori didn’t really live between the two mountains because they worried taranaki would start stirring shit again. idk i like it a lot because like… romance and pretty lady mountains.. but geographical mythology is just always really cool i think.

sorcererinslytherin  asked:

omg astroneer thoughts. could you imagine one time where they were on the planet and it's dark and they're in bed and all of a sudden they hear these really strange noises? and they know its absolutely just the wind but ... what if its not? and it really gets the lads freaked out and so somehow they all pig pile in ryan and jeremy's room until they pass out or daylight, whatever comes first

OMG YESSS. Especially on Sorola-6 because they haven’t really found any proof of animal life except for that weird floating lizard Gav stumbled upon? So any sound that isn’t familiar to the base they get freaked out by. ESPECIALLY during the stormy season when they’ve only got a few weeks left and Ryan is bedridden until the ship comes back. So I can totally see this happening when there’s a particularly bad storm blowing over the base.

There’s a window in Gav and Michael’s room, and Gavin can’t help himself but look out as the storm passes by, and he’s very sensitive to loud noises, and it’s getting dark and it’s late in the base and the boys are settling down for the night. Gavin says to Michael that he swears something is out there. And Michael just tells him to shut up and go to sleep. ‘Nothing is out there, Gavin.’ But he can’t help himself so he looks over Gavin’s shoulder out the window, and maybe they’re looking into things too deeply? But whatever it is, something slams into their window and it spooks them both so badly. Gavin jumps back into Michael. They both scream and yell and back pedal out of their room and into Jeremy and Ryan’s across the hall.

Jeremy is asking what’s wrong, and Ryan is just trying to get them to calm down. Gavin says they’re all going to be eaten, Michael readily agrees. They’re both spooked and the base they live in has terrible acoustics, so all they hear is the wind as it howls over them. Jeremy is the one who offers their room to them for the night. Ryan agrees, saying they can make some room and pull the bedding from Michael and Gavin’s room into theirs. And they make it a cozy night in with Ryan’s plant softly lighting up the entire room. 

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What are your headcanons for dating Montgomery?

listen, this is the first ask I’ve gotten and ngl it makes me ridiculously happy? like bless you for noticing this lost child with a passion for blogging and 13rw ??

okay so on to the question!

I have /way/ too many, and they’re all over the place, so where to even start?

• obviously he’s protective, and sometimes it’s really endearing, and other times it’s just a bit over the top, overprotective, you need to take a chill pill baby.

• okay but also, pda? foreplay? inappropriate things in inappropriate places? under the bleachers, behind the school, even empty closets between class. maybe you’re the bold one, maybe he makes you feel bold, either way, you’re covering up hickies and finding kisses and bite marks in strange places.

• you guys probably fight a lot though, it’s a given. monty has got issues, big time. but you also probably have your own issues ?? sometimes it ends with one of you storming off in a fit, and the other chasing after you, or letting you go to apologize the next day after you’ve both had time to sit and think about what was said. but other times, the fight ends in passionate make out sessions and sexy times *eyebrow waggle*

• supporting each other in whatever your interests are. you going to monty’s games and practices and being his personal cheerleader, which almost always makes him feel very confident and proud, like he’s on top of his game as long as you’re there to cheer him on. but then he’s gotta be there to support you too. maybe you play an instrument, or sing, or a sport because who says girls don’t play sports ?? hell this school has enough programs, maybe you play volleyball or cheerlead, etc. but he’s there as often as possible, and he never misses a game or a recital, just like you never miss his (as long as nothing gets in the way)

anyway that’s all I can think of for now, stay tuned though, there’s a good chance I’ll post a “dating montgomery would include” eventually !!


one hundred marvel ladies


ororo munroe (aka storm)

Nothing Pt. 2 (Jungkook/Reader) Ft. BTS

Genre: Angst X Slight smut

Words: 3,774

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: When I first met her, I could see a younger Y/n. (Warning: slight smut, mature themes, and swearing)

If you haven’t read the first part, you are missing out. Find it here in this link.

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Storm #3 (2014)

I don’t know about you folks but I think about this a lot.

After being in the Marvel Comic Universe for 39 years, Storm finally got her own on-going solo series. Written by Greg Pak, Storm #1 is the comic book the fans of the Weather “Goddess” have been waiting for!

Marvel has been dominating the market with many outstanding solo series since the launch of Marvel Now! Has the reign of the team books been taken over by solid solo series? Not by this one, that’s for sure. 

The third installment in Storm’s most recent solo series brings us back to Kenya, where Storm was considered a “goddess”. I literally laughed out loud when Storm was like “I…was kind of crazy, wasn’t I?” I’m like, “SERIOUSLY? Nobody is going to address that?” And for the most part I was right. Nobody is saying how this old lady didn’t believe she was a Goddess but a crazy person. I don’t know, this event is just weird. Her characterization is weird, the motivations are weird, it’s weirdly paced… I didn’t enjoy it that much to be honest.

This series and issue is just missing the mark on all levels. What is Storm’s purpose and direction, because I can’t figure it out, and I feel neither can Greg Pak. It is not a good sign when it’s only issue three and you are changing up the artists and colorists. Scott Hepburn and David Baldeon’s art is really not at the level it should be for Marvel artists. I would like to know which one did what page or panel, as one clearly is better than the other. The inconsistency is glaring, but that being said, the art is still just plain bad. Pak’s story is just so uncompelling that I don’t care. There is a lot of history between Forge and Storm, which had me interested, but even that can’t get me invested into the story.

I wanna like this series, I really do. But Pak didn’t make this easy. Storm over the past few years just doesn’t seem to be herself. I remember saying to myself “This solo series and Storm really need a clear direction or they’re just not gonna survive.” Ironically I was right. I can get past horrible art if the writing’s top notch, but that’s just not the case here. Make me care about her! Seriously Pak, Storm is an incredible character who deserves a great series. Also, let’s have a story arc of 4 to 6 issues rather than one offs. That way we can really get invested in her and get to know her a bit better. Storm has a lot of potential to have compelling stories, but who’s gonna wait around for this series to finally find a direction. This was atrocious and a waste of a solo series.

I don’t blame Pak but Marvel as a whole. I feel like Marvel didn’t do much to explore her. Instead, Marvel went undermining Storm by taking away what made her most interesting. Making her look crazy and making readers understand that she was never a “goddess” but a loser for believing she was. And the comments where Storm explained to Forge about her LIMITS, she can’t control the global weather… UGH. This is Marvel saying to us fans that Storm don’t fit the criteria of Omega level mutant. Overall, I think I get the reasoning behind this. It’s a way to tell the fans that Marvel just don’t give it fuck about Storm.

Don’t waste your money. There are way better solo series to pick up than this one. Her solo was terrible it was poor sales, which didn’t progress and many weren’t supporting it. That’s what a cancellation means. 

I had my sophomores teaching the classes today in groups. They got so aggravated at having to stop each other from talking, repeating things several times, and being asked stupid questions. One girl ended up storming out in a fit of rage. And I just sat in the back enjoying the chaos and hoping maybe, possibly, at least one of them will realize that I have to deal with that all day every day.

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Fuck customers. I was counting the register when some guy came up and asked to buy a pastry, and when I said I couldn't because we were closed, he tried to get me to give it to him for free. When I told him that doing that could get me and everyone else working that night fired, he threw a hissy fit and stormed off. It took all five years of experience and restraint developed from working in food service not to flip him off.

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Can you please write Alex and 15?xx

“Don’t die on me– Please.”

From this prompt post!

Originally posted by juddxdunkelheit


The beeping of the machine cut through you every second. It was constant and should have been soothing, knowing that his heart was still beating. But, every beep could be the last one and that uncertainty was like a knife in your heart, twisting every couple of seconds.

It had started a couple of weeks ago. Alex had been shaken up after Hannah’s suicide, to say the least. But things really started going downhill about a week after, with Alex withdrawing from you, only speaking to you every so often when you’d confront him in the halls, and avoiding eye contact. You found out that he was smoking with his friends every day now, ditching school, not showing up for any band practices and even storming off in a fit when he was supposed to be playing at a memorial benefit concert.

And then the day had come, when Alex wasn’t in class, when you were pulled out of class by Mr. Porter. Where two policemen and the principal awaited you in the hall. One look at their faces, and you knew something was up. “Alex…Alex is in the hospital.”

So two minutes later you were in your car speeding down the freeway towards King Hospital, weaving through traffic with tears streaming down your face. Five minutes after that, you were furiously arguing with the young receptionist.

“I’m sorry, Miss. I can’t release room information, only to his immediate family members.”

“Please! I need to see him!”

“Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to calm down.” She smiled in a condescending, sickeningly sweet way, not breaking eye contact with you as she pressed a button on the intercom, whispering “Security to the main desk please.”

“I’m his girlfriend, we’ve been together for five years, I need to see him!”

Luckily for you, Sheriff Standall rounded the corner, looking disheveled in a wrinkled tee shirt, and jeans with a couple of large stains on them. “Y/N!” He smiled wanly as he walked towards you. As he got closer, you noticed the bags under his eyes and the few days of stubble lining his cheeks. 

“Hi, Sheriff Standall.”

“Jeanine, security won’t be necessary. Thank you.” Jeanine shot me a wicked glare, smiling towards the Sheriff. “Of course, sir.”

Mr. Standall gestured towards the elevator, following me inside. He pressed the “5″ button, and the two of you rode up the first two floors in silence. “Y/N…”he broke the quiet, which was heavy in the air, trailing off. “Alex isn’t injured because…he…” He broke off again, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and his forefinger.

“Alex is in the hospital because he tried to kill himself.” Your mouth dropped, and tears welled up again as you covered your mouth with your hand. 

“Why?” was the only strangled noise that you could make. With that, the elevator dinged and Mr. Standall motioned down the hallway. “Room 504.” He stepped out behind you, grasping your elbow tightly as you sagged against him. “Why?” You looked up at him again. 

He just shook his head. “I don’t know.”

You opened the door to the room quietly, Sheriff Standall walking closely behind. “Y/N…it will be a bit of a shock. He’s in a coma. Just…be prepared.”

Alex was lying in the bed, his face as pale white as the sheets. A large white bandage was wrapped tightly around his head, and a plastic tube was in his mouth. His chest rose and fell slowly, and barely. A needle was in his arm, and the number of other tubes and IV’s that were flowing to and from him were uncountable. You let out a strangled cry and fell into the chair next to the bed, grabbing on to his free hand. “Oh my god, baby.” Sheriff Standall rubbed your back, and quietly left the room. Your breathing grew labored, as you rubbed his hand with yours. His hand was limp and cold. Alex looked small in the bed, with the only signs of life coming from the slight rise and fall of his chest and the occasional beeping of the heart monitor. You dropped your head onto the bed, quietly whispering, “Don’t die on me- please.”

You closed your eyes, a tear dripping onto the bed. You were so preoccupied with your thoughts you just barely noticed the twitch of his left pinky finger.

A/n: suicide is NEVER the answer; if any of my followers are having any issues whatsoever please please come talk to me, talk to a friend, talk to a counselor or therapist- just talk to someone. You matter. You matter a lot.