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Sitting here thinking how I can’t believe the most legitimately dramatic and heart wrenching episode of SVTFOE is titled “bon bon the birthday clown”

Title: Green with Envy (Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader and Thor are having a blast baking cookies, when a certain blond haired ‘lover boy’ storms off in a fit of jealousy.
Word Count: 1229

A/N: WOW THIS IS PROBABLY THE LAST IMAGINE OF 2016!! It was so much fun, too, omg. I will be uploading a fun little 2016 compilation on NYE, so be on the lookout for that :) I hope you enjoy this!

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Still kickin’

Made it to the gym and back in one piece.  It was a kickass workout if I do say so myself.  I can tell because my legs barely made it down the stairs to my apartment 😂

Thanks to those of you that expressed concerns about my driving in the storm-it’s really nice to feel love like that <3

Also thank goodness I had a spare water bottle in the car because I didn’t realize until I got to the gym that I forgot the one I filled up~


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Fuck customers. I was counting the register when some guy came up and asked to buy a pastry, and when I said I couldn't because we were closed, he tried to get me to give it to him for free. When I told him that doing that could get me and everyone else working that night fired, he threw a hissy fit and stormed off. It took all five years of experience and restraint developed from working in food service not to flip him off.

Meowing at the Mirror

Chat Noir hops on the chance to protect Marinette again when the threat of another akuma targeting her arises. Just like the last time, he doesn’t hesitate to strut his stuff, and just like last time, Marinette makes faces behind his back.

She might have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the fact that they were in a room full of mirrors.

(AO3) (

The fifth time Lila got called out on her lies, it was Marinette who had had gotten fed up and didn’t hesitate to set the record straight before she left school.

Nobody missed the furious look on Lila’s face. After all, it was an expression they were fast becoming familiar with.

“Do you think she’ll be akumatized again?” Alya asked as Lila stormed off in a fit of not-very-righteous rage. “This would be, what? The fourth time? The fifth time? The sixth? You would think that she would stop lying to everyone at this point.”

Nino made a noise of agreement as Adrien froze. The idea of sweet, kind Marinette being targeted just because she pointed out the obvious lie (Lila had tried to take credit for something Marinette had done, which was completely and utterly uncool) was awful. She hadn’t done anything wrong, and just like when Juleka called out Lila for a lie a week ago, she had been fairly nice about it and had tried not to make a big spectacle out of it, like Chloe had a week and a half prior. Normally, such a thing wouldn’t cause an akumazation.

Lila was not normal. It seemed that having her lies pointed out made her feel personally victimized, and feeling personally victimized got her akumatized in a flash. Adrien suspected that she still would have become Volpina the first time even if Ladybug had found a gentler way to point out that she and Lila had never met, were not friends, and did not “share the same secret”.

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I only slept for an hour so far.  I’m staying up now until they post the school status so I can set an appropriate alarm.  I’m assuming that they’re going to cancel, but they may only delay until 1pm again, in which case I’ll need an alarm.  All I want to do is go for a walk but it’s a snow storm right now, so that’s not really an option.

To those of you just waking up, I hope your day is full of good things.

To those of you in the middle of your day, I hope it’s going well, and if it’s not I hope it turns around for you soon.

To those of you off to bed, may your dreams be peaceful and your sleep be fully satisfying.



one hundred marvel ladies


ororo munroe (aka storm)

In a fight against Juggernaut and Cassidy in their spacious castle basement, Cassidy mentions the word “tomb” to the X-Men. That’s all it took to send Storm into a claustrophobic fit that leaves her in a heap on the floor for three straight issues. Imagine if he would have said “Small Closet” or “Size 2 Jeans." 

The thing that makes this freakout so funny is that the X-Men become more and more pissed at her as they fight. After uselessly punching the invincible Juggernaut for hours, they start to take their frustrations out on Storm, complaining that all their problems would be solved if she’d hit him with some weather.

Unlike most of the freakouts in this list, claustrophobia is a real thing. You know, as opposed to taking a crap in your pants when you remember rocket accidents or not touching men because your dad had a mustache. But this basement is large enough for eight jumping and flying mutants to comfortably fight and still leave room for a nutjob to crawl into the corner and cry. You can’t get claustrophobic in something as big as a castle because you would have hung yourself in the car ride there.

I think they were just being passive aggressive, though; because when she does pull her shit together, her first lightning bolt bounces off the Juggernaut and she knocks herself out.

This leads me to two questions. One: What does it take to get fired from the X-Men? And two: You suck, Storm. 

I still can’t get over it after 10 years and I’m still thinking about this issue. Claremont made Storm a useless character and had the X-men getting upset about her whining in a corner when she should help her crew. What a useless woman.

I love Storm, but there were times I started to disliked her. Thanks Claremont. But that’s not it.

He has made Storm having passion for women (EWWWW why WHY?). He humiliated her for quite some time. I didn’t like when he took her powers away. At least with Polaris he gave her a secondary mutation and didn’t left her quite a human. He turned her into a punk rock style. Rumors are she did it because she was in love with Yukio. Kitty Pryde was terrified by he awkward new look. She became such a masculine Storm that I didn’t even recognized her. I guess in the relationship, she wanted to be the bush. That’s how fucked up she was getting into. Thanks Claremont.

The panel I posted earlier where the crew are having a little party and in Storm’s arrival, she receive a platter on her face. I has to admit this was very funny. In X-Men Forever, Claremont has done some crazy shit with Storm. One of history’s greatest infamies. He turned the X-men against her, had Kitty sliced her face, she killed a few crew and wanted to rule the world where she believed she was above the law. The best part of the whole issues was when Polaris (Lorna Dane) almost killed Storm, because Storm killed Havok, the love of her life. Anyway, these are only some fucked up shit Chris Claremont did With Storm in his recent years. There are more, but for now I can leave you guys here showing why I think Claremont like to discredit her.

And people really has the balls to speak about how Claremont treated Lorna Dane? Well, the truth is, Storm was treated worst and was such infamy IMO.

“Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Lou Walters (Rory Storm & the Hurricanes) at the ‘Cavern all-nighters' party at the Cavern Club 05. August 1961.
This is the first time a Beatle was photographed with the future band member.
The first known occasion Ringo was pictured with a Beatle. (Mark Lewisohn book 'Tune In’ page 487 / 947). Copyright by: Frank Seltier”

Photo © Frank Seltier/

“[Rory Storm and the Hurricanes] would do their show and Ringo was the cocky one at the back, and with the way he looked, with that grey streak in his hair and half a grey eyebrow and a big nose, he looked a real tough guy. But it probably only took half an hour to realize it was actually… Ringo!” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]


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As soon as Dean started developing feelings for you, he became insanely distant; trying everything he possibly could to keep you away from him. All he wants is for you to be safe and you knew that, but you were tired of hearing him tell you that it’s not safe with him. Of course it’s not safe; you’re a god dam hunter.

The two of you tried making a pact that during an argument, neither of you would storm out in a fit of rage. Of course there have been many times when all you wanted to do was take the impala and drive off to god knows where. This time was definitely one of those moments.

You try not to let it upset you, you really do. But his words can sometimes sting. The way he tries so hard to push you away as if he doesn’t love you makes you want to break.

You faced the wall, blocking out Dean’s words and he rambled on in anger. You were so sick of it. Sick of feeling painfully exhausted after screaming at the top of your lungs. Sick of trying to explain to Dean that you could take care of yourself. Sick of having to argue constantly. Sick of him trying to push you away.

“Why can’t you just quit hunting? Go live a normal life! Find yourself a house with a white picket fence and a god damn dog” you heard him say behind you. You sucked in a deep breath, trying your absolute best not to smack him across the head.

“I don’t want a normal life! I don’t want a picket fence! I want you…” those last words ending quietly while you faced him, eyes stinging as you stared into his.

His eyes dropped as he let out a long breath, unsure of what he wanted. He knew he needed you, he knew he loved you, but he also knew how much he needed you to be safe and he convinced himself that you weren’t if you were with him.

“I can’t do this Dean, I can’t have this same fight over and over” you spoke quietly, unsure of where you were going with this.

“Then why don’t you leave” he replied, his voice sounding almost as if he were pleading.

You held your jaw in your hand as you stared to the floor, wishing Sam were here to break up the fight. You began walking forward as your arm dropped to your side. You stopped as you stood right beside Dean, head facing the door.

“If that’s what you really want… then fine. You win” your voice cracked as your eyes began to fill with tears; your left over anger not allowing the tears to fall. He didn’t say a word as you slowly began walking to the door, realizing that this was it. You were done.

“Wait” you heard Dean’s soft voice behind you; your feet stopping as he spoke.

“Please, don’t leave…” he whispered, loud enough for you to hear. You could hear the pain in his voice and for a split moment you stood there, unsure of want you wanted.

You turned to face him as he walked over to you, a single tear rolling off his cheek. He leant down as you faced the floor, wrapping his arms gently around you as if you were a fragile piece of glass. You began to sob as his chin rested on your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N” was all he managed to say in that moment, knowing he was going to have to make it up to you in some way later.


 xthe marauder era with some of the cast from the gathering storm ( marauders-fanfilm ) 

“Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.”

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I'd think Alannah smells like a mixture of fresh flowers and discharged aether. Like that electric tang in the air during a lightning storm or somethin!

Oooh I like it. She’s definitely like the calm before a storm, so it fits. :o

Semiotics: Balem Abrasax

It seems to me that Balem’s “sigil” is functional in the operations of the stockworks, which are powered by ambient energy from the storms. It is thus fitting that his sigil resembles two bolts of lightening. It’s all very Van-de-Graaff.

If Balem has based his sigil on an abstract representation electricity, it would foliow for the folded wires in Balem’s jewelry to be representative of just that: wires. This is a man who has fetishized POWER, and the conduction of it. He sees himself as a conduit.

There is also something to be said about the symbolism of the LINE. A line is a natural choice to represent continuity. That is why we think of time as linear.  Balem’s aesthetic depends heavily on lines (see: his stripy cape) because that is how he views his place in the world–continuous, a sequence of points which naturally and methodically follow one another. There is a vector which runs through the universe, trending upward, and it’s name is profit

Castiel: Sam, we need to talk.

Sam: What is it Cas?

Castiel: I have been reading fanfiction.

Sam: What?

Castiel: Yes, and I know all about ‘Wincest

Castiel: And I do NOT approve.

Sam: Again, what?

Castiel: You stay away from Dean.

Castiel: He is my boyfriend, not yours.

Castiel: And you can’t have him!

Castiel: *storms away in a fit of rage*

Sam: *shaking his head in confusion*

Sam: What the fuck just happened here?

Something Sexy About the Rain

Characters: Dean x Reader

A/N: based on “Something Sexy About the Rain” by Kenny Chesney. I had a strong urge to write some Dean today, and since I’m in the middle of a tropical storm, it seemed fitting. Just a short drabble, but I hope you like it!

Originally posted by dean-the-demon-hunter

“There’s something sexy about the rain.” She said as it came pouring down. “It feels like kisses on my skin.”

I watched as she spread her arms and spun around in that storm, her long hair dripping as it cascaded down her back in ribbons. It had been raining all night, even as she pulled me from the safety of the impala into the downpour, her bare feet splashing through the puddles as she ran towards the beach, the wet sand clinging to her heels. The pitch-black darkness was illuminated by a strike of lightning as our hands intertwined, the waves picking up in swell began to wash over her calves.

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