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The Cyclone Missile Launcher is a Missile Launcher variant specially designed to be fitted on Terminator Armour. Loaded with Krak and Frag Missiles, the Cyclone consists of two cube-shaped missile boxes, twin-linked, with a targeter and sensor array. The missile and sensor unit is fixed on the back of standard terminator armour, allowing the Space Marine to use a Storm Bolter and Power Fist with the Cyclone. Older designs of the Cyclone missile launcher had the sensor array hand-carried by the Terminator, thus taking away the option of a power fist but making it more accurate.


Been a while since I have worn this suit, starting to kinda miss wearing it… Ah well, Warhammer World grand-reopening soon, will be stomping around there with another friend who is gonna be debuting his brand new Dark Angel suit and a handful of Death Korps mates, woo should be exciting. :D

Will also be the first time I wear my bionic eye, gonna get a bunch of make up on for fake scars and blood and stuff, hopefully should look cool.

One dilemma though, do I bring my Plasma Gun or Power Fist + Storm Bolter?

Hmmm decisions decisions….


*The Cavalier Squad represents the best and brightest of the Sororitas. Clad in the eponymous Cavalier Warsuits, and given blessed Storm Shields to protect their sisters and Holy Weapons made from the metals of blessed machines and Storm bolters filled with Purified Bolts, they are comparable to the Paladin Squads of the Grey Knights in terms of their purpose: to serve as an example to all of their younger sisters, and to give the Imperium hope where hope seems utterly lost.

*The Cavaliers, ironically, date back to a time where hopelessness reigned supreme; the Age of Apostasy. They served as the elite guardians of the mad Ecclesiarch, Goge Vandire, and his most trusted lieutenants. After the return of the Emperor and the One True Ecclesiarch, Lorgar Aurelian, at the head of the fleet led by Saint Sebastian Thor, and passing of the Decree Passive and the subsequent loophole found in its literal translation, the Cavaliers, along with the secrets of their Warsuits, were obtained by the Ecclesiarchy and subsequently provided to the newly founded Orders of the Sisters of Battle.

*The Cavaliers serve as both elite bodyguards and assault troops of the Adepta Sororitas, fulfilling a role similar to that of the Terminator Squads found amongst the Thunder Warriors, Space Marines and the Custodes. What they lack in superhuman augmentation they more than make up in sheer zealotry and stubborn resilience; it is an inspiring sight to see these warriors of unbreakable faith stand against a horde of brutish Orks, or a swarming mass of Tyranids where other troops would have turned screaming or ordered a tactical retreat.

*The arms and armor of the Cavaliers are perhaps more steeped in the traditions and rituals of their creation than any other infantry weapon of the Imperium of Man (barring the forging of Runic weapons and armor to the League of Norgyr or the Anti-Daemon weaponry of the Grey Knights). The Purifier bolts are manufactured on Forge Worlds close to the Shrine worlds of the Ecclesiarchy, but the Warsuit and Holy Arms of the Cavaliers are expressly forbidden from being shared with the Mechanicus; the Ecclesiarchy wants to have some secrets to itself, after all.

the process of forging these tools to war are long and arduous; Firstly, the metal that is used to forge the Cavalier armor and the holy arms that the squad are forged in the holy Synod forges and are quenched in a pool of water found upon San Leor or Ophelia VIII, for it is said that these sacred pools are the most holy fonts of water in the entirety of the Imperium. Next, the wargear spends anywhere from week to years in the Chapels of these most holy of planets, absorbing a daily lighting of incense and gaining the smell of burning candles. After this long process, this wargear is lathered in holy oils and ungents, and holy inscriptions are carved into the armor and weapons before purity seals are affixed to them. Finally, and most crucially of all, the armor must choose its user; not everyone is cut out to become a member of the Cavaliers. Celestians are chosen from every order, be they the venerable and ancient Orders Majoris or a relatively new Orders Minoris, all are selected. They must then pass several Trials of Faith to be found worthy of the TRUE test: the 4 trials of the Sororitas. each trial is grueling, arduous and would break lesser men and women; even space marines are shocked by the amount of endurance Celestian squads must have to go through these trials. Ultimately, someone must be chosen, and whoever this most brave and powerful of warriors is earns the right to call herself a Cavalier.

So these images are from Raging Heroes and their Sisters of Eternal Mercy range, but I wanted to use them because I’ve had this concept rattling around in my head for a while. Let me know what you think!
Magnus eviscerates Space Wolves

Magnus strode forwards, reaching the bottom level of the stairway. The barricades there had held for days, resisting every attempt to breach them. Box-guns spat at the primarch, surrounding him in a curtain of flickering, sparkling impacts. One by one, he tore them down, ripping them up by their roots and dashing them across the trenches. Magnus came on. Lauf Cloudbreaker stood in his path, arms raised in defiance. The Rune Priest began the summoning, whipping up the storm-wyrd, contesting the advance of the daemon with all the art he possessed. The primarch clenched his fist and Cloudbreaker simply exploded, lost in a ball of blood, his totems scattered amid the fragments of his shattered runic armour. Kaerls scrambled to evacuate the trenches then, all thoughts of resistance quashed by the immense force striding toward them.

Magnus came on. More Wolves charged to meet him, still undaunted by the destruction wreaked around them. Wyrmblade saw Rossek, the grim-faced Wolf Guard, lumber into contact, his Terminator plate streaming with golden flames. Grey Hunters went in alongside, howling with rage. For a moment, the primarch was held, rocked by the sudden assault of so many blades, each of them wielded with passion and courage. Rossek even managed to land a blow, causing Magnus to pause in his rampage.

A single blow. A lone strike with his chainfist, followed up by a hail of storm-bolter rounds. That was all he managed before Magnus’s fists caught him, hurling him back into the ground, pummeling him into shrapnel and crushing him into a slick of gore beneath his ironshod feet. Rossek was gone, taken down in seconds, his proud life snuffed out with the casual descent of a primarch’s boot. The Wolves with him were ripped apart soon after. More fixed guns unloaded their ammunition at the primarch. All were destroyed, torn from their mounts and tossed aside like chaff.

Magnus came on. The Fangthane’s six Dreadnoughts waited for him halfway up the stairway, resolute and unmoving. They opened fire as one, launching missiles and plasma bolts in a blistering, crushing flurry of destructive energy. In a few seconds they unleashed enough firepower to level a whole company of Traitor Marines, chewing through heavy bolter ammo-belts and exhausting energy packs. Magnus emerged from the inferno intact, his armour trailing gouts of smoke and flame. As he towered over them, the Dreadnoughts closed up, gunning their massive power fists and lightning claws into life and bracing for impact.

Magnus seized the nearest Dreadnought in one hand and lifted it from the ground. The huge sarcophagus swayed up above the rolling torment of fire, its close-combat weapon flexing impotently, its heavy bolter thudding shell after shell into the impervious hide of the primarch.

Magnus drew his arm back and hurled the Dreadnought against the walls of the stairway. The Revered Fallen hit the surface at speed, shattering the stone and driving a huge rent in the rock. Magnus loomed over the stricken war machine and clenched his fist again. The Dreadnought’s armour cracked open, shearing down the middle with a resounding clap of thunder, revealing the seething amniotic chamber within. The ruined scrap of flesh and sinew inside the tank writhed for a moment, still possessed by some primordial urge to survive, before Magnus smashed the plexiglass and dragged it out. With a flex of his mighty fist, the remnants of the Dreadnought’s body were squeezed into a slurry of blood and wasted muscle.

One of the Wolf Guard let his defences slip for a fraction of a second, and that was enough. Magnus’s fist crashed into his face, hurling him out of contact and sending him flying metres through the air. The Wolf Guard crunched heavily to the ground, his helm smashed in, and didn’t get up. Sturmhjart was next, caught by a devastating blast of witchfire from Magnus’s outstretched hands. The Rune Priest bent double, clutched by sudden, agonising pain.

‘Hjolda!’ he cried, writhing in apoplexy, blood spraying from his armour-joints. Magnus clenched his fist, and the ceramite shell exploded, throwing a storm of flesh and bone across the hangar floor. Then the primarch whirled back to face Greyloc and the surviving Wolf Guard.”

Magnus plunged with both hands, tearing up the Jarl’s breastplate with grasping fingers. Silver-gold warp-energy blazed out, dissolving the ceramite in hissing clouds. Magnus delved deep, seizing both Greyloc’s hearts in his crackling fists.

The Wolf Lord screamed, his limbs going rigid with agony. With a sickening wrench, Magnus ripped the beating organs free, hauling them from Greyloc’s still-living chest, snapping the clutching trails of gore, and hurled them aside.

From: ‘Battle of the Fang’ by Chris Wraight

Revenge fantasy for all you Thousand Sons fans 

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I screwed up Rob. I finally got a Wolf Lord and, without thinking about it, I gave him one wolf claw and a storm bolter. WHO THE HELL USES ONLY ONE WOLF CLAW?

Allfather preserve us. To be fair, to answer that question, a Space Wolf would. 

The Redemptor Dreadnought is a newly created variation of the Space Marine Dreadnought and is designed to allow maimed Primaris Space Marines, to continue to fight the Imperium’s many enemies.

Taller, broader and more cleverly wrought than the traditional Dreadnought desin, these goliaths are powered by hyper-dense reactors and sophisticated fibre bundles. Such is the miraculous design of the Redemptor’s neural links that its inhabitant, despite being entombed in the sarcophagus within the Dreadnought’s chest, can exercise control with surprising dexterity and speed.

Redemptor Dreadnoughts wield an array of devastating weaponry including a Redemptor Gatling Cannon or Plasma Incinerator on its right arm and a Redemptor Fist with Heavy Flamer or Gatling Cannon on its left. It is also equipped with 2 chest-mounted Fragstorm grenade launchers or storm bolters and a carapace-mounted Icarus Rocket Pod for air defense.

Lore reminder

Chaos Space Marines Terminators don’t use combi-bolters over storm bolters and autocannons over assault cannons because they don’t have access to the latter. While it’s true that they weren’t used during the days of the Heresy, Chaos Space Marines have had 10,000 years to scavenge Imperium equipment and technology. They continue to use combi-bolters and autocannons because they’re more reliable and easy to maintain than the modern Imperial equivalents (and combi-bolters are also apparently capable of greater rates of fire that storm bolters).


It had been days since the crash on this Emperor-forsaken, jungle-choked world, and yet the remnants of the Jonmarine first company moved forward. Two squads of terminator veterans, one wielding lightning claws, the other, storm bolters and power fists. Clad in terminator armour as well, Captain Hallic led from the front, combi-plasma holstered, yet thunder hammer held in both hands, ready. Whatever lurked in the jungle around them, they would be ready for it, xenos or heretic alike.

WH40k RP simple repairs... Maybe (Techpriest)

The bridge to Linidius a Battle Barrage was busy as crew members and Servitors tended to their duties. Linidius had requested a tech priest to come and help repair some of the damage done to their vehicles after a vicious battle with Hive Fleet Leviathan, he examined his wrist mounted Storm Bolter, making sure it was still in working order.

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" GRAAAAAH!" * Gracil Shuvuuia let out a roar of pain as an ugly GeneStealer (freaking Genestealers everywhere) sank its claws into his arm, shredding the heavy plating easily. He felt muscles cut and pull as hi arm was nearly torn completely off. Luckily, one of his Battle Brothers was able to impale the xenos in the back with a dagger, physically dragging the beast off of the Captain and throwing it against a wall. What had started as a typical scouting mission turned to Hell in seconds.*

However, a rather odd combination of sounds were heard from nearby, coming from an equally odd group of terminators whose color schemes resembled that of the Black Shields—well once they were visible. 

What was clearly a captain by the iron halo on his armor was charging forth towards the genestealers while popping off shots with his storm bolter with surprising fearlessness. He had a thunder hammer in his other hand, and seemed unphased by any close calls against the genestealers. 

A terminator with a few visible external auguments, clearly heavily augmented from the sounds coming from him, was fighting alongside a cataphractii terminator that seemed to be quite the potent telepath. The terminator had a reaper autocannon of all things, alongside a power fist, while the psyker had a force khopesh and storm bolter, and had a cut on the right lens of his helmet. From the way they were fighting together, they seemed to know the other well, and were almost inseparable. 

Then there was the Terminator with a two-handed Power Halberd of some design and a wrist-mounted storm bolter. It seemed like this was not the enemy he preferred to fight, but he was still dispatching the Genestealers nonetheless, using the reach of his halberd to good effect. 

A terminator with twin lightning claws was also with the group, attacking the genestealers head-on with surprising ferocity. There was a chalice pendant hanging from the belt of his armor, but not much else in the way of identification. At least, not with the male’s helmet on. 

The final terminator had a heavy flamer, and was using it with a rather impressive amount of skill. He also had a chainfist, although this was being used primarily as a secondary weapon. Of all the terminators, though, the drake-hide cloak he wore made it seem very likely that he was a Salamander, making him the most identifiable of the bunch. 

And then, interestingly enough, was an apothecary that was fighting in simple power armor. Despite this and the gashes that were already there, he didn’t seem even a little bit phased by the enemies he was fighting in such close quarters, wielding a storm bolter to at least compare offensively to the Terminators he was keeping healed.