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I feel like you've talked about this before but I can't find it. I'm interested in contacting the angel Gabriel about something & I was wondering if you could tell me (as someone who's knew to stuff like this) how to go about that. I'm also an ex-christian so I'm anxious how that might fit into this..

Archangel Gabriel


  • The Archangel of the Moon.
  • His name means “God is Mighty”.
  • Ruler of the zodiacal sign of Cancer the Crab.
  • Regent of the element of Water.
  • He is often portrayed holding a staff bearing Lilies, a flower that is sacred to the Moon.
  • Ruler of the angelic host of the Cherubim
  • Bringer of the creative Word and giver of vision.


  • Gabriel may be visualised in the western quarter with eyes green as a storm-tossed sea.
  • He has aura-wings of violet shot through with silver
  • All about him the sound of many waters


  • The ebb and flow of magickal power through the phases of the Moon.
  • All things domestic.
  • Marriage
  • Fertility.
  • Childbirth.
  • All women’s matters
  • Prophecy
  • Psychic development.
  • The tides and all water activities such as fishing.
  • Emotional issues.
  • Agriculture.
  • Animals.
  • Voyages by sea
  • Revealing of secrets.
  • Matters of reincarnation.

Methods of Communication:

  • The Theban Script was communicated to man by the Archangel Gabriel and it is his personal script which should be used in all communication with this archangel.
  • To use the Theban Script is, from magickal perspective, a powerful vibrational tool, and using it will make your magickal request work more rapidly.
  • Theban Script should be used when making physical petitions which are drawn out on paper, such as the First Pentacle of the Moon or the Banishing Square of the Moon
  • You can communicate with him meditatively, and is best used in combination by anointing yourself with Archangel Gabriel Oil

Archangel Gabriel Oil Recipe:

  • 4 parts Weeping Willow Leaves. 
  • 2 parts Jasmine.
  • 1 part Bay Leaf.
  • 1 part Sandalwood.
  • 1 part Aloe.

Next, you must consecrate your oil. On the night of new moon (Third new moon cycle) take the jar of the oil in your right hand, call out Gabriel’s name nine times, whilst visualising the Archangel appearing in front of you. Hold this image as long as you can.Whilst still retaining Gabriel’s image in your mind, say:

 “I dedicate this oil to you Archangel Gabriel, Archangel of Light, and messenger of God. May this oil unite our souls and aid our communication.” 

You naturally may use your own dedication. Now visualise Gabriel as strongly as possible. When you feel you have spent enough time establishing this link.
Thank Gabriel, and wrap the jar of the charged oil in the cloth of your Archangel’s colour, which is white for Gabriel, and store in a safe, cool and dark place until needed.

Meditation Technique:

  1. Relax and take a few deep breaths, concentrating on eliminating any tension from all parts of your body. 
  2. As you breathe out visualise the stress leaving your body.
  3. Apply a drop or two of the oil, described earlier, to the middle of your forehead. 
  4. Apply it in a slow circular motion visualising in your mind your ‘Third Eye’ opening. 
  5. If you do not have any oil prepared, you may leave this element out
  6. Place your arms by your side and check to see if any tension has returned to your body. 
  7. If so undertake a couple more deep breaths to remove the tension. 
  8. Try to clear your mind of any invading thought.
  9. Try to visualise that you are enveloped in a bubble of pure white light
  10. Hold this steady for a few minutes.
  11. Now mentally call out your Archangel’s name
  12. Repeat it again in your mind.
  13. Start visualising, or “seeing" the archangel in your mind’s eye;
  14. Call the archangel again mentally, and think of the assistance that you wish him to help you with
  15. Keep these images in your mind as long as you can
  16. Finally, speak aloud to your Archangel; request his assistance in all you do, and to visit you when you call through your invocations
  17. Relax once again and clear your mind
  18. Thank your archangel(s). 

Omens of Consent

  • You should receive “omens of consent” to know that your petition has been accepted by Gabriel, and these are always random - they are described below.
  • An unexpected gift in the form of a shellfish.
  • An invitation to a meal in which shellfish are served.
  • A gift of melons, lychees, or pears.
  • A visit to a place in which you find a pear tree in blossom or in fruit.
  • A gift of silver.
  • A surprise invitation to a christening or a birth rite of passage ceremony.
  • To hear of a baby being born or for a baby to visit your home for the first time.
  • A strange dog honouring you with its affection.
  • A dog persistently barking outside of your home. 
  • Acquiring a new dog or puppy.
  • Seeing a Weeping Willow tree for the first time.
  • Moths or spiders entering your home.
  • Moonlight shining upon you.
  • A gift of white flowers

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What's dark gonna break?

Host is shelving books in his library when he hears something tearing through like a tornado. He braces for impact as a wall of flying books hovers nearer and nearer. Someone else, however, hauls him back from the wreckage even as the Host is working to counter the strange phenomena throwing his precious books all over the place.

Wilford Warfstache puts himself between Host and the flying tomes, shouting to him over the ruckus. “It’s Dark! He’s losing control! I don’t think he even knows where he is at this point!”

Host feels himself swell with fear and even more determination to keep Dark’s onslaught under control. His calm words almost seem to sap the energy of the storm that Dark’s aura is causing, chaos meeting peace.

Host rises to his feet, much to Wilford’s dismay, and he treads closer to Dark in the eye of the twister. “As the torrent spins on, Dark feels his anger and sadness begin to wane. There is nothing to be gained from senseless violence, there is only much to lose. Dark realizes this, even through the whispering voices of his aura, and he eventually let’s go of his pain.” Host reaches out and is struck by a book in the side so hard he almost loses his breath.

Wilford is back in an instant, covering him and keeping the debris from hitting him as Host presses closer and closer. “Dark knows that it’s best to end this now before more damage is caused. The Host finally reaches him through the chaos.” Wilford draws a gun and fires at the malicious, smokey tendrils of aura that whip toward the Host, intent on skewering him.

Together, they make it to Dark, and Host presses a hand to the black and white Ego’s forehead, stepping inside his mind. Suddenly everything is far too clear, and the Host is left sprawling over shattered pieces of Dark’s psyche. He’s broken, but it’s been a long time coming.

Voices prod at him from every side. Dark’s own low tones mingled with a thousand others, constantly berating Dark for every hair out of place, every wrinkle in his clothes. Host shudders and presses through them to what’s left of Dark’s mind. Host sees that just one little tug, and the whole thing would come tumbling down. Dark would be gone, just a shell and nothing more.

Instead, Host sighs at the wreckage and begins to piece together what he can, leaving the more violent stuff to the side and focusing on getting Dark’s control back to him. “The Host knows that Dark has given much to become who he is today, and that he thought these measures were necessary to his survival. But Dark doesn’t have to keep hurting himself and others for power. Isn’t it better to let it go?”

But even now that head-strong lust still burns throughout the shards of Dark’s brain, and Host knows he can’t convince Dark otherwise. But something catches his eye, something tossed away to the side, a little glowing lump that has been long neglected.

Host picks it up from the ashes and holds it, fluttering and weak, in his cupped hands. It’s a dove, cooing and soft and with a broken wing. Host shushes the tiny creature, straightening its ruffled feathers with careful strokes. “Hush, hush,” he says softly, carrying the bird over to the stained glass window of broken pieces that he’s already assembled. “He left you behind, didn’t he? Well, if he won’t put you back…” Host reaches up and the bird flutters forward, becoming part of the mixture again.

Suddenly the storm outside stills, and the Host pulls back from Dark’s mind, back into his own. Wilford is panting, still ready to shoot anything that comes near the Host. There are a few bloody lines across his chest and back and arms, but they’re all in one piece.

Dark sags forward like a puppet who’s strings have been cut, and when he straightens again, there’s something odd about his face. His eyes are bright with something, fear or maybe shame, and he disappears in a whirl of smoke.


Part 1

When you heard the footsteps behind you, a smug smirk settled on your lips. “So, you joined us?” You asked without turning around.

The boy’s soft grunt answered your question. Instead of letting his attitude annoy you, you showed the boys where the proper food was. They all ate like they haven’t had food in weeks, which, you realized, might have been true.

To end the night, you were going to show them the stars from the deck. That was the plan until a crew member almost stumbled upon you and the group split up into two groups. With your luck, you found yourself and the boy together on the upper deck. His eyes really were marvelous, you thought as you looked at him panicking besides you.

Looking around for any crew members, you gasped when you saw the familiar crate that should be on your father’s vessel surrounded by the cargo. The sparkly aura only proved your suspicions. How dare he! The nerve of the captain to steal it! “What?” The boy asked.

You repeated, “What?”

“You gasped.”

“I didn’t gasp,” you lied, “I’m sure you just heard something else.”

The boy scoffed, “Don’t lie to me, Y/N. What did you see?”

One glance at his eyes almost convinced you to tell your life’s work and ruin everything forever. “I can assure you that I saw nothing,” you stated while climbing down, “I’ll be off. Prentiss and Ted probably both found their way back and I’m sure you can to.”

The boy grabbed your arm right when the ship lurched and caused a mouse to get a little too close to the crate. It floated over your heads before settling down and scuttling away like nothing had happened. “What just happened?” He demanded.

“I don’t know what you mean.” You even tried to appear slightly taller. “I think you forgot your place here, boy. I’ll escort you back to your room.”

He looked at you incredulously. “Oh, so you missed the flying mouse?” Turning around, your eyes settled on him, almost like you were assessing him and his character.

After a few moments of uneasy staring, you asked, “How did you get here? In the room with two boys, not even knowing your own name.”

“I was given a name when I was a baby,” he confided with you, “I just forgot it. When people you know leave and the adults you work for don’t call you by your name, it kinda fades in the background.” The ship lurched again due to the upcoming storm and growls could be heard in the distance. You gasped when you saw them. “Pirates! They’re here for it!” Knowing you had to get to your nanny to tell her, your eyes shifted from the defenseless crate to the boy. “Please just guard this with your life.”

Before you could run off to find her, the boy grabbed your arm again, getting a whine of annoyance from you. “I’ll do it if you tell me what I’m guarding.

“And if I don’t tell you?” You replied while stepping closer to look the boy in his eyes.

His green eyes kept your deadly stare. A smirk settled on his lips. “Well, I could just tell the pirates whatever they want is here,” the boy threatened, “I’m sure you’d rather have anything but that.”

Sighing in defeat, you opened it quickly. The sparkles shined for a second before you closed it again. You held a pinch of it in your hands. “It’s called ‘star dust’ or, as the fairies call it, pixie dust.”

The boy’s eyes widened. “What does it do?”

“It has the simple power to allow things to fly,” you explained quickly before putting the dust back in the crate, “Some say it changes a person to what they want to be.” His eyes trailed to the chest. “Can I trust you?”

Having very little experiences to compare it to, the feeling was strange. The boy could have simply lied and took only a handful of the dust. He could be gone. This hell he called life would become a distant memory. It would be so easy to get a better life by saving himself.

The only problem? You. Your eyes made the boy feel guilty for even considering the option. A girl made him weak. A girl with beautiful Y/E/C eyes and Y/H/C hair pulled away. A unusual feeling settled in his stomach, like nerves, but almost pleasant. It was the same feeling when he first saw you. “I promise,” the boy stated.

You nodded, still suspicious. Against your better judgement, you grabbed his hand to place him in the ideal position to defend the crate. He looked at you with awe and you had realized you were holding his hand. Your eyes met his for a brief second before you looked away and let go. “I’ll see you soon, boy,” you promised, “Stay with the crate. Don’t let it out of your sight.”

The boy smiled. “Will do, Y/N.”

“When we get out of this, we’ll have to come up with a name for you.” With that, you left, leaving the boy confused. Names were unimportant in his life. Why would his name be so important to you? The boy shook his head and held a dagger he found among the miscellaneous things around him.

By the time you informed your nanny, the pirates were fighting the crew. You sneaked your way to where the boy was. The air was electric. It might have just been the upcoming storm or the aura of fighting. It’s what you lived for. Excitement! Adventure!

A smile worked its way on your face when you saw the boy. The giddiness got the best of you when you hugged him. You let go of him quickly, making him more confused. “We have to take the crate someplace safe,” you said.

Before you could do anything, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky and a horrible cracking sound filled the air. The ship was splitting apart! Under the pounding waves, the wood strained itself to its breaking point. Many people fell overboard due to the shock.

You and the boy both grabbed the crate and ran to the edge. “I can’t swim!” The boy revealed.

“Hold onto the crate then!” You desperately tried to remember where the ship was, but the storm could have blew the ship off course. Water was soaking the pair of you. The two of you were going to jump into the raging waters. “Y/N!”

Your head turned to the familiar voice. The pirates must have gone after him first. “Father!” You saw him on the other side, but the boy looked at you with worry. “Just hold on to the crate and go to land! I’ll see you soon. Don’t let anything happen to it!”

He nodded and was pushed into the water with the lightweight crate. The storm disabled your basic motions. It prevented your from getting to your father quickly. Soon, he was in front of you, checking over you. You reassured him you were fine and that you needed to get off.

Your father grabbed your hand and ran to the edge. You prepared yourself for the stormy waters below you. The coldness was a shock. It pierced your skin. You tried your best to stay with your father, but you lost him in the mess of pirates, crew members, and pieces of the ships.

A piece of land caught your eye. It was lush and green. Deciding that it was your best option, you swam to the island.

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I feel like Reiki (Jerza's son) and Luna would be good friends. Though, instead of a brother/sister friendship, it's more of a therapist/patient friendship, with Reiki giving out advice and Luna using it. Now and then, Reiki gets the evil eye from Storm, who usually misunderstands their therapist/patient friendship.

Yes it sounds like an onii-chan/baby sister relationship!! Since Luna is the oldest child, I figure that she has always wanted an older brother and really relies on Reiki for that brotherly role! :)) HAHA. Storm is just like Gray that way, feeling easily insecure when their women are with other men. With how sometimes Luna trusts Reiki with her secrets, Storm just.. *dark aura*


Thankyou so much for the wonderful headcanon!!!!!

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I have an awesome idea for Lucario's Z Move for Sun and Moon! His Z Move will be Aura Storm! It was his Final Smash in Smash Bros Brawl and I would to see Nintendo and Game Freak add that for Lucario for Pokèmon Sun and Moon. What do you think?

Aura Storm like a Z move? Mmm… It would be amazing!!


Shadow Type Moves M!A list
  • Anons choose time limit
  • -----------------------------
  • Shadow Blast: A wicked blade of air is formed using a shadowy aura. Muse has taken a cursed blade and is now controlled by it and is dependent on holding it and causing destruction (complete with glowing purple eyes.)
  • Shadow Blitz: A Pokémon throws this tackle while casting a shadowy aura. Muse is now overloaded with electricity and now they have to release it. But the pain is unbearable!
  • Shadow Break: A shattering ram attack with a shadowy aura. Let's cut to the chase; muse's soul is broken... they are now pretty depressed...
  • Shadow End: A shadowy aura ram attack that also rebounds on the user. Muse is now dead, and their ghost is separated from their body.
  • Shadow Rush: A Pokémon executes a tackle while exuding a shadowy aura. Carnage; muse is now on a rampage, and now they have to have their anger quelled down.
  • Shadow Bolt: A shadowy thunder attack that may paralyze. The muse has been struck by lightning and is now paralyzed from the waist down! What's going to happen?!
  • Shadow Chill: A shadowy ice attack that may freeze. Muse is now frozen solid! Whoops!
  • Shadow Fire: A shadowy fireball attack that may inflict a burn. You have been playing with fire? Yowch, what a nasty burn!
  • Shadow Rave: A shadowy aura in the ground is used to launch spikes. Oh, would you look at that - the muse has been impaled. The anon can state where they were impaled.
  • Shadow Storm: A shadowy aura is used to whip up a vicious tornado. What a mighty fall... muse has fallen from large heights and might have broken something...
  • Shadow Wave: Shadowy aura waves are loosed to inflict damage. Muse has been inflicted by a shadowy wave, and now they are somewhat corrupt, switching their personalities!
  • Shadow Down: A shadowy aura sharply cuts the foe's Defense. Muse is now weakened considerably and is real fragile to the point of being hurt by just a simple and gentle touch, so be careful...
  • Shadow Half: A shadowy aura's energy cuts everyone's HP by half. Muse is now half-drained of energy and... wants... to slee-zzz...
  • Shadow Hold: The opponent Pokémon cannot escape. The muse is now sent to the Shadow Realm (Not the Yu-Gi-Oh version), a place of neverending isolation and desolation. Can they overcome their fears?
  • Shadow Mist: A shadowy aura sharply cuts the foe's evasiveness. Muse is now covered by a purple mist that slowly blinds them.
  • Shadow Panic: A shadowy aura emanates to cause a confuse condition. Muse is now in a panic and tries to hide from everyone.
  • Shadow Shed: A shadowy aura eliminates Reflect and similar moves. Muse is now covered in a purple shine that somehow cures all in it. The only problem is that they are slowly turning insane.
  • Shadow Sky: Darkness hurts all but Shadow Pokémon for 5 turns. Muse is now slowly turning numb, and nothing can help them...

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MUKKUN FOUGHT W/ HIS S/O SO HE TOLD HER TO LEAVE HIM ALONE (NOT BREAK UP) HUHUH. After a few days, and he starts to notice how much her presence affects him, he tries to find s/o only to see her have all the other guys attention since she's not with Mukkun. Mukkun all mad and all that, goes after s/o and tells all the guys off and they make up !!!

It’d been three days since the fight and Murasakibara was not only upset;

He was annoyed.

He didn’t realize how much he took you for granted, how he depended on you to be there for him everyday. From the cheery ‘good mornings’ to offering him snacks during the day. You even went to watch him at practice, although most of the time you just sat with him and ate snacks.

It was irritating, not having you by his side. Hearing your happy laughs, which he found annoying at first, your rambling when you got nervous. Hell, he even thought you being short was incredible adorable.

And Murasakibara never thought anything was adorable.

Yet, somehow, you were the only exception, and he couldn’t figure out why. The nagging in the back of his mind, the voice that whispers ‘You fucked up.’, echoes all day and night until he finds himself falling asleep at late hours in the night and woken up a few minutes later to his alarm.

He was a mess.

And this lead him to searching the halls for you, hoping to somehow ease the guilt. When he enters the hall leading to the library, he found himself rooted place, he saw you being surrounded by a couple guys, ones he recognized from the third string basketball team and he’d never moved that fast in his life.

Before you could react, he’d picked you up, tossing you over his shoulder and storming away, his aura scaring the boys who’d been trying to get you to go on a date with them. You held on to his jacket with a tight grip, feeling a bit embarrassed as a couple people were whispering to each other when they saw you like that.

“M-Mukkun! You can put me down! My underwear is showing!”

As though brought of out his trance, he looked at you, seeing your face red from embarrassment and placed you down on the ground, steadying you. he rubbed his head, trying to keep composed but found a small blush appearing on his face.

“Sorry, _____-chin.”

Brushing your uniform, you looked up at him, eyes wide before smiling at him,

“It’s okay, Mukkun!”

Scratching his head, he looked out the window, a frown on his face,

“That’s not why I’m apologizing.”

You blinked at him, eyes wide at the implication.

‘He’s apologizing for the fight?’

Shaking your head, you grabbed a hold of his hand, catching the giant’s attention. “It’s fine, Atsushi.” you whispered, taking in the shocked expression on his face, “I wasn’t angry. If you needed time, I was fine with that.” Giving him the most sincere smile, you let out a light laugh, “So you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I already forgave you.”

He blinked, trying to ingest your words. But he realized he didn’t have to, the smile on your face was more than enough for him. Releasing a sigh, he placed a hand on your head, ruffling your hair, causing you to giggle more. A small smile curled at the corner of his lips,

“The next time I see you surrounded by boys, I’ll crush them.”

You laughed loudly this time, heart racing at the hidden meaning. It was really just his way of saying ‘I love you.’